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  1. i see but i don't know how to get there, toying with values is the way to go and finding settings bounds. good luck with your project.
  2. Hi with these settings i have a very stiff suspension : chassis:SetMass(2000) local tiremass=40 suspensionDamper = 10 suspensionSpring = 3000 suspensionLength = 1 lateralStiffness = 20 longitudinalStiffness = 10000 aligningMOmentTrail = 1.5 friction = 1.0
  3. Oops my bad you are right it was a marmoset file, sorry for the false alert please delete this thread.
  4. Hi, Since 4.3 updating workshop seems impossible i get an error message : "File extension "tbscene" is not allowed" thank you
  5. Ya it is ok now for me with this update
  6. Hi, Same here, debug not showing window and running in the background, no log, no error. Release mode is ok too.
  7. calling this "programmed obsolescence" welcome to the new consumer world...
  8. received my poster today, thank you Josh

    1. DoomSlayer


      I hope to receive some goods soon too :P

  9. in my opinion, that's mean you assign property or action to an object (could be anything as Roland said) that is not still loaded in memory try putting step and message ("here line xx all is right") to see where it fails but looking in engine.log you must have more to say for the failing line in the bottom. hope it helps
  10. thank you for your kind words and encouragements, and yes indeed, Re-Volt was my great inspiration source
  11. TinyGom Racing PC Game is available ! New demo : at: tinygom.sdmg-studio.eu (register) or if you have an account on indiedb.com : http://www.indiedb.com/games/tinygom lot of bugs corrected: menu appearance now conform to what it should be all sub-menus revisited in game cosmetics adjustments time trial mode now fully fonctionnal screen resolution detection improved and working with multi monitors no more bugs at the first launch of the demo SDMG-STUDIO production presents the fruit of my very long work,my completed game : TinyGom Racing Why 'TinyGom' ? because ther
  12. someone gets a diploma for spam junk in off-topic...

  13. Hi downloadable version : http://web.archive.org/web/20120728123827/http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page on line : http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/Documentation/le2 cheers
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