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Status Updates posted by AggrorJorn

  1. After almost a year, my first payment received from selling items on Steam.  

    1. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      That’s a lot of splines!

    2. gamecreator


      I'm sure it would have been nice to receive a payment much sooner but congratulations regardless.

    3. AggrorJorn


      I never anticipated to earn a lot with this project, but I did expect to reach the threshold a little faster to be honest. 

  2. SplineTools has been updated with rivers and the price has been lowered to $4,99. 

    1. carlb


      was wroth every penny when it was full price at this price is a kill 

    2. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      The river shader alone is worth $5

  3. Never noticed the 3d viewer in the gallery. Is that new?

    1. gamecreator


      I'm on Firefox and don't see anything like that.  Is this from clicking on one of the 4 images right under the community link and above the forums?

    2. AggrorJorn


      Yeah, the particular image is gone now. It looks like it was an upload of a new model in the store.  https://www.leadwerks.com/workshopitem?tags=&queryType=1&fileType=0&fileid=1292667818

    3. gamecreator


      Ah, a sketchfab preview.  Very interesting.

  4. Thanks for the great hoodie Josh! Girlfriend already claimed it.

    1. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      All hoodies are pre-worn, by me.

    2. shadmar
    3. f13rce
  5. Wires spline type added to SplineTools: 


  6. On vacation.. See you in 3 weeks.

    1. Angelwolf
    2. Stefos


      Never mind found the files

  7. In case you missed it: Spline Tools package has be released in the workshop. 


    1. gamecreator


      Congrats on the release Jorn!

    1. mdgunn


      Nice to see it free.even though I bought it in the past. Official GUI seemed to have issues in beta state so currently FlowGUI usually my first choice still.

    2. AggrorJorn


      Thanks for your support.

  8. The forum has been really quiet recently.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Crazycarpet


      There's not enough to complain about recently. ;)

    3. Mattline1


      @Jen, Yes on particles. send me a pm about suggestions, so we don't hijack this thread.

    4. aiaf


      I'm around, some refactoring and in the process I added macros so players can compose own commands, also working on game website :)

  9. Just figured out that I was not on the official Leadwerks mailing list.

  10. So many game entries to try out... Really cool ideas

    1. f13rce


      Can't wait for the roundup post. Will be playing lots of games :)

    2. aiaf


      Heh will take some time to play all of them

    1. gamecreator


      At first I find things like this to be fun to figure out but I hope it's not difficult to fix.

    2. AggrorJorn


      It is actually something I will not fix. It it simply a possibility of the generation. It can lead to really short or impossible tracks.

    3. AggrorJorn


      It is actually something I will not fix. It it simply a possibility of the generation. It can lead to really short or impossible tracks.

  11. Back in 10 days. Have fun game developping.

    1. lxFirebal69xl


      Have fun wherever you're going!

  12. There should really be some sort of voting filter for the public gallery.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Admin


      The best solution is to add your own better screenshots. :)

    3. gamecreator


      There are options:

      1. Be able to downvote an entry and have it be hidden if it gets enough downvotes (i.e. Reddit).

      2. Don't allow someone to submit a screenshot if they haven't worked on a map for at least a few minutes.

      3. Appoint a mod with limited powers.

    4. gamecreator


      And I get the work might not be worth the reward. Just some thoughts.

  13. If you switch back from a 4k monitor to a FullHD monitor you wonder: was it always this pixelated?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. thehankinator


      This is why you shouldn't spoil yourself! 1650x1080 for life!

    3. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      The new GUI scales for 4K, 8K, or whatever. :)

    4. martyj


      I wish GPUs would better support 4k.

  14. Didn't know Windows 10 has a build in screen recorder.

    1. DatSexyGrid


      Windows 10 is awesome

    2. AggrorJorn


      Unfortunately it can't record the editor + testing the game at the same time.

      So not really usefull if you want to to both. But for quick guide videos its top.

    3. Naughty Alien

      Naughty Alien

      W10 have many 'things', built in :)

  15. 3 new Saturn tutorials today: Finishing the ladder and checkpoints.

    1. macklebee


      nice work Aggror - turning into a tut machine! now stop posting status updates and get back to making tuts.

  16. Project Saturn continues: 3 new videos on climbing up in the world... literally.

    1. TheSilentBoo


      I can't wait to learn some more! Thank you for making these videos :)

  17. Concatenating the strings

  18. Have fun with the tournament. I am going on vacation for 2 weeks.

  19. New tutorial for Project Saturn:

    1. shadmar
    2. BES


      I am on video 11....enjoying them so far ...the door flying thing made me laugh.

  20. Project Saturn continues today. Just waiting for the render to finish...

  21. Was there an update on dragging multiple items in the scene tree view? Anyway, glad that is finally here.

    1. Optimus Josh

      Optimus Josh

      It's in the beta and there are some bugs in that build, but yeah it works.

    2. AggrorJorn


      Thanks it really helps.

    3. tjheldna


      Much needed improvement. Thanks!

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