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  1. Languages

    Swedish is correct
  2. Unicode Confusion

    Aaah. I see. Thank's (y)
  3. Unicode Confusion

    Why not just use wstring, wchar_t, wfstream etc .. and that's it. A search and replace and maybe some modification here and there and its done
  4. Leadwerks 5 example

    Cool.. didn't 'not' know that
  5. Leadwerks 5 example

    while (not window->Closed() 'not'
  6. Say Hello to Leadwerks 5 Shared Objects

    I like what I see coming
  7. Leadwerks 5 example

    Looks good to me
  8. Yes that is even better. Will change my loops to that
  9. Looks great This one could be even more simple for each( auto entity in list ) { entity->SetPosition(1,2,3); } instead of for (auto it = list.begin(); it!= list.end(); it++) { auto entity = *it; entity->SetPosition(1,2,3); }
  10. Change Email

    Its not possible to change the account email now.
  11. Okay. Then I don't know. Haven't tested the new GUI my self yet.
  12. Try with logTextArea->Release() instead
  13. Component Architecture Part Deux

    Great. All you who are interested just tell here
  14. Component Architecture Part Deux

    I'm going away for a roadtrip tomorrow and won't be back for three weeks. First thing when I'm back is to finish the LCS design editor and then start making some docs and tutorials. After that we will need some beta testers (you have already showed an interest in that). Anyone else is welcome. Will probably be in end of August if God and Thor is on our side. All this will be free when released.
  15. Added an example to Rich's blog on Component Architecture Part Deux

    1. Josh


      Looks interesting!