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  1. Yeah I solved it. When I first set up this machine, from Catalyst Control Center I have adjusted some settings. When they were in "application controlled" state, I forced them to maximum quality option. Now I reseted everything back to original, everything worked. By the way, that component is very very nice,far better than it looks on video. Great job! Thanks to everyone who contributed.
  2. I treid the .mat file in material editor, it locked up again. Something is definitely wrong with my machine, I just can't see what... Great thanks for replies.
  3. Our configurations are almost the same, just mine is 8x Bulldozer and I run on Windows Vista. Strange situation really... I don't know what could cause such an issue. All other scripts and LE features work properly. May be I installed it wrong, is there anything I should do except copying that folder into Models folder?
  4. May be it is a Bulldozer CPU issue, because for example for being able to play Crysis and Crysis Warhead, systems with Bulldozer CPU need and update. Does your component have a log or something like that? Editor itself has a log but because I cannot shutdown it correctly (it locks up and never respond back) the log couldn't be flushed onto disk. I have another system with Phenom CPU, I'll try with it tonight. Everything will be same on configuration but CPU and board will be different. I'll post back the result.
  5. I have a Bulldozer CPU and ATI 5750, but I can't make this ocean shader working. When I drag gerstner to scene it locks up. Goes into "not responding" state and do not respond back What may I be doing wrong?
  6. fuego


    Please add me to your list of people who can't wait for you to share this code
  7. I recommend you to make a gaussian blur with an amount of 2-3 to your diffuse map. It helps smoothing the displacement very much. Otherwise you get too rough surfaces. Crysis has a clever displacement mapping on the terrain, all small rocks and stuff (the ones on the terrain only, not the big rocks which are modeled and placed separately) are displacement maps on the terrain but when you go away, they get thinner and at the end, they become ordinary textures when you are on enough distance. They can make samples of a small region with that technique, otherwise they had to fragment the whole terrain into small pieces, which is not possible in practical case.
  8. Hi! I am sorry if I repeat a previously asked feature in a separate thread. Are you planning to make vegetation picking system or something like that? I want to be able to pick vegetation items (like trees). Thanks
  9. After the last upgrade, problem with my Radeon HD 5770 was fixed and performance is incredible! Now everything is on (HDR, Bloom, SSAO, etc.) and the frame rate is even faster than the all features diabled version of previous LE version. Also the editor seems quite reasonable and faster than the one in the last version. Good job!
  10. After downloading the new update today, terrain started to blink in LE Editor. It is appearing and disappearing rapidly. My specs are ATI Radeon HD 5770, AMD Phenom 9500, 4GB, Win Vista
  11. fuego


    Really, isn't it possible to add "morph target" support in LE?
  12. fuego

    Progress Bar

    You don't have to put a progress, just put an animation like in the Need for Speed games. You know, a circle is turning around the "loading" text or some fancy shapes are flying through the "loading" text in those games
  13. Have you seen the water implementation in "Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery" game? I am attaching a few big screenshots for it, looks pretty cool to me
  14. fuego

    Source Code

    I am asking for someone to respond my questions, is that not realistic?
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