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  1. Sure, I did a submarine game for mobiles and currently kind of a Fleet Command successor. What are you doing?
  2. Hi there, some (few) might remember me from the old Blitz days, I see Naughty Alien hanging around here too. Just wanted to say hello and a big thanks to Josh to keep working and working to make this wonderful engine even better. Really looking forward to the next one called Turbo. I currently use Unity but when looking at the feature set of v5 it's all I always wanted to have like streamed terrain and 64 bit doubles instead of floats. Plus modern C++ smart pointers, I'm already in love! Cheers!
  3. I just see: There are no products here yet! Please check back soon. And I'm a LE2 customer an yes, I'm logged in.
  4. Great Josh! Nice to see you back. And thanks for your words!
  5. I totally appreciate the hard work Josh did here with Leadwerks 3. I wish you success but I can hardly see it when you compete with Unity. Even ShiVa had to go the route with lower pricing and I'm not sure how well they do...
  6. I agree with Rick here... Such a "basic option" without that fancy non coding stuff would be great.
  7. Another one: How different will LE3 be compared to LE2.5 API wise? Or: How hard will it be to move a project from LE2.5 to LE3?
  8. That's cool. So how is that supposed to work with Android for instance. Can I use C++ there as well, do you use the NDK there? iOS shouldn't be a big issue as it can run C++ wrapped with Obj-C?! Isn't that deep at night over there at your place?
  9. Ok, I don't want to troll here and won't ask for a release date but have a different kind of question. Nowadays all big engines seem to be editor based like Unity or ShiVa. I'm more the programmer guy coming from a BlitzBasic background even though I love to use C++ but never got warm with all these editors. Look, I want to load a mesh and place it via code, I'd like to create a light and all that stuff without being forced to use an editor. Now my question, will that be possible with LE 3?
  10. Alright, do not this year, thanks. Take the time it needs Josh.
  11. So what? ;-) Any progress on the release date? I mean Josh could you please say at least if it will come this year or not? Thanks! Btw we have snow here in Germany too! :-)
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