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  1. https://www.humblebundle.com Saints row 2&3, Risen2, sacred2 for whatever you want to pay.
    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. AggrorJorn


      That is what I said, 2 posts above!?

    3. josk


      Had to buy....

    4. YouGroove


      No time to play, not a lot to create a game also :(

  2. SplineTools has been updated with rivers and the price has been lowered to $4,99. 

    1. carlb


      was wroth every penny when it was full price at this price is a kill 

    2. Thirsty Panther

      Thirsty Panther

      The river shader alone is worth $5

  3. After almost a year, my first payment received from selling items on Steam.  

    1. JMichael


      That’s a lot of splines!

    2. gamecreator


      I'm sure it would have been nice to receive a payment much sooner but congratulations regardless.

    3. AggrorJorn


      I never anticipated to earn a lot with this project, but I did expect to reach the threshold a little faster to be honest. 

  4. In case you missed it: Spline Tools package has be released in the workshop. 


    1. gamecreator


      Congrats on the release Jorn!

  5. Never noticed the 3d viewer in the gallery. Is that new?

    1. gamecreator


      I'm on Firefox and don't see anything like that.  Is this from clicking on one of the 4 images right under the community link and above the forums?

    2. AggrorJorn


      Yeah, the particular image is gone now. It looks like it was an upload of a new model in the store.  https://www.leadwerks.com/workshopitem?tags=&queryType=1&fileType=0&fileid=1292667818

    3. gamecreator


      Ah, a sketchfab preview.  Very interesting.

  6. Wires spline type added to SplineTools: 


  7. 26 minute lets play/first look of Dangerous Rays:

  8. Aggror did not see any squirls defending pancakes home turve. Perhaps they are in hibernation?

    When I was making the foundation of my first military outpost I hit a very hard rock layer, resulting in that I move my base some were else. touche

  9. Another great blog Dave! It must have taken hours to create all of those props. Once you place more of them together it greatly improves the scene. So much detail is outstandingly cool.

    btw, could you make use of the rotating light?


  10. Community project vlog 4:

    1. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      Pretty cool guys, great seeing a community project achieving things

    2. tournamentdan


      yes. I am much impressed.

  11. Ey dude,

    eerythings fine here. At the moment the horror game is kindog onhold. I will have to build up some more programming skills first before I can make the gameplay fluid enough.

    But in the meantime I am working on a different project. Top secret CIA/FBI work ofcourse:D

    how bout you? how are the zombies doing? Are they still alive?

  12. Ey dude,

    heb de slider button toch gelukkig werkend gekregen. Alleen nog de resolutie in elkaar flansen en in princip is het options menu dan af.

    Deze laptop ziet er overigens goed uit (plus accesoires). http://www.wehkamp.nl/computers-telecom/laptop/weer-aan-het-werk-laptops/acer-aspire-7551g-p324g50mn-laptop/C09_I08_BAU_734515/

  13. Ey dude.

    howsa going? just had a look at the gallery: damn good looking model.

  14. Ey Evayr,

    Heb je al een school in gedachten? Ik sta zelf ingeschreven bij Hoge school Amsterdam.

  15. Ey Joh,

    Long time no see on the forum! how are you doing?

  16. Ey Kevin,

    Finished the model of the truck and did some unwrapping to. It was more to understand what unwrapping and texturing really is. But never really finished it. Hows your project coming along?

  17. Ey Kevin,

    Haven't heard from ya in a while? How s everything going? Any cool stuff to show?

  18. Ey kevin,

    I really like the new zombie game. seems like a real casual slaughter game. looking forward to it. It is not that we have our project on hold, but my programming isn't wonderfull and progress has been really slow since the last developer diary. I'm trying to create a Penumbra-style interaction inside the game. Like opening doors and drawers while moving the mouse etc.

  19. Ey Kevin,

    thanks for the reply. Your artwork sheds lights into different directions that I wouldn't have thought about. so thanks !

  20. ey man,

    hoestie op werk? nog ff volhouden he!! Vanaaf mac en bios?

  21. Ey Pancakes,

    just thought to drop by for a sec. How are things going with Lua?

  22. Ey Rick,

    I read an post of yours saying that you learned C++ right away from the start. Since my upcoming education is not going to teach C# nor C++, I want to pick this up myself. Do you have any books to reccomend?

  23. Great blog Dave! Everything looks awesome. I have a quistion though. How to you do baking? In which program do you do that?

    Keep up the good work.

  24. Hey broken Pillar,

    just saw this topic on vertex colors and your PDF file. Haven't fully looked through it but it looks really interessting. Definetly gonna read this.

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