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  1. 9/10 businesses fail, I'm starting to realize that 9/10 people who start businesses either don't calculate or calculate poorly.

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    2. Einlander


      be supported and you need to join the leadwerks-netwerk for a premium subscription to access the engine, that would be the end of leadwerks. Small companies need to be in the good graces of their user base/consumers. The number if call of duty, battlefield, madden, sim city, etc boycotts that result in no change are many. Big companies do this because they serve so many that the vocal fervent minority can not make a big enough dent in their profits. They know people will come to them because...

    3. BLaBZ


      Um, it's not that complicated, big companies have a lot of money to spend advertising.


    4. Einlander


      That's not advertising. That people having no choice but to buy from the people they dislike. If you like cod for its run and gun, odds are you aren't going to be buying team based battalfield or twitch based counterstrike. People have no choice but to go to them. You don't have to advertise when you have the only product of a specific niche.

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