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  1. Is Mac actually worth developing for? http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey

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    2. DerRidda


      The editor has no actual Unity dependencies except the thing that enables the global menu which is completely optional even under Ubuntu with Unity.

      I know because I've run it that way before.


      The Steam version doesn't even come with the install script that would ask for this dependency.


      It would be sad if you didn't use something you paid for under a totally false assumption.

    3. macklebee


      16% is a great improvement over the previous month that you posted that it was 6.5%. But still I will imagine that over the year it will average to less than 10%... but who knows maybe in a couple of years there will be justification to focus a lot of effort towards such a small percentage of user issues... with the hopes that if you build it, they will come sort of thing

    4. paramecij


      Well, if I can sell my game to only 0.1% of that 1.4% linux steam user base I'm practically GOLDEN!

      ... think about that, and among how many well advertised games PC users can choose to spend their money on.



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