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  1. Hell yeah! I created a new .dll with these two simple functions: Const COMPILE_DLL:Int = True Function SetTileVisibility(terrain:TTerrain,x:Int,y:Int,state:Byte) "Win32" 'EXPORT If COMPILE_DLL Then GCEnter() terrain.SetTileVisibility(x,y,state) EndFunction Function UpdateVisibilityTexture(terrain:TTerrain) "Win32" 'EXPORT If COMPILE_DLL Then GCEnter() terrain.UpdateVisibilityTexture() EndFunction And now it works Thank you very much for the extension dll source. An amazing piece of work you did here.
  2. I tried to generate an .sbx file with a proper .vis file at runtime and then loading that generated scene, but it just messes up the terrain. I guess I will have to apply some kind of invisibility-shader to the terrain, but I am not so quite sure how to do that. I was hoping that someone knows how th leadwerks scene does this.
  3. Is it possible to create and remove terrain holes at runtime, via code?
  4. Hi, I need to get all Entities which are inside, or partially inside a bounding box. Is there a fast way of archieving this (also entities without any collission or bodies would be great).
  5. Gandi

    Wizard Defense Alpha

    i should be working right now, so you get some more input from me usually in Towerdefenses there is a grid for placing Towers (mages). As your map is not really big, i think it will not take a lot of memory if u store which position is free, and where you can not build. For initial blocking you could for instance load some kind of binary texture. What i think greatly increases the fun of such games is: - special abilities for enemies (short invulvernability, boss with speed aura, etc) - a large set of different towers (combining towers for towers with new abilites, giving items to towers for increasing their stats (attackspeed, dmg, and so on) - special abilities on towers (reduce armor, chain-lightning, critical strike, stun, buffing near towers for a short time and so on (the more, the better, even if there's just little difference between the abilities)) - some kind of rock-paper-scissors system (enemies have different armor types, towers have different attack-types) - promoting towers which get a lot of kills (just a little increase in their stats) - something you can do while the waves of enemies are running (if you play for longer time it will get boring to just watch the enemies running down the road.) - a lot of different visual effects. I really love it when there's a lot going on on my monitor. What also makes TowerDefenses a bit more interesting are multiplayer modes, where eather your can play together with a friend and/or against someone (meaning you can send some extra enemies to the next wave, what costs some gold aswell) That's just some ideas that came into my mind for helping you increasing the gameplay-fun Looking forward to your next update.
  6. Gandi

    Wizard Defense Alpha

    i just tested it. workin good so far, some things i didnt like that much: - the shadows of the trees are not very nice. due to the animation of the trees theres single pixels just jumping around in the blurred shadows. - the wizards waited to long before they attacked. usually when a tower has longer cooldown for the attack it still attacks as soon as someone gets in range, but then it takes some time until he can attack again. my fire-mage was just watchin the first enemy passin him and attacks it when its nearly out of range again. (maybe thats wanted, but i dont really like it ) i know this is just a test but still some things for visual design: your terrain is completely flat, you could try to lower the street a bit (usually has a pretty nice effect), and decals would also add a lot of eyecandy.. whats planned for the future?(maybe larger maps with scrolling?) or is it just a test u dont want to keep on evolving?
  7. I'm trying to hide a single surface of an animated mesh. I noticed that calling HideEntity(surface) causes an error, so I guess that is not how you are supposed to do it. Hiding the bone to which the surface is attached doesn't affect it. Any hints?
  8. In the gmfsdk, we can add rotation and translation keys for animation frames, but not scale. Since every frame is already just a 4x4 transformation matrix, I guess this would be pretty easy to implement. I'm currently writing a model converter and this would come really really handy.
  9. definitely needs more of the rabbits!
  10. Gandi

    Decals (once again)

    the computation is done on the cpu, as the terrain doesnt change during runtime (saves gpu computation) and a saved decal is saved as a surface and just needs to be positioned by code. I thought this would be the best solution for the terrain decals.
  11. I recreated the Editor-decals code. Now saving/loading works as some other cool stuff. I was just wondering where the scale-function went, but i got it scaleable with properties... Downloadable at: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/337-decals-editor/
  12. strange.. it didnt work when i copied it from the forum, but copying it from road_node worked fine...
  13. The normalmap needs some work, as you can clearly see the pixels (especially where the bright spots are). How is the shader doing when you calculate the Gerstner waves on the gpu for all the vertices? i can imagine, that doing so on a large grid will not be very well performing. (did you recognise a fps drop?)
  14. yes, im using linkedlist.. require("Scripts/class") require("Scripts/Math/math") require("scripts/linkedlist") the strange thing is, that it also doesnt occur with my object after i placed a road-node.. (also if i deleted the road node again)
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