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  1. gamecreator

    openAL not installed?

    Have you tried installing OpenAL, even if you think you might already have it installed? https://www.openal.org/downloads/
  2. gamecreator

    Camera Pitch Rotation problem

    As Thirsty Panther said... but it might have to do with gimbal lock. Don't know why but Leadwerks doesn't handle this for you.
  3. gamecreator

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    Yeah, the rules seem pretty easy to set up and probably best to search for minimal terms, not combined terms. If the name contains "steering" then it's safe to assume it's a steering wheel. Name could also be "steering wheel" or "steering_wheel" so searching for "steeringwheel" might not work. Though it's not too bad to ask devs to name limbs specific things (like how we have collisionhull right now), it's ideal to be flexible, if possible, to not even need to have devs alter their models. Also, the model could include a spare tire on the back (or in the trunk), like Jeeps do (https://ddcfq0gxiontw.cloudfront.net/Review/39832078/17545495/medium_square.jpg) so not sure how you'd handle that. I guess if the name includes "spare," it's disregarded.
  4. gamecreator

    Vehicle WIP in Leadwerks 4.6

    That video looks pretty solid. I assume we create our own collision mesh(es) for the body? For example, a car. a truck and a plough truck will have different looking meshes. It would also be nice if the code that detects "wheel" and "tire" could also detect the words "front," "back," "left" and "right" in the names. That way there would be no ambiguity and we can name a tire tire.front.left or FrontLeftWheel, for example. Also, what do you mean by a script doing the interpretation? How do people using only C++ get their car tires detected?
  5. gamecreator

    Character FPS Test

    Never mind (I wish you could delete recent responses).
  6. gamecreator

    Character FPS Test

    If you change the for loop to include movement as well, like the below code, it changes the fps from 24 to 14 or so. for(int i=0; i<NUMBEROFCHARACTERS; i++) { // Move characters Vec3 pos=model[i]->GetPosition(); pos.x+=0.005*Time::GetSpeed(); model[i]->SetPosition(pos,true); // Animate characters model[i]->SetAnimationFrame(frame, 0.8, "run", true); }
  7. gamecreator

    Character FPS Test

    I wanted to add a note here that it's the animating that slows everything down (SetPosition is also about as expensive, if you add it to the loop). If you comment out that line, the FPS is back up to 60+ with 100 characters. Also, Leadwerks doesn't check if the character is off-screen. If you have characters that are off-screen (or far in the distance) you should detect this and not animate them and it will increase your FPS.
  8. gamecreator

    Orthographic camera ?

    Josh may correct me but I think the only thing you can really do is move the camera much closer.
  9. gamecreator

    world->Update() Crash

    Yes, the debugger ended up helping me. I pretty much never use it and am not really familiar with it. It pointed to a free() function which helped me figure out that I was handling my memory incorrectly. Thanks for the other suggestions too.
  10. My game slows down with about 18 enemies.  The model I bought has 74 bones, which I know is on the high end.  Sucks to lose the hours but I may be forced to reskin and reanimate him myself.

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    2. gamecreator


      Them just existing doesn't seem to effect anything much.  Animating slows things down.  SetPosition further slows things down even more (seems like it's about as much as animating).
      Not sure if you saw my thread here: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/17544-character-fps-test/
      If I add a SetPosition into the for loop, the FPS will go from around 24 to 14.

    3. Rick


      So they don't have a character controller on them I assume? No physics at all happening?

    4. gamecreator


      Correct; I move them manually.  It seems simpler for a grid based game like this.

  11. gamecreator

    world->Update() Crash

    I think I might have caught the problem. Of course it was on my end, even though it seemed to crash in a Leadwerks function. I was using a char for an offset and when I introduced more enemies, I think that overflowed. Setting it to an int seemed to fix it.
  12. gamecreator

    world->Update() Crash

    It does also crash on exit now for some reason. Double-checking to make sure nothing is out of bounds or a memory leak.
  13. gamecreator

    world->Update() Crash

    What things could potentially make world->Update() crash a program? I have the following code right now and the program regularly crashes after printing D and not printing E to the console. printf("C"); Leadwerks::Time::Update(); printf("D"); world->Update(); printf("E"); world->Render(); printf("F"); gui.draw(); printf("G"); context->Sync(true); printf("H"); As I was typing this up and testing the program again, I got the following error, which seems like it crashed during world->Render(): Searching the forums found this issue (https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/10612-world-update-crash/) which seemed to be resolved at the time. I should also make it clear that this doesn't usually happen as soon as I start the game. Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes it's when I fire a shot, sometimes when I kill an enemy. Happens sooner the more enemies I include though. Pretty much never happens with just a few, like 6 or less.
  14. gamecreator

    Network Test

    Likely related to these from back in August: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/17516-tips-to-improve-my-vehicle-with-joints/ https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/17525-how-can-i-prevent-the-tyres-from-bouncing/
  15. Are we on track for the remastered vehicle system release in about 3 weeks?

    1. Josh


      This is quite possible, but if it isn't ready for final release the beta will have it.