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  1. only thing i used from others is sounds cos atm i have no way of recording battles, not easy starting a war in my back garden lol on the topic of porting to xbox tho, its not really that good of an idea tbh, PCs always best for games, far more power and realism. Porting to Xbox would not only increase price of Leadweks but also hinder its possibilities i think =/
  2. Hate to ask a question of no relevance on the subject but does every1 in here have a team of people working with them on the leadwerks engine? Call me a bit of a work-aholic if you do or just plain old fasioned stupid but due to the Leadwerks engine ive bin working flat out for almost 7 months now modelling and textureing and codeing and i have almost completed a working title for PC on my own just testing each map before release!
  3. Thank you for your help Marley and Arbuz, it did the trick . 1 thing i want to know tho, does the bump map havta be DDS file aswell?? Thank you again for all your help
  4. they are .mat materials, i made them in 3DS max with its material editor, i didnt use any uv mapping wud that be the problem? the only pics i got dwn wer for reflection and a black + white bumpmap file that i hada change from tga to dds and then add to the mat file using the Leadwerks Material Editor =/ i must b doing something somewer =/ ?? any thots? thanks for reply as always marley
  5. o rite soz lol basically extract to gmf name= weapon_grenade.gmf all materials are extracted to their names as they are in max bump map also extracted added it to the material then opened Leadwerks SDK and added the grenade to the scene, stays white tho execpt for bottom as u can see its black lol =/
  6. a run down of my workflow? soz i dnt no wat that is lol =/ see ill show u wats appenin hold on i get a screenshot up of wat im doing in 3ds max and also a render of it (aint finished but gettin there) and then il show u how it is in Leadwerks too 1 sec
  7. I think im doing something wrong =/ when i extract my models the materials stay white and dont have their bump maps are anything like that? in Leadwerks Material Editor it shows as white too but does the Leadwerks Tools for 3ds Max export bump maps and colours assigned in the material editor?
  8. AHHHHHHHhhh i think you may have hit the nail on the head there macklebee it dsnt say anything lol when i go into modelviewer it says under material <none> . . . . wud this be because in 3ds max the material that was applied to the model was named deafaul 01? ? Thanks again guys
  9. I added the grass by putting vegetation_grass_wild.gmf into the vegetation/grass/grasswild folder in leadwerks, i then distributed it over the terrain and thats when the white lines showed up =/ The grass is a model yes i created it with outlines drew in photoshop and then painted them with UVW map onto a flat plan, did this over and over again and curved a few planes also to make the grass sorta look more real like it is in the pic, the mat file was just the green colour created in 3ds max material editor and then saved and i added it into the same folder as the vegetation/grass/grasswild folder as grass_wild.mat, i figured this is the way that the default grass with leadwerks was accomplished so i jus did the exact same =/, ne other thots? I think it could probably be the opacity of the planes? but surely the material wud still apply to it the same way as in 3ds max =/ Thanks for your replies btw
  10. Hey guys Was just waundering if ne1 has ne tips for adding grass to leadwerks? i tried adding grass to it and everytime it loads into the editor it dissappears and all you can see are white lines Ill upload the grass now as an attachment also the error in another post if any1 has had this problem before Thanks
  11. testing level 1 =D

  12. o yea i sent that before .... i think =/ lol hmm ill send it again thanks
  13. When i load up the FPS Example it creates a point light at the end of the gun when it is fired no smoke =/. What i want to do is create a muzzle flash similar to the likes of bf2 and crysis, uno a big flash lol i dnt know ne other way to describe it soz lol i will try wat you said josh thanks for replying also is there any kind of limit on the amount of emitters that can be created at the end of the gun? like say i wanted to create the gun smoke and a heat haze? gun smoke as soon as its fired and then heat haze for a few seconds wen it stops? i seen this in a game once (cant remember the name) and it looked really well lik
  14. so gunsmoke and muzzle flash is being worked on yea? thanks for reply
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