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  1. Hand it over.


    Let's be honest - nobody is going to believe the GDC footage was running in LE unless we see it for ourselves.


    Share and share alike.

    Everybody believes this is the real footage, except for you. Why would Josh present fake footage at the GDC? He would scare of any to be investors. Also would his, as wel as the Leadwerks engine, reputation sink deeper then the Titanic.


    This scene keeps amazing me. Good texturing and the right lighting settings are really important here.

  2. If I look at your most recent work (floating isles) I have to say that I don not fully understand why you think that choosing another engine would be needed. Those images are one of the most fantasy rich images I've seen so far.

    Building a fantasy world depends mostly on unique models, like weird looking trees, giant mushrooms and creatures that are so giganticly high that their heads are covered in the clouds. Add some brightly colored fumes and fireflies and the atmosphere creates is self.

  3. nice to see all of these thing happening.


    @ Josh, How is the new model, physics, material editor going to effect the current models, mat files, phy files etc?

    I didn't wright any new stuff for the user guide about the current material editor and modelviewer but I am writing how mat, gmf, phy and shader files work and need to be used. For example: Are mat files going to be different when using the new editor?

  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! That is some good advice.

    Rick: I agree, you need to know a litlle bit of everything. YOu can't be master of everything but it pays of when you a little bit of each.

    Niosop: I enjoy programming thats for sure. Finding the logic, trying to work out the ideas that I have in my head and all. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating when even the smallest thing doesn't work after all those weeks of trying.

    Pixel Perfect: thanks

    Dadonik: The school I am going to is teaching .net all the way. C# and ASP.net. Although I would have prefered other languages I think it's a good start.

    Naughty Alien: Thanks for the advice. I don't know if downloading another language like Bmax is going to really help me, but I've already bought new books for my education where I have to wait for now. Hopefully these books are better for me to understand. I refuse to give up on this since it's intriguing me that I have a hard time learning it. it's fun the other hand but also frustrating.

  5. Does Steam use the same kind of approach? That you first need to let see what kind of games you have made, before the engine or any games are supported?

    That the option is available in the future sounds realy good.


    btw: is AndyGFX's action snake game not a consideration of a game? It could be a litlle bit expanded but basic gameplay works. Would do great on xbox live arcade for that matter.

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