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  1. Character Controller Bugs/Problems In Beta

    Curious if the physics changes will fix some of this...
  2. Border Recon

    Firefox and Chrome say "server not found" / "site can't be reached" (IP address could not be found).
  3. Version 4.5 Beta Update

    Is there any way to convince you that examples are worth providing, even if it's just one per "set," like the Enable/Create/Initialize functions, that covers several functions? Examples are very valuable to me and functions like this and the Sprite set missing them makes me a little wary. And, to be honest, it's a little frustrating trying to piece together code from minutes of forum searches with mixed results.
  4. You didn't mention it but your post makes it seem like it'll cover it: multiplayer. Two players can be in two different parts of the map at the same time. If you ever want to implement automatic multiplayer synchronization as I think you mentioned a while back, this is something else to keep in mind (and make you scratch your head even more).
  5. Any way to check if game is loading in C++?

    Sorry. It was pseudo code for a function you could create, not an actual function in Leadwerks. It would just display your progress bar based on the counter count (so the bar would get longer with each call). The function would look something like this, assuming counter is global. void DisplayProgressbar() { context->SetColor(0.0, 0.0, 1.0); context->DrawRect(0, 0, counter / totalcounter * 500, 50); context->Sync(); }
  6. Any way to check if game is loading in C++?

    You should be able to find a thread or two about this (search the forums for loading screen or similar) but my method (I'm also on C++) is to load everything myself and then load the map afterwards. Because you already have the models in memory, the map should then load very quickly. You can increment a counter for each model you load and you'll know how far along you are in the process. Something like: // Pseudocode temporaryentity[counter++]->load("tree1.mdl"); DisplayProgressbar(); temporaryentity[counter++]->load("tree2.mdl"); DisplayProgressbar(); etc. but coded nicer. At the end you'll know how big your counter is and you can use that as a total to divide by to get a percent loaded.
  7. If you need a break, Ludum Dare starts tomorrow.

    1. gamecreator


      I released a small game.$57379

      It was nice to finish something over the course of 3 or so days.  Used SFML, which I've never coded with before but it was super easy to pick up.  Ultra messy/hacky code included in downloads.

  8. The best leadwerks game?

    I'm a sucker for platformers so this one: It was made with Leadwerks 2 though.
  9. I know C++ and Lua but I have no idea where to go from there

    Here's my process for a new project: Create a new blank project in the Editor in File->Project Manager. It will create all the project files for you, including two source and one header file. Open the generated SLN file to open the project in Visual Studio. Remove the App.cpp and App.h files from the project. You can now replace the contents of the main.cpp file with examples you find in the documentation ( which will help you with anything from loading maps to models to drawing images and text.
  10. How to Make Your Game Look Beautiful

    Blogs like this one, Common Bottlenecks and Promoting Your Game are really helpful.
  11. Version 4.5 release plan

    Great to hear, especially about the documentation. I really hope the docs have a simple C example of the realistic vehicle. Maybe also worth adding a vehicle template to the project manager.
  12. Will Leadwerks Instance Models In A Scene?

    Good to know. Thank you.
  13. Collision between two bodies / Deactivate?
  14. Newton Dynamics Debugging

    Good thought. Here's the most recent one that didn't give me an error:
  15. Newton Dynamics Debugging

    Yeah. The old documentation was much more clear about this. The Entity page used to have them in separate sections.