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  1. Explanation is the opposite of what the command does.
  2. NIce. will try to be there.
  3. I know it redirects, but the pinned steam topic refers to the wrong link:
  4. Thats awesome. I will get back to the drawing board then :).
  5. But will paid scripts be accepted eventually then? I am still eager to sell little but usefull scripts.
  6. I just realised a downside of the new API reference. I wanted to show a user a specific page (Camera:SetFOV) Go to Learn Click Api reference Go to camera Got to SetFOV now how do I share this link on the forum? I would have to right click on SetFOV and select 'Copy link' which gives you the page link but it is without any headers:
  7. Can you explain what you mean with 'unfocus'. A screenshot might help. Setting an FOV can be done per camera:
  8. I had high hopes for the Steam paid workshop store so will Leadwerks 5 have its own paid asset store? I would love to seriously sit down and make some cool plugins, scripts shaders for people to use. However I am not going to setup my webshop for this again like I did with FlowGUI (too much setup and maintenance for it to be profitable).
  9. I am all ears about extending the editor with plugins/mods. Will this allow us to create our own windows/tabs, run scripts in the editor? The lack of ability to extend the editor is the most important reason for me to not use Leadwerks for any large project and just mainly to try stuff out. That could be a real game changer. As for the standalone script editor, ever had a look at Visual studio code? Crossplatform, lightweight, easy creation of custom tools etv. With the current documentation system you could generate a plugin for visual studio that lets you create an entire intellisense for Leadwerks + Lua.
  10. mmm. I am not aware of any special privileges on this page. Perhaps only a few can see since the documentation has only just been updated to a new system. We need Josh to have a look. @Josh The links you posted give users a 'no permission to view this page' error. The new API reference seems to be unavailable for some users.
  11. The API reference can be found on the exact same link:
  12. Disabling max width on class ipsLayout gives the site a much wider view. .ipsLayout_container { width: calc(100% - 50px); /* max-width: 968px; */ }
  13. This is the new documentation:
  14. This is a bit of an old thread, but there are systems available. The official Leadwerks UI has yet to be released. The workshop has a free UI solution and there is FlowGUI as alternative free solution.