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  1. That is a lot of good news! Got a few questions/remarks: Why 64 bit only and no more 32 bit? I know most players have a 64 bit machine, but is it hard to maintain a 32 bit version as well? Will we be able to make our own threads? Currently the Leadwerks::Thread function doesn't allow me to bind class functions. I'd like to make one for things like networking and AI. I really like the smart pointer integration. Was one of the few things that I felt missing. Plans for Leadwerks after the 5.0 release? VR optimization or also some other topics you want to tackle? Plans for the Leadwerks Game Launcher? C++ games support? Is the App.h/cpp going to be removed, where main.cpp will now be the base of your project? Leadwerks 5.0 when? I really like all of these changes. Going into the right direction. I'll be one of the early adopters!
  2. Slick forum style, looks very modern. I like it :)

    1. gamecreator


      I miss the inline reply view but other things do look better.

    2. tipforeveryone
  3. New update! Added the following features to the game: Two new maps! Check out Hillclimb and Dungeon AI names can now be customized (edit AINames.txt) Player customization is available! Pick your own color or go for random Steam integration - see your Steam name (initial preparations for future plans?) Improved the HUD so it isn't blocking anyone's view anymore during the race Added a podium to see the top three after a race Bug fixes (such as points now being awarded) I really felt like polishing this game a bit more as I found it fun to keep playing it from time to time. After spending a few days, here's an updated result. I hope you enjoy I'm thinking about adding networking later using EvayrNet, to fully demonstrate how useful it can be. I have also disabled XInput for now until I find a new solution to get controllers fully working again (with compatibility for older versions of Windows). There's also a bug after playing 5+ rounds where the cleanup doesn't work anymore (I think this is a bug with World->Release() while having vehicles in play, have yet to confirm). Screenshots: Dungeon: Hillclimb: Podium: Download the game here (~94Mb).
  4. Will wait for the vehicles patch before trying it out
  5. Space Invaders is cool - maybe even Galaxians if you want to take it one step further. It was the first game we had to make at school.
  6. Hi! It has been a while. Here's an update on my networking library EvayrNet which is available for C++ users of Leadwerks: While implementing it into the test project in Leadwerks, I saw that the use case had some flaws which made it really hard to debug what's going on. I figured that I should be spending some time on fixing some flaws. After a few weeks I came up with the following upgrades: Debugging class Simulation mode More debugging information available Here's some detailed explanation: Debugging class I was using a lot of "printf" before which made it hard to: Find out where it's being called Disable whenever I don't need it anymore This is when I decided to make a debugging class. I replaced the printf with a custom Print function which allows you to do the same as before - except you can disable any kind of printing whenever you want (like during release builds). I also realized that capturing data is a pretty cool feature to have, which makes it easier to visualize the data you want to debug. For that I created a SaveText function which accepts a string and a filename as arguments so you can separate data like "Pings per interval", "Bytes sent per second", etc. Here is an example what you can do with it: Simulation mode This is an interesting one that I just had to implement. A connection cannot always perfect, and it can be hard to always expect a good outcome (while you might not notice it because of your tests on localhost). This is why I introduced the manipulation of the following networking stats: Minimum latency (in ms) Random latency (in ms) Packet drop percentage Packet duplication percentage It's also very easy to activate and deactivate. All you have to do is NetworkManager::StartSimulation(...) and StopSimulation(). Here is it in the command line when you activate it: More debugging information available At last I added more ways to debug the network statistics to really see what is going on. Are you not receiving data anymore? Are you flooding the network? The following information is now ready to be displayed: Newest ping (either to the server or from a specific client) Average ping (this as well^) Incoming amount of packets per second Outgoing amount of packets per second Packets per second lost Incoming data per second (in bytes) Outgoing data per second (in bytes) Current active connections (primarily for the server) That's... quite a lot more than before! Previously you could only see if you're connected and if you're the server. I hope this information will make it easier for users to visualize traffic and debug any problems they might be having. And of course, you can mix this up with the debugging class to make cool graphs like above! Final words I'm still planning on making some extra information, like on specifics to see what kind of message is creating the amount of bytes send/received. This should help debugging even more. Other than that there are still some enhancements I'd like to put in such as encryption. These can be seen here. I hope you liked this blog post! Next time I will probably be showing how to implement EvayrNet into your C++ Leadwerks project, so you can toy around with it.
