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  1. Finnaly have the marching cubes working. voxels are fun.

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    2. Guppy
    3. AggrorJorn


      Thanks for the link guppy. I will check those out once I have beter understanding of my own coding this is a good nect step. As wel as tetrahedras

    4. Guppy


      If noting else it's very good for making you fall asleep ;)

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  2. Tunnels demo has been updated. It is pretty scary. You have been warned.

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    2. AggrorJorn


      Can you send a screenshot of how the start scene looks under linux? Under windows I have this issue: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/7187-window-size-inaccuracy/page__hl__size

    3. DerRidda
    4. AggrorJorn


      wow that is wildly inaccurate. The menu is supposed to be on the bottom left.thanks for the screens. I am re uploading it to make the menu centered. But I looks like a bug in context:GetHeigth() to me.

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  3. 2 new Lua tutorials added. enjoy http://goo.gl/YwOa0q

    1. ChrisV


      Nice tuts, Aggror! Keep 'em coming. ;-)


    2. josk


      Agree, really good tutorials.

      Stuff like this really helps get people going in LE.

  4. That great moment when your game you have been working on for months finally also works in multiplayer.

    1. gamecreator


      I got excited just being able to connect to a friend and send bytes back and forth on Steam. Seeing actual multiplayer gameplay work must be very sweet.

    2. wayneg


      It would be nice if you were making another great tutorial.

    3. AggrorJorn


      Sorry for the tease Rick. It is so satisfying to have your code working after a few weeks.

      @wayneg: A tutorial is currently uploading.

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  5. Finally done with my thesis. More time for Leadwerks.

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    2. shadmar
    3. diedir


      congrats for your thesis such big heads around here ;)


    4. afecelis


      congrats Aggror! time to start another community project! ;)

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  6. Anybody have experience with google proto buffers? https://code.google.com/p/protobuf/

    1. Rastar


      No, I don't have practical experience with protocol buffers. but I seriously consider using it for our next Enterprise project as the body load for our web services. More structure than JSON, less complex and rigid than XML.

  7. Tutorial on project management:

    1. josk


      Never looked at GIT before, thanks for this.

    2. shadmar


      Nice tutorial on the gui tol Aggror :)


      I could do the commandline version someday, it's really alot simpler and equal between linux and windows.


      Also the power of git is really collaboration, using pull request feature ensures you master stays really clean and everything is well tested before merges.

    3. shadmar


      You also use git totally local ensuring you can roll back or branch your stuff without github or bitbucket. Kind of saves you from mistakes and stuff.

  8. Realtime cloth/fluids/gas/deformable solids http://vimeo.com/94622661

    1. DudeAwesome
    2. wayneg


      that was phat! Want

    3. SlipperyBrick


      Dayyumm son! This is what I have been waiting for! I cannot find it in the beta branch though. Do we have a timeframe for when this is gonna be available for everyone?

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  9. 26 minute lets play/first look of Dangerous Rays:

  10. Another great example of WebGL: http://www.vill.ee/eye/

    1. shadmar


      now that is a sight for sore eyes :)

    2. AggrorJorn
    3. DudeAwesome


      more fluid like in leadwerks now I guess :P

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  11. We now even have spambots replying on topics of other spambots.

    1. Einlander


      The leadwerks forum is growing up. *wipes tear from eyes*

    2. DudeAwesome


      Hey i just wanna say hi ! Look also at my einlarge your pipi blog www.bskfioeldkwlwlllf.fail :D

    3. JMichael


      Should all be gone now...

  12. I love it that the community is more active. when 3.1 is released for all platforms, we are going to see a lot of cool stuff.

    1. f13rce


      Yeah, it really got boosted since Leadwerks got on Steam. It's good to see the community growing :)

    2. DudeAwesome


      could be more active :) but I´m also just a new user since 2014

  13. just noticed the 'rate topic' option for topics in the suggestion forum. has that always been there?

  14. @GlobalGameJam Amsterdam. Anyone else participating in the GGJ?

    1. Olby


      @ScottishGameJam in Glasgow. So much fun ~200 participants. At least so they say :)

  15. welcome to Leadwerks new users. Don't hesitate to ask in the forum if you any questions.

  16. Best part of coding is when all the sudden it all works but you have no idea why.

    1. Marcus


      @Aily - Same here.

    2. AggrorJorn


      IF it gets released, I really hope it is not going to be a Steambox exclusive.

    3. paramecij


      I think you have to renew your trademark every 6 years or so in EU, so it could be just that. A more clear indicator is when a website gets registered... but fingers crossed nevertheless.

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  17. Playing some Half life 2: Episode 2 for research purposes...

    1. paramecij


      This year I've done a lot of researching. :)

    2. DigitalHax


      For science... Of course.

    3. AggrorJorn


      And it still looks fantastic.

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  18. Prepping some documentation for the release of FlowGUI Free.

    1. JMichael


      Heh, the "public code is okay rule" really spurred the release of a lot of stuff.

    2. shadmar
  19. Leadwerks tournament 2: the final day.

  20. Leadwerks Game Tournament 2 has started. Good luck everyone!

  21. Leadwerks tournament 2 theme: Elements.

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