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  1. gamecreator

    How to use the underwater shader?

    Just the one that Leadwerks activates when you add water to a scene. If you move the camera underwater, there is no blue/swaying effect at all. By the way, shadmar uploaded a version to dropbox some months after that discussion Thirsty Panther linked. The post is here: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/10334-day-and-night-cycle-shader/?do=findComment&comment=106706 I believe that's the latest version but someone let me know if that's not the case.
  2. gamecreator

    AI Crash

    I think this is the post you a referencing: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/17103-infiniteviewrange-navmesh-issues/?do=findComment&comment=111417 I only noticed the strange navmesh generation by code but could easily have other negative effects. To be fair, SetWorldSize is undocumented though BuildNavMesh is official.
  3. gamecreator

    How to use the underwater shader?

    Oh ok. I'm not sure what that one is meant to do but I noticed that it's not under the Post Effects folder (if I add it to a scene in the editor, it seems to stop updating). I've been using one that shadmar shared online and possibly on the workshop.
  4. It sounds like a great opportunity. What kills me is that while I even still live in Los Angeles, I only do this as a hobby. But people might want to know: do they have a preference for C++ or Lua coding?
  5. gamecreator

    How to use the underwater shader?

    To be clear, you're talking about one you found online, right (since the one that comes with Leadwerks doesn't do underwater)? Can you link to the one you're trying to use?
  6. gamecreator

    How to use the underwater shader?

    It's a post effect you can attach to your scene or active by code. Fair warning that the one that comes with Leadwerks doesn't (or didn't) have an underwater effect so it looks bad when you're underwater. You can find one I think on the workshop or on the forums from shadmar that includes that too.
  7. It's been over 1 year since Leadwerks release was updated with many bugs like analytics, navmesh generation, character controller, etc. still not fixed.

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    2. Josh


      @gamecreator You are absolutely right, and I am taking steps to improve the situation. I had a meeting with my associates at Northrop Grumman today, and I told them I will finish up two projects we have going over the next month, and then I need to focus back on engine design, with both maintenance of Leadwerks and the development of the new engine, and that they need to find someone to take my place.

      This means that when the next big project comes, there's going to be a full-time job opening for someone from the Leadwerks community to develop VR games using Leadwerks for NASA, in either the Los Angeles or Washington DC area.

    3. Marcousik


      Well I think this is an understandable wish, as you begin a game project, enjoying new promised features and updates, to see those coming without that other possibilities have to go down or to be shut down. 

      Even if Turbo may be a super thing sometimes and for sure it will be, I (and maybe others members) may have the hope to finish the project they spent hours of work for, that's why I just want to say finishing 4.6 may cost you Josh time and work but it will be definitive so that it will have been worth it.

      And I know a game is so much work so it is simply impossible to stay out-of-work waiting for an update, I think there is always work to do if you want it to progress.

      Please just don't think it could be useless to "bug freeing" the 4.6 that's all I mean

    4. gamecreator


      Thank you Josh.  I think your customers will greatly appreciate your gesture, giving up guaranteed income in favor of moving the engines forward at a regular pace again.

  8. gamecreator

    Model Copy() Loads Duplicates?

    Asset::CreateNew also works so far but when I last dealt with this I think I had some issue when I tried to assign different materials. Only copy seemed to work for that. I don't know if in that thread I didn't notice that I had an extra copy or what. Thank you for the help!
  9. gamecreator

    Model Copy() Loads Duplicates?

    Thank you for the suggestion Ma-Shell. The copy trick from an entity ended up working: Model *temp=NULL; temp=(Model *)Model::Load("Models/level/ground.mdl"); groundmodel=(Model *)temp->Copy(true); temp->Release(); It's weird to need to do this and hopefully Josh or someone else can also chime in on this but I guess I got my workaround for now.
  10. gamecreator

    Model Copy() Loads Duplicates?

    My understanding of the function was that it would load a single model as a copy instead of an instance, so you could modify just that copy. It makes no sense to me for it to load 2 copies into the groundmodel variable and that I then can't even interact with the first one (if I do groundmodel->Move, for example, it only moves the second loaded model). If you do this multiple times, you'll have twice as many models as you need. And this still doesn't explain why Release doesn't release both of them. The number of entities keeps going up, every time I run that function, even though it should in theory clear both. Edit: I'll try to see what happens if I do an entity copy instead of an entity load. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. I'm trying to load a model as a copy instead of the default instance but for some reason it loads in twice. if(groundmodel!=NULL) { groundmodel->Release(); groundmodel=NULL; } printf("entities before: %d\n",world->CountEntities()); groundmodel=(Model *)Model::Load("Models/level/ground.mdl")->Copy(true); // groundmodel=(Model *)Model::Load("Models/level/ground.mdl"); printf("entities after: %d\n",world->CountEntities()); However, if I comment out the Copy line and uncomment the one below it (instance load), it works as expected. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  12. gamecreator

    Why do I keep hitting myself?

    I think there was a thread on this before; don't know if you already searched.
  13. gamecreator

    Navmesh Toggle

    Oh, I thought you meant just visually.
  14. gamecreator

    Navmesh Toggle

    You can do that in the editor under View, Show Navigation.
  15. gamecreator

    AI Crash

    I don't know your specifics but recently I had a crash when I loaded a different model in my game. The issue ended up being that I was trying to manipulate an attachment via code that the new model didn't have. In other words, make sure you're not trying to access a model (like a gun) that your new models may not have. Just a thought; could be anything though.