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  1. No need if you think that'll always catch the navmesh because the navmesh isn't always flush with the ground. Sometimes it's a bit above, sometimes it's below the ground. Also, does the system have a way to find the nearest navmesh point, if your pick doesn't return a navmesh? Or do you have to kind of search it out (which isn't too difficult)?
  2. gamecreator

    Forth demo 1

    I think a lot of projects get to a prototype phase where the game starts to become playable and people see that it's not as fun as they thought. Though I've had a few projects like Run! Jump! Climb! where I was happy with where it ended (especially for a tournament entry).
  3. Wow. This is a huge improvement over the current system. Make it dynamic and it'll be perfect. 😁 I'm not clear on how finding points on the navmesh works. How do you do a pick on the navmesh? Or does IntersectsPoint check a radius around the point and return the nearest one? If so, how do you change that radius?
  4. gamecreator

    Forth demo 1

    I honestly don't remember. One minor thing was that we were trying to include resolution selection and GUI scaling which I think was a bit too much for a small group project, at least so early in it. But above all else it was a great learning experience and it taught me that Jorn is waaaaay better than I am at coding. 😁
  5. gamecreator

    Forth demo 1

    Well, that's another discussion and I agree that there are a ton of ways Leadwerks could improve. That still shouldn't prevent a determined and focused team from creating something "nice" (though not AAA) in a few months. And yes, if tasks are divided well then the coding could be split by maybe 2 people. Jorn/Aggror and I did that for one of the group projects in C/C++ and it worked OK.
  6. If the bot is low on health or ammo, it should prioritize those items instead. You can make it smarter still by not going to a health powerup if an enemy is close because it might be too risky. In this case it could hide and wait until the enemy leaves or find the next closest health (assuming it's in a different direction). You can get pretty complex with this if you want to make the bot smart. On the other side of that coin, most players won't analyze the bots' decisions too much.
  7. gamecreator

    Forth demo 1

    Good points Rick. I once proposed that there be only 1 coder on a group project for this reason. A reasonably-sized project doesn't really need more. For example, this project had 10 people join and it looked like maybe 3 people were active near the end. So 1 coder for 2 or 3 artists is plenty, depending on the size of the group, though I understand a lot of people here prefer to code. Mostly I think it's important for one person to take the lead, make fast decisions and keep the project moving.
  8. Josh, he attached a blank, published standalone project in an earlier post in this thread that he says also doesn't work for him.
  9. This could be fun, depending on the limitations of the base AI and the possibilities of the extended one. One other way to do it would be to have stat points you could allocate into skills. For example, if you put most of the points into movement speed, you could safely dodge rockets fired from a distance and jump larger gaps, which could get you to places others can't go. If you put a bunch into awareness, the AI would have greater perception and could see enemies from the corner of his eye (FoV) and hear enemies from greater distances. Just another way to go about it but this would involve more coding.
  10. You can try two other things: 1. Reinstalling OpenAL 2. Do you have a copy of a published standalone project from before that worked (a backup)? If so, can you still run that? If you can, compare the files in that project with the one in a project you try publishing now (in the base directory) to see if any files are missing. If you want, I can upload a blank published project for you to compare with.
  11. Now that you mention it, it really could be a good way to add atmosphere to your world, whether steampunk, futuristic, whatever. Having things moving makes a big difference versus the environment being just static. We have the basics of that with vegetation shaders moving leaves and brush and flags (this is also why waves would be so important, even if they're shallow). But having moving things like a windmill or birds flying or a squirrel crossing your path or a drone flying in the distance is a small detail but it adds a lot to a game, in my opinion.
  12. Yes, I did it through code. I don't know anything about the console.
  13. I played with this late last year and I use C/C++ so I don't know how much this will help; it may have broken since then. Getting the achievements to show worked but it wasn't instant. Sometimes it took a few seconds. It was acting weird but it's supposed to be better when you actually release the game. Resetting achievements worked fine. I just called SteamUserStats()->ResetAllStats(true) for that.
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