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  1. Some others already suggested: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/15767-steam-achievements/
  2. The good news is that it's been done elsewhere so there is at least one working solution. I suspect the path is broken up into multiple points and all an engine calculates is the path between the current point and the next point. When you get to the next point, you calculate the path to the next one after that, etc. But there's gotta be information out there on this.
  3. That's fair. Keep taking those steps forward and try to make the official release as complete as possible (in a reasonable time frame). I don't envy the pressure you might feel sometimes.
  4. Did you already figure out how the infinite terrain will work with navmesh generation and navigation? I'm guessing for generation you'll have to load all the terrain at once. I assume it's not a problem to have character controllers navigate on a navmesh when a terrain isn't loaded (they're independent of each other?).
  5. Sorry, we were talking about your 3D modeling program, not the editor. The FBX needs to be exported after your model is moved above the origin.
  6. To clarify, we're talking about the world/global origin (coordinates 0, 0, 0) not the model's pivot. In other words, the feet need to be just above the center of the global 3D space.
  7. That's true. Each Leadwerks update would probably bring back everything but it could still be worth it.
  8. Which looks like almost everything (2 files less) that's copied to a blank project now. I guess that doesn't work. Maybe one day we can get a true blank new project solution or at least a workaround.
  9. Thank you. I'll need to try this and see the results.
  10. I don't think you can remove individual shaders. You have to remove all of them and add back the ones you still want. Related to this, remember that you can add the same shader more than once so removing them by name would not make sense. I guess removing them by an index could work but it's not too bad to clear all and re-add.
  11. Seems like ideally the code is fixed so the error messages don't appear. Regarding the blank project, I'm a huge fan of having a clean project to start from. A blank project right now creates 60 folders and 517 files totaling 213MB. How many of those are absolutely necessary to create a Pong clone (with 3D models and Leadwerks GUI), for example?
  12. Yeah, now that I think about it, I had a similar issue trying to position and rotate a camera behind a player. I only solved that by parenting the camera (which I know is not an option for you). One other possibility: have you tried calling world->Update() after the SetMatrix function? Seems like Leadwerks needs to catch up on positioning and that might do it.
  13. Couldn't you unhide a model, move/rotate it, get the child's position/rotation, apply that info to another entity, then hide the model again before rendering each frame?
  14. LE4 code only loads MDL but the tool you mentioned (or something similar) still exists in the Tools folder (along with other converter EXEs), so you could probably use that from your own program. Leadwerks can also create triangles on the fly so you could implement your own model loader to some extent but I don't know about texturing or bones.
  15. Ah yes, forgot about that.
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