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  1. i see but i don't know how to get there, toying with values is the way to go and finding settings bounds. good luck with your project.
  2. Hi with these settings i have a very stiff suspension : chassis:SetMass(2000) local tiremass=40 suspensionDamper = 10 suspensionSpring = 3000 suspensionLength = 1 lateralStiffness = 20 longitudinalStiffness = 10000 aligningMOmentTrail = 1.5 friction = 1.0
  3. Oops my bad you are right it was a marmoset file, sorry for the false alert please delete this thread.
  4. Hi, Since 4.3 updating workshop seems impossible i get an error message : "File extension "tbscene" is not allowed" thank you
  5. Ya it is ok now for me with this update
  6. Hi, Same here, debug not showing window and running in the background, no log, no error. Release mode is ok too.
  7. calling this "programmed obsolescence" welcome to the new consumer world...
  8. received my poster today, thank you Josh

    1. DoomSlayer


      I hope to receive some goods soon too :P

  9. in my opinion, that's mean you assign property or action to an object (could be anything as Roland said) that is not still loaded in memory try putting step and message ("here line xx all is right") to see where it fails but looking in engine.log you must have more to say for the failing line in the bottom. hope it helps
  10. thank you for your kind words and encouragements, and yes indeed, Re-Volt was my great inspiration source
  11. TinyGom Racing PC Game is available ! New demo : at: tinygom.sdmg-studio.eu (register) or if you have an account on indiedb.com : http://www.indiedb.com/games/tinygom lot of bugs corrected: menu appearance now conform to what it should be all sub-menus revisited in game cosmetics adjustments time trial mode now fully fonctionnal screen resolution detection improved and working with multi monitors no more bugs at the first launch of the demo SDMG-STUDIO production presents the fruit of my very long work,my completed game : TinyGom Racing Why 'TinyGom' ? because there are small tires... rolling ! What is TinyGom Racing ? It is a solo PC game about driving remote control vehicles around levels in different environments. 3 Game modes : Quick Race, Time Trial, Championship 3 environments : School, Mall, Warehouse 6 levels , 6 different rc vehicles with one mystery car (more levels and cars to come...) Gameplay: All races will be different because of the random placement at start, Music and AI racing are changing randomly too. Passing through the semi-transparent "red gates" you will progress along the level and finally loop a lap. When a bonus is available, going through it will give you three ping-pong balls to throw at opponents, wisely. Car abilities: Accelerate (!) direction left/right (good start, no ?) Brake Backward Flip car (in case of upside down) Replace car, Levels have saveposition tags, a "savepos message" will pop up when done.(see each mode for detail) Shooting balls (bonus gives you 3 balls to throw at opponents) Looking at 180° view right or left side of your car Position camera view from the rear of your car zooming + or - Pitch camera view angle from the rear (all positions of the camera are recorded and restored at start) Game Modes: Quick Race mode : you just race for fun, 5 opponents and clock ticking though, level lap record to beat too, you can choose the number of laps to run before racing.Simple ranking will show at the end of the race. Replacing the car in this mode will replace your car at the last "saveposition" recorded, from 3 to 9 savepositions spots are placed according to each level. In this mode you can also looking for the mystery car parts scattered around all levels by the naughty clown. With all the parts gathered you will unlock the mystery car and then be able to drive around with it. Time Trial mode : you will fight the clock and yourself with the ghost of your best lap running with you. If you beat the best ghost time, your lap will be recorded and you will racing against it then. At start in a new session you can choose to load the best ghost file so you will fight against it or if not, recording a new ghost as you drive and to race against it after the first lap, all over the session trying to improve it. If you ever beat the best ghost time (recorded in file and loaded in memory), you will then establish the new reference ghost record for future sessions. The game is, for now, solo but you can already exchange the ghost record files of your own with others players who have the game and then race against them through their ghost file. This is a fun part of this challenge. Replacing the car will replace you at the starting position of the level and restarting the clock.