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  1. gamecreator

    Upload bug

    Sure, the specific function usage is here: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/17491-loading-from-the-encrypted-data-file/?do=findComment&comment=113622 Some more code here: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/16566-reading-a-text-file-from-a-package/ And you can find another thread or two if you just search the forums for the word password.
  2. gamecreator

    Upload bug

    You can zip and password protect files yourself then open them via code. Code is available on the forums.
  3. gamecreator

    Map exploration how to

    Depends on how many levels/islands we end up creating. I don't think a hub makes sense for just 3 or 4 levels but it's good for 10+ or so.
  4. gamecreator

    Combat Mechanics and Gameplay Discussion

    I like the idea of needing to revisit islands. This was part of my skills idea too. For example, if you get a high/double jump, you can go back to the first island and jump up to a cliff you couldn't reach before, maybe to reach a new portal for another level. But if we decide to do experience/leveling/skills, we can save that for later in development. Or a simple version could be just that you're given new skills automatically, in order. No need even for a skill tree.
  5. gamecreator

    Theme/Mechanics Inspiration

    I'm fine with either cliche. My only preference is that it offer us some sort of arcade challenge (whether fighting or moving with skill; preferably both). Puzzles are fine but it's no fun playing your own game when you know the solutions. It becomes, as Rick put it elsewhere, a walking simulator.
  6. gamecreator

    Combat Mechanics and Gameplay Discussion

    So you mean something like this? I'm fine with that too as long as if you're at island 8, you don't have to go back to (and load maps) 4 and 2 to get back to 1. All portals should let you jump back to all levels you've already visited. There will need to be a portal at the beginning of the level (where you come in) and then ones at the end of the level that take you to the next options. But the hub world and unlocking levels as you progress works as well.
  7. gamecreator

    Navmesh holes/collision erros

    That's what I was going for by temporarily removing the terrain (I came across this myself before). The navmesh should cover everything but steep slopes, even if it's hidden under some hills or models.
  8. gamecreator

    Navmesh holes/collision erros

    I'm curious what that scene looks like if you temporarily delete the terrain.
  9. gamecreator

    Combat Mechanics and Gameplay Discussion

    Some ideas to flesh out the gameplay a bit more: Progression can be done via gaining experience, leveling and getting skills. Experience could be gained by killing monsters and solving puzzles (repeating a level should not count for more experience; see hub/level info below for why). Enough experience and you level. Each level gives you a skill point to choose in the skill tree. Skills help you complete levels. Skills can be kept simple for the scope of this project (usually involving modifying a variable). They can be respecced but only at the hub (not sure about any other limitations since this still seems like cheating; perhaps one respec per level?). Some skill ideas: +attack +health +jump height (or double jump, if we're feeling ambitious) +seek (attack could be straight at first but adding to seek skill lets it track enemies better; curve faster) +range (increase the range at which the spell can fire before fizzling out) Most of these should be very doable. I double we'll have time but we can do more extravagant spells and such later. Wizard's Tower world hub is, I think, settled. Wizard uses this to choose the next island he wants to explore. Again, for the sake of progression, he shouldn't be able to go everywhere at the start. The beginning should allow him to go to the introductory island, which should let him get level 2 if he kills all the enemies. Level 2 should unlock 2 or 3 islands. Level 4 should unlock more. Level 7 should unlock more. Etc. Island quests should go hand in hand with progressing the player to leveling and unlocking the next set of islands. How we want to do that is up to us. I suggest the first level just kill a few easy monsters. Maybe the next one is a jumping challenge, perhaps with moving platforms. Maybe another is a puzzle level. Each achievement rewards in experience. If I was working on this by myself, this is how I would do this. The beautiful thing here is that this is all modular. We don't need to do everything to have a fun game and even if we decide to go this route, I don't expect a lot of it to be implemented. Thoughts?
  10. gamecreator

    Main character

    No problem with Slasraf taking on the wizard. Happy to have him help (I removed the issue from bitbucket because I didn't know how to unassign myself). If he's doing an air enemy as well maybe I'll prepare a ground one as a placeholder.
  11. gamecreator

    Island/Character size

    That should be about the same size as the second image in my post. That's probably the area an intro level/island should be, in my opinion. But again, it depends on what we want the player to do in the 1st level.
  12. gamecreator

    Island/Character size

    To get an idea of scale, I loaded up the model in the editor and put the 6 foot tall wizard on it. He's the little black dot the red arrow is pointing to. The terrain looks like it's 1,000 meters (or 3,281 feet) square. As contrast, the below is a 10th of the size. I think the ideal size, at least for the first level, is closer to the second than the first. Depends on what we want to do there. Should it be just an introductory level where we kill a few monsters and call it a day? Or will there be more of a quest?
  13. gamecreator

    Island/Character size

    I added the wizard character so you guys can start playing with him but for now he's unanimated.
  14. gamecreator

    Intro screens (gfx and coding)

    Logo, title screen and font (from here) are uploaded/committed. I'll get started on rigging and animating the 3D character unless something else is needed first.
  15. gamecreator

    Leadwerks Logo (Various Versions)

    Below are the current logos in various forms for Leadwerks: Vector format with gray background (Leadwerks; Learn | Build | Play) https://www.leadwerks.com/files/Leadwerks_Logo.eps Vector, black background removed by reepblue (Leadwerks; Learn | Build | Play) Leadwerks_Logo_Trans.eps Raster with black background https://www.leadwerks.com/files/Leadwerks_Logo.png Raster with black background (with Powered By) And here's a rasterized 4000x1100 version: Thanks to Josh and reepblue for their help in locating these.