  7. From what I still remember: Josh is really happy with the new site, thinks it really shows what Leadwerks is capable of and deflects the "unfit" users. Josh has been working on VR for a while now (Oculus and HTC Vive) using OpenVR. Almost implemented except for a few things like a skewed rendering result, which seems to be fixed when looking at today's status. Leadwerks now has a big client, which is a reason why Josh has been working on VR so much. Couldn't say who because of NDAs. Said that if Leadwerks had some more reliable income that he would hire a few people to work for him. Right now everybody just buys once and you have it forever, but if that was a $5-10 subscription per month then Leadwerks would've been in a different place right now. There weren't any plans to make subscriptions happen. Said he was worried about Steam Direct. If it takes Steam's value down then he might release Leadwerks on it own or somewhere else as well. Can't remember anything else right now, I think this was pretty much it
  8. I like it! Especially the video in the background. Makes it a bit more alive than it previously was.
  9. You could make it do that with Leadwerks::Thread
  10. Thanks Gamecreator Yes, my goal with this library is to make it as compatible as possible with any kind of project. I think this use case of balls flying around and such will fully test the library's functionality. After ironing the small flaws I'll make a tutorial on how to effectively use this in Leadwerks.
  11. Intro An interesting new project of mine. I've always wanted to become a network programmer and made many multiplayer games (like Ravage Online and SIEGE) because it really excites me to see it all work. For those games I used existing networking libraries like RakNet and ENet. Although, I found it was time to make my own for once. Not to make a new wheel, but to see how it rolls. This will make the finding of an internship easier as well. For every project you will need an end goal. I want my networking library to be fast and UDP only, as you can build the reliability layer yourself. So I started off in a blank project and made three projects: Client, Server and EvayrNet. EvayrNet is only producing a .lib file which both Client and Server are using to get their functionality from (and eventually your own project). I kept my progress hidden for a while on a private repository on GitHub until it's ready for testing, which I feel is now (although it currently has some slight issues). You can check it out here. The initial integration I now want to make a simple game to see if my networking library actually does like it is intended to. I quickly wanted to make a simple game like or something similar to a " " so I started off by making loads of ball objects and see if I can make the server run some AI for stress-testing. This is the result so far: Looking good so far. Works okay up to 64 players, but any more is killing the server right now due to too many physics calculations. I'll be looking into threading before next time. For an extended video explaining the library, check it out below:
  12. I'd love some widescreen support for the website. And +1 for the community-driven content. Shows what's possible with the engine from a user perspective. I'd be okay with (hand-picked) top content only. Also, have you considered making the banner a short video on what Leadwerks is / stuff people made with it? I think it'd fit
  13. Article from Polygon: http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/10/14571438/steam-direct-greenlight-dumped TL;DR: $5000 seems extremely steep if that was to be true. If hobbyists like us want to get our game on Steam we really, really have to make sure that it will make at least $5000 just to break even for the initial fee. Sound a bit too harsh for me. Perhaps we have to try to look for alternatives like other platforms or other ways to make money? Would be a shame though, as Steam is such a big platform. I do like the idea of basic compatibility tests though, but I wonder how much info you will get from the results.
  14. I think that plugin was meant for Leadwerks 2.X. Since version 3.0 I think the .mdl format has changed a bit. Try exporting to .FBX and see if it works from there. I could be wrong though.
  15. I think you can still use Twitter as a powerful platform to bring news to the table. Things like Release Candidates being released, new and exciting games being released and interesting discussion topics are incredibly fun to watch on Twitter. You could perhaps try to keep the community more involved with the social media accounts by @mentioning others about small topic discussions. Right now it's just an echo of what the activity is on the forums. I have no comments on Facebook, been trying to quit it since last year just because of how bad the news feed can be. You either have reposts from other sites, political stuff smashed in your face or friends pretending they have the perfect life.