(no "saveposition" works in this mode) Championship mode : is based on the player name you enter (or leaving to "none") so you can leave the championship after a race in a level, quit the game and resume the championship later using the same name of player. Helping you by hitting the "restore last session" option in the main menu to retrieve your last session and resume the championship where you leave it. Replacing the car will replace your car at the last "saveposition" recorded, from 3 to 9 savepositions spots are placed according to each level. You will need to race 5 laps on each level to complete the Championship. You wont be able to redo a specific race before completing Championship, you will need to restart a Championship to do that. Points are distributed according to the finish positions of each level race : 100 for position 1, 80 to 2, 60 to 3, 40 to 4, 30 to 5, 20 to 6, 10 to 7 and 0 to position 8 (last one) Ranking is made after finishing a race level. Podium with global ranking will close the Championship at the end of the last race. Congrats if you are on the first step ! Various objects, sometimes, will be throwing at you and the others along the levels slowing your race, putting little spice in your meal... Some objects are movable but a lot don't, you'll see. Mystery Car parts are seldom hidden from the direct view, you will need to rub the walls with your vehicle to discover the part-item then. Supported devices: mouse (menu) standard keyboard joypad X360 microsoft® controller Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Is the game ready ? yes : http://tinygom.sdmg-studio.eu or here: https://sdmg-studio.itch.io/tinygomracing Demo ? yes : http://tinygom.sdmg-studio.eu on indiedb.com: http://www.indiedb.com/games/tinygom Background: This project was seriously started several (more than 5) years ago, after toying with Leadwerks engine for a while, decided to find the "make a game(mine)" function and finally found it works ! I have counted 13419 lines of lua code, sweating on some...not counted the polys though ! Thankful to Leadwerks Engine for enduring all my trials and errors and to restitute fluidly the render from my ideas. I need to give credits to a lot of people here : first to my wife Pascale, for her patience and her presence second my son and my daughter who always encouraged me to progress at it. And for all technical parts, in not particular order (sorry for those i forget to mention) : Josh for the Leadwerks Software Engine. Forum People : MackleBee, Rick, Marley's Ghost, Tyler_H, Aggror, Gordonramp, Pixel_perfect, Shadmar... All these folks helped me directly or not, special mentions to MackleBee giving always good advices and good code examples, Rick for coding the joystick.dll (without it, i would never be here) and to Marley's ghost who gave me a great piece of code base of my main mecanics. Finally thanks to the great Leadwerks community, where i found so much usefull posts. Started from nothing, bought one Pure3D starting pack, grabbing most textures from CGTextures.com others from my camera. Made all 3D models by myself, modeling,uvmapping,texturing and converting to gmf. Software used: Hexagon, Photoshop, 3DCoat, UU3D, Audacity, Leadwerks converting tools. I get a regular job so i have spent most of my spare time at my game. I started with Leadwerks 2.5 and stand with it because scene files (sbx) and all scripts in Lua would be a nightmare to redo and i love the 2.5 lighting (even if, the GI lighting Josh demonstrated is promising). Sure TinyGom is not perfect and could be more polished or more complete. My project is to extend the game even after the release, supporting bugs too. Hoping to compensate a bit the funds that i have put in this game, music bought at Partnersinrhyme®, pack from Pure3D® and the time dedicated,i have considered putting a fair price to the game, fee at a fast-food meal or a cinema ticket. Whatever happens, my reward is already there, accomplish the release of the game was my main objective, i am satisfied and relieved now. Videos are also visible on my web site too. Hope you will enjoy the videos, test the demo if you want, feedback welcome at devtinygom@sdmg-studio.eu. The game and the demo are already available on my web site now : http://tinygom.sdmg-studio.eu Excuse my english. Thank you for reading. SDMG-STUDIO
  12. someone gets a diploma for spam junk in off-topic...

  13. Hi downloadable version : http://web.archive.org/web/20120728123827/http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page on line : http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/Documentation/le2 cheers
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