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  1. There are some good GDC talks about how they designed the art for the Diablo games and the choices they had to make to make things more readable. For example, a beam of lightning and a beam of ice might look very similar, especially if you're playing the game on a couch, at a distance from your monitor/TV. It's also more stylish to not have the same shades of gray in every level. But I agree with you and them that they may have turned the colors up a bit too much in the last installments. It's an interesting compromise between making things stylish and readable versus true to the nature of the game, which often limits your palette.
  2. Are you loading a texture that's maybe not in the exported datafile? Have you checked to make sure all your textures/etc. load successfully?
  3. I had to try this myself. I added textures but the results were what you would expect: Brushes: Models: I then combined all boxes into 1 mesh and all collision boxes into 1 collisionmesh in 3DS Max and exported it. The speed was again good: I think the lesson is that limbs slow Leadwerks down a lot and yet individual brushes don't.
  4. When you zoom in (mousewheel) in the editor, it centers on the mouse position.  Why doesn't it do the same when you zoom out?

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    2. gamecreator


      But it doesn't zoom straight out if you're off center.  The center of the viewport doesn't stay in the center.  Have 0, 0, 0 in the center, as it is when you start a new map.  Then move your mouse to the bottom right section of the viewport (or anywhere else other than the center).  Then zoom out.  What is it zooming out based on?  It seems very unintuitive.

    3. gamecreator


      Compare this to 3DS Max, for example, where zooming out and then zooming in will get you back to where you were, no random panning:

      You always know what you're zooming in on and out of because the zoom center is always at your pointer.

    4. Josh


      In the new editor you will be able to override events in a Lua script, so you can intercept an event like this and replace the behavior with anything you like.

  5. Does this mean that if reepblue combined all of those boxes into a single mesh that it would be the same speed? Because that's probably how you would want to export the house in the original post anyway.
  6. Does this mean you're not planning on implementing a dynamic navmesh, like for doors that open to let characters through? Or is that something different?
  7. The automatic physics options don't work very well for most shapes and certainly not for complex ones. Even something relatively simple like the scene below (a single FBX), the various options either overdo it or give horrible results. The final one is convex decomposition with the maximum (6) iterations.
  8. I wish there was a standard for this but it really depends on your game. I wonder how many triangles and bones these models are in Shadows of Mordor: Or these in Arkham Knight:
  9. That's pretty neat so far. I wonder how that same test will compare with dynamic shadows.
  10. I guess I don't understand the difference. What can you do with your method that you can't do by exporting the models together (one as the visible mesh, one as the collision model)?
  11. I saw that and had several comments on that page. It seemed to me like a longer way to do what you can do directly in the modeling program (create and label a collisionmesh or collisionhull).
  12. Leadwerks doesn't seem to be very good at creating even simpler collision meshes (as per my thread) so I think you'll need to use Marcousik's suggestion and make them in your modeling program yourself. Edit: just realized that the thread is in the LE5 beta forums though it discusses LE4 so I don't know who will have access.
  13. I suspected so but wanted to mention it. Thanks.
  14. I'm not sure if it's an animator decision or something with the engine but the neck seems to stretch and head stays in place during the right-arm attack starting at 5 seconds. In contrast, the left-arm attack at 13 seconds seems much more fluid and the head moves down with the body.
  15. In that case then yes. If that's possible that would be very nice.
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