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  1. final exam... still i have one lecture. i'm dying :(

    1. Josh


      The most useful strategy I found during college was to convince yourself the world will end the day after exams. There is nothing to worry about. Just focus on packing that information into your brain. Sink into the material completely and let it become your entire existence. There is nothing else. Also, review material before you go to sleep and you will memorize it in your dreams. And stay off the internet!

    2. Phodex Games
    3. ghoflvhxj


      thank you for ur advice :D

  2. i'm talk about something different you said. look this image. if i made 'link' button which parent set to 'base', general button appear. but i set 'link' button's parent to panel it appear good. no general button. i want to know how to disappear that.
  3. sorry i code at app.cpp and app.h i upload this two files. App.h App.cpp when i set btn's parent to 'gui->GetBase()' the button look wrong. but i set btn's parent to 'panel' the button look normal.
  4. I think i did what Josh said. this code make 'Link' button in scripts/menu.lua local gui = GUI:Create(context) --Create a link button GameMenu.newbutton = Widget:Button("NEW GAME",100,gui:GetBase():GetSize().y/2-60,300,20,gui:GetBase()) GameMenu.newbutton:SetString("style","Link") GameMenu.newbutton:SetAlignment(1,0,0,0) GameMenu.options = Widget:Button("OPTIONS",100,gui:GetBase():GetSize().y/2-10,300,20,gui:GetBase()) GameMenu.options:SetString("style","Link") GameMenu.options:SetAlignment(1,0,0,0) GameMenu.quit = Widget:Button("QUIT",100,gui:GetBase():GetSize().y/
  5. gui = Leadwerks::GUI::Create(Leadwerks::Context::GetCurrent()); Leadwerks::Widget* base = gui->GetBase(); btn_start = Leadwerks::Widget::Button("start", 100, 100, 100, 50, base); btn_start->SetString("style", "Link"); hi. I'm trying to make UI that will apply to my game. but, it does not work out from beginning. haha I had make simple 'Link' button. but it looks wrong. how can i fix it? I would appreciate your reply.
  6. ok, here is my code. bool Player::Pick() { //if player grab the entity, return true. if (pick_state == PICK_UP) return true; pick_state = PICK_EMPTY; pick_image = nullptr; if (!camera->Pick(context_halfwidth, context_halfheight, pickinfo)) return false; pick = pickinfo.GetEntity(); std::cout << pick->GetClassNameA() << " " << classname << std::endl; std::cout << pick->GetPhysicsMode() << " " << physics << std::endl; std::cout << pick->GetCollisionType() << " " << collision << std::endl;
  7. Hello guys. please look this video. I could not pick some entities. why?
  8. "Error: No debugger hostname supplied in command line." The output directory and working directory same directory as "$(SolutionDir)..\..\" But it still remains. I do not have a big problem working, but I want to fix it. How do i fix this erorr?
  9. Hi guys. I joined the army because Korean army is conscription. I wuold discharge after 20 months. Although I enlisted, I would not give up the dream of creating a game. See you later.
  10. Thank you Josh. Perhaps, Leadwerks Engine is there any plan to support Hangul font?
  11. Hi guys. I tried to add some font(korean) in my project a few hours ago but i didn't get good result. I think leadwerks engine doesn't surpport korean font. What can i do to use korean font?
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