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  1. I now have my personal Twitter account instead of just the company one. Check out my life-changing witty comments.

  2. Writing a story or base script for my new game idea...a MMOFPS with a lot of influences from Call of Duty, Bad Company 2, Call of Juarez, STALKER, Star Trek, Doom3, Quake4, and of course Prey :D

  3. AHHHhhhh I'm out of Wheat Thins. My life is over!

  4. I like some of todays games: Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 are really very good examples

  5. Just came from Amsterdam... what a city !!

  6. Preparing build to show in Italy tomorrow.

  7. Zero Hour is moving into a new phase.

  8. trying to find an anoying exception access violation. Come out come out wherever you are (you monster!))

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