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  1. On vacation.. See you in 3 weeks.

  2. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    I will be on vacation to South Africa for a few weeks, after that the new update will roll out including the new ropes and wire spline.
  3. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    Simply move the entities where the road nodes are attached to. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with it.
  4. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    Since the entity count changes, it might not be the issue, but have you tried attaching an empty lua script?
  5. World::FindEntity returns NULL

    Anything special about this entity? CSG brush, camera, model? Reminder: CSG brushes are collapsed if they don't have a script or mass. Makes finding the entity impossible if that hasn't happened.
  6. Concentration Game

    Pseudo approach Create a vector3 that represents your mouse in 3d. Use this By changing the Z value of the above vector you determine how far the pick goes. Your raycast now 'shoots' from the mouseposition to the direction the camera is looking at with a given (z axis) length.
  7. 3DSMAX Leadwerks Plugin ?

    There is no plugin for 3ds max. An export to fbx should be sufficient. You can't drag textures on to models. You first need to create a material (or generate it based on the texture) which references the textures. The material can then be assigned to the model via the model editor.
  8. Behind Enemy Lines

    I really admire your passion for your game project. Will try out the new release this evening and see if If can record some new voices.
  9. Leadwerks Halloween Game Tournament 2017

    Have fun everyone. I will be on vacation for the most part, so no entry from me this time.
  10. Border Recon - Improved Movements Animation

    Nice work Jen! Animation is looking really smooth.
  11. beta problems

    Glad you got it working again. Always remember to make a backup before going to a beta mode.
  12. Leadwerks Game Engine 5 is Coming

    Done. The shopping process was really fast. I used paypall since I don't know my creditcard out of my head. Fyi: if you can, I would change the header to Leadwerks Software instead of your name.
  13. Leadwerks Game Engine 5 is Coming

    Damn that was fast Josh. I though we had to wait till at least summer 2018 before we could have something to run. Either way a good moment for me to start using C++ again.
  14. In case you missed it: Spline Tools package has be released in the workshop. 


    1. gamecreator


      Congrats on the release Jorn!

  15. Spline tool: paths, roads and more

    I went ahead and created a new topic in the Promotional section of the forum. If you have any feedback, ideas, a cool image or video of your project using the spline tools, feel free to make a post in the linked topic. This weekend I hope to release the next cool feature for the spline tools, so stay tuned. Workshop SplineTools announcement