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  1. Poor Mr. Tiddles. That cat's been missing so long, the missing poster got a concert poster put over it. 😰 Good environment. Looks like the apartment hallways could use some plants or benches or something to mix things up. You might already have this planned.
  2. Nice. Good job and thank you for sharing the solution for anyone else that might come across this problem.
  3. I was working with vegetation just now and I'm not sure if this is related to the above but I accidentally recreated it with the following: 1. Create a terrain and add a grass texture just as diffuse (not sure if second part is required) 2. Add default tree as cluster 3. Set view range to about 32 - this seems more prominent with a lower amount
  4. It's a bit weird to stand in front of trees that are permanently partially dithered in, until you move again. It would be nice if Leadwerks (or, likely, Turbo) could take this one step further and fade vegetation in or out completely, even if you're standing still, depending on the distance. In other words, if you walk up to a tree and stop, and it would have been half dithered with the current method, it would finish fading in completely.
  5. I'm with Visual Studio 2017. Neither of you answered the question of "why" but for me because it's free, I like the clean interface, ton of options (like automatic spacing and indentation (with previews!)) and it does everything I need. But I have a feeling this could be anyone's answer for why.
  6. Dang. Thanks for looking. So I guess the workaround would be to put everything you want to carry over between maps (like players), into all maps, hidden somewhere. Thankfully it looks like it doesn't delete loaded textures and fonts so I can keep them for my custom GUI.
  7. How is this supposed to look? I have the following code and it's not working. #include "Leadwerks.h" using namespace Leadwerks; int main(int argc, const char *argv[]) { Leadwerks::Window* window = Leadwerks::Window::Create(); Context* context = Context::Create(window); World* world = World::Create(); Model* model = Model::Box(); model->SetColor(0.0, 0.0, 1.0); Camera* camera = Camera::Create(); camera->Move(0, 0, -3); Map::Load("Maps/map1.map"); while (true) { if(window->Closed() || window->KeyDown(Key::Escape)) break; // Clear old map, load new one if(window->KeyHit(Key::L)) { System::GCSuspend(); model->AddRef(); camera->AddRef(); world->Clear(); model->Release(); camera->Release(); Map::Load("Maps/map2.map"); // camera = Camera::Create(); // camera->Move(0, 0, -3); System::GCResume(); } Time::Update(); world->Update(); world->Render(); context->Sync(); } } I've printed out the GetRefCount() at all points. It's 1 before AddRef(), 2 after then 0 right after Clear(), even before Release(). In case I misunderstood, I also tried to move the Releases after GCResume but that didn't work either.
  8. There are at least three possibilities: 1. The model's feet were not placed in the world's origin before being exported 2. The model's physics shape doesn't match the model 3. Your ground collision box/mesh may be higher than the ground You can test for these by trying to put the model into another scene. I'd create a simple terrain and try it there. You can also go to View, Show Physics in the editor to see your physics shapes.
  9. Any chance we'll have an official underwater shader with the final Leadwerks release?  cszElot.jpg

    1. Josh


      Have not thought about it really.

  10. Right, or just hit S again to stop it. It's an old problem and super low priority, just wanted to report it.
  11. Go in editor and select perspective view (with a scene created or loaded). Hit Ctrl-S to save. Cancel (probably also works with Save). You'll be flying backwards until you hit S key again. Seems like Editor is taking Ctrl-S as you having hit S to go backwards in scene but then the dialog comes up and it never gets the release message so when the dialog is dismissed, it still thinks you're holding the S key.
  12. The example was flat out crashing for me, as reported in this bug report: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/19037-setpixels-example-crashes/ There definitely seems to be something wrong.
  13. I wonder how many games just silently include it. It's not necessarily something you need to see in an options menu. And I don't think you should visually notice it in-game, if it's done right.
  14. Is there an updated ETA for Leadwerks 4.7?  The March 23 blog mentioned "later this year."  I know you're full steam on Turbo right now; just curious.

    1. Josh


      Christmas would be a nice time to release the final version of Leadwerks.

    2. gamecreator


      Sounds great.  Please please PLEASE include C++ and Lua documentation/example/code on how to get a smooth vehicle running.

  15. Haha! I'm not sure I understand the second sentence. Does that mean that you couldn't turn shadows off on objects? All or nothing? Or can you maybe make some shadows so transparent as to be invisible? ... And come to think of it, from your recent blog, how would an item merely emitting light, like a ball of light, work? Would it cast a shadow too?
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