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  1. Mind=Blown - equation to calculate intersection of an ellipsoid where the origin is not centered http://tinyurl.com/m5co6kt

    1. BLaBZ


      *intersection with ellipsoid and line

  2. BLaBZ

    The Magic Bullet

    It's been 15 days since the official launch of my first software and so far it has been an incredible learning experience. You can't predict the future, but you can learn from your mistakes, and with that I'd like to share my number one discovery. When your product releases it reaches a number of unique people who each have a unique age, position and disposition of your product. There will always be a myriad number of reasons a person might want your game or product but it's rare that this has been their dream product or something they've been following for awhile. What I've discovered
  3. RTS Creator has officially launched :) Thank you all for the support! http://store.steampowered.com/app/327490

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    2. AggrorJorn
    3. shadmar
    4. BLaBZ


      @Rick, unfortunately it doesn't use LE,

      @nick.ace, you can publish a stand alone exe

  4. Is Mac actually worth developing for? http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey

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    2. paramecij


      *1% of that user base.. anyway what i'm trying to say is that it's often easier making a success story in "under developed lands" then it is in an environment full of them..

    3. Thomas


      No mandatory unity dependencies? Oh well, guess the "I don't want Unity" excuse doesn't work anymore, then.. So it's only the "lack of time" excuse still keeping me from using it :>


      Oh actually, I'll see how well it runs on Slack right now..

    4. randomkeyhits


      If I remember correctly a game is only registered once per customer. So anyone who bought a game and used Wine to first play it would count as a Windows user for that game even if it later got released on Linux and they've now put 90% of their playtime under Linux.


      Having said that even on games released for Windows/Mac/Linux from day#1 the Mac and Linux numbers are still pretty small.

  5. Does Anyone Still use UU3D?

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    2. Rick


      Not anymore since fbx importer.

    3. nick.ace


      I still use it to fix models/UV map, and convert models between formats. I just am not a huge fan of Blender's UI.

    4. BES


      I have been using it lately to convert models from .X to .FBX for Leadwerks 3 ...its very simple..its why I like it.

  6. Just feeling so good :)

  7. Welcoming any constructive feedback! Tell me what you think! http://www.rtscreator.net/

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    2. nick.ace


      Also, I personally would put context around the download button because it kind of looks like one of the advertisement fake download buttons, so I can see some users be a little less willing to click it. Other than that though, I love the scrolling images, and I like all the other pages, especially the videos page. Good job!

    3. AggrorJorn


      I send you a pm.

    4. Guppy


      The responsive part isnt working

  8. In the midst of my late night insomnia set on by inspiration and excitement, I read the talk “AI is possible .. but AI won't happen: The future of Artificial Intelligence” by Mark Humphrys. http://computing.dcu.ie/~humphrys/newsci.html This is a great read for someone interested in the current state of AI. It’s far less impressive than someone might hope, but far more realistic. In summary, when computers were invented people generally believed we had the tools to create brilliant artificial intelligence. What we misperceived was that the simpler things, such as walking and spatial nav
  9. 3 Weeks until I leave my job and pursuit my own endeavor. I, can't, wait....

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    2. BLaBZ


      It's a lot more than just a hobby to me, I've been planning this for the last 4 years - here's the project http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=223060487

    3. Josh



    4. Haydenmango


      Awesome, congrats! Looking forward to playing some RTS Creator in the near future.

  10. BLaBZ

    Inspire your Players

    A focus that's received a lot of attention in the world of productivity has been motivation. What motivates people and how people are motivated in turn results in all of the worlds output. By boiling down motivation we can separate all types of motivation into 2 separate and opposing psychological sources. "Away from" motivation are ideas and situations a person is trying to avoid. For example, you don't have a job, you're running out of money and you're unsure how you're going to continue to put food on the table. The fear of not surviving motivates you to get a job and ensure your surviv
  11. Any support is greatly appreciated!
  12. Bring on Karōshi!

    1. gamecreator


      Here you go. They're actually fun games.



  13. This is great news! I haven't used Noesis, but based on everything I've seen it looks like you guys are on your way to becoming the Gold standard in game UI. Great work and wish the best for you guys!
  14. today we turn caffeine and pizza into software, who's with me men!

  15. Don't play by the rules, use the rules to play a different game.

    1. bandrewk


      "Break the rules. We have so many rules in life about everything. I say break the rules. Not the law, but break the rules." -Arnold Schwarzenegger

  16. BLaBZ

    Refocusing on the PC

    A quite insightful post. I wonder if this was largely due in part to the fact that Leadwerks was Greenlit which the user base primarily consist of PC users. Discontinuing mobile sounds like it's ultimately good news. You have momentum in a particular direction and now it's all about feeding that momentum. If you can dominate the PC indie game dev market segment it will then be easy to bleed into other market segments, when it could become profitable to support mobile. Impressive stuff Josh!
  17. 9/10 businesses fail, I'm starting to realize that 9/10 people who start businesses either don't calculate or calculate poorly.

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    2. Josh


      The difference is the network effect. Most people only buy what other people they know are buying. I do the same thing with tires, for example, because I just don't care enough to research it. Only a minority of people care enough about their purchase to research it and make a decision. So in the beginning it is difficult to get going, but as you gain more people it gets easier.

    3. MilitaryG


      Ok I do agree with that Josh but that's different with games.


      you won't feel the difference between tiers if you aren't feeling the ground grip on your steering wheel and on a gas pedal and on a break pedal, I do feel all 3. Majority doesn't so they won't care, ....


      While yes as games you probably won't care about game if it has good controls, ...

      but everyone will notice if game is boring.


      Like everyone will notice if tires are fl...

    4. MilitaryG


      ... tires are flat when you put them on rims.

      And everyone does that little bit of research else they wouldn't even buy it.

  18. The discrepancy between self realization and self actualization is bacon.

  19. Maintaining a full time job while working on a game makes me feel like I'm moving at a snails pace.

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    2. DudeAwesome




      redbull ftw :D


    3. Guppy


      @Aggror: going to bed early when I'm too tried to work anyway, and then getting up before the kids gives me 1-1½ hours of solid dev time on week days.


      Takes a little getting used to tho

    4. Rick


      Yep, I'm up around 5am which gives me about an hour in the mornings to work on game stuff. My kids are in bed by 8:30 which gives me about 30 mins of coding at night or so, then maybe an hour with the wife, then bed by 10ish. I haven't had caffeine in 16 years either. My body can't handle the stuff. When I hit the bed I'm out in 5 mins :)

  20. Based on what I've read Newton is deterministic. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. Josh


      Yes, that's correct.

  21. Real MSAA is f****** awesome. Aliasing has always been one of my biggest pet peeves.

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    2. BLaBZ


      @DudeAwesome does your hardware support it?

    3. YouGroove


      @BlaBZ : Stop your theory , be practical and really test the difference instead. Read that thread also very informative :




    4. YouGroove


      You can llike a lot MSAA, i would prefer cheaper old technique less GPU expensive for same result almost.

  22. Everyday I dream of coding for myself.

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    2. Naughty Alien
    3. AggrorJorn


      How is your software publishing progressing Blabz?

    4. BLaBZ


      Pretty good so far! Things are looking up, but it's hard acquiring the initial following

  23. From what I've experienced there's a huge performance boost by both not supporting prior OpenGL versions and the newer OpenGL api. Not supporting legacy means no structuring or checking for mitigation, +1 for performance. The newer api reduces latency and communication between the app and the gpu +1 for performance.
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