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  1. ..hello werkers..

    You can also optionally use the programs in the Tools folder but I haven't done this much and don't know if they have any limitations.
  2. ..hello werkers..

    There is no Steam independent version. To use the editor you'll need to be logged into Steam (but I heard you don't need to be online). But once you have a project created you can code all you want without Steam at all.
  3. What are you working on :

    Thanks. So far so good. No unexpected snags or other weirdness. Feels really good to be at this point.
  4. What are you working on :

    Redoing my platformer from scratch using my own "character controller." Ladders and moving platform are finished. Placeholder graphics. I did tile-based collision in my last project but this one uses rectangle collision so the ground can be any dimensions. Makes the process from Max to Leadwerks pretty smooth.
  5. ..hello werkers..

    Hey! Welcome back!
  6. GUI Commands Meant To Be Cumulative?

    Fair enough. I guess the GUI system is a little too complex for me for the time being, especially with no C examples in the docs to work off of. I'll stick to doing my own but thank you for the info.
  7. GUI Commands Meant To Be Cumulative?

    What do you guys mean by a script? I'm not using Lua so I don't even know where that would go or what that would look like. I could try adding Redraw. That sounds like it could help. And yes, I was intentionally working with textarea as I wanted to try adding lines too.
  8. Difficulty drawing Widgets

    As far as I can tell, none of the widget or GUI commands have C++ examples, which is a little disappointing. I tried to get it working here but it was buggy at the time: Not sure if Josh ever fixed it or if I was even using it right.
  9. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    Oh, you create other things...? I wonder if it returns the same number if you remove that one entity. But this is mostly just curiosity at this point.
  10. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    What does world->CountEntities() return?
  11. How many polygons to use, guidelines?

    Seems reasonable though I think pros could cut that down further. The only real optimization I could think of is to ask if the cushions could be pulled off the couch as separate items. If they could be but they never actually will be, then you could delete the faces that will never be seen, or merge the cushions with the base to save a ton of triangles/faces. All that said, from quick glance at some free couches on Turbosquid, some of them look just about the same in "poly" count as yours. I encourage you to look around and download some free models if you're really curious:
  12. Free .FBX assets with Microsoft Paint 3D/Remix3D?

    I tried to install it but it requires Win 10.
  13. Persistent World

    Yup. Very cool that that's part of Leadwerks. Already kept it in mind to use as a patcher in the future.
  14. Persistent World

    How would you do a persistent world in an online game without a server? For example, say there's a crystal in the forest. Someone logs on, takes it and drops it in the desert and logs out. How would you store the crystal's location? I know the ideal answer is a server but say that's not an option. Since I'm doing this in Steam, I was thinking Cloud would be perfect but users have the option of turning that off so that won't work (also, it won't be a published game so I guess Cloud won't be available anyway). I also thought about using Leadwerks leaderboards but I haven't tested yet how responsive it is. If two players fight and one player drops the crystal, it needs to be more or less immediately seen by the other one. I remembered too that we have libcurl built in so maybe HTTP is an option. Since this would all be client to client, except for the special world items, we have to assume that no one will hack/cheat (which I know is a bad assumption but this would be for the tournament so nothing serious).
  15. Leadwerks Halloween Game Tournament 2017

    Can we upload elsewhere, like Google Drive or Dropbox?