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  1. Just learned what variables are, I think I'm good to make an MMORPG now! =D

    1. Rick


      The worse part about MMO's is that they just don't evolve real-time. They get boring after awhile when nothing really changes. We need more MMO's that the players can affect the world.

    2. Shard


      Working on it, things to come soon.

    3. BLaBZ


      What I don't like about MMO's is the fact that your character may get better, but ultimately you don't get better at anything ^.^ I prefer games that test the reflexes or brain, Strategy or FPS baby!

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  2. BLaBZ


    Oh that was a joke, I use math libraries instead You can definitely learn stuff from smaller projects that can help you in larger ones, though the design and construction is going to be drastically different, in that case, what you learned about design for your smaller projects aren't going to help you out as much in the larger projects, Steve McConnel describes it as comparing houses to skyscrapers,
  3. BLaBZ


    I learned calculus in first grade
  4. Fantastic concept behind LE3, Last I heard the gaming industry was worth $22 bil, that's a lot of people getting hooked on video games and with that it's easy to get inspired and want to create your own. The challenge is that making video games has always required a decently steep learning curve; When kids want to start making a video game they want to start now, they don't want to learn to start, so to lower the educational curve higher the "level" ie: use Leadwerks instead of pure OpenGL. Leadwerks 3 is taking it to the "next level" by providing more simplification to accomplish typically complex tasks. Widening the current target market through cross-platform compatibility and a lowered learning curve. It makes me excited to observe the kind of progress Josh and leadwerks are making
  5. BLaBZ


    Dude, here's your gold star* here's respect because you deserve it. And thank you for being "the one" to show us what hard work truly is, without you I would be nothing. And you're right! All we talk about is how does Kevin Tillman manage his projects and set realistic goals! In fact! I suggested josh remove all other forum topics since we don't use them anyway. Sincerely Your loyal pawn BLaBZ
  6. BLaBZ


    Seriously, I've been "ATTEMPTING" to write a Real Time Strategy Game/Engine for the last 3 years no joke. This is also when I learned to code with Blitz3D, I got a basic understanding of the language and felt that I knew it pretty well, turned out a bigger and more important part was understanding program design, needless to say, 3 years and 7 revisions later I finally got it But it sucks writing 10K lines of code only to find out you made a huge major mistake in the design and you'd be better of scraping it and starting over, which if you attempt to make a game you don't have the skills to make is bound to happen... Being inspired to make games gets you into coding, if the coding itself isn't enough to get you to keep at it then you're in the wrong field
  7. BLaBZ

    Kabul Street

    Wow, that is incredible, Would you have any advice or know any tutorials that could help me improve my texturing?
  8. Has anyone ever made a complete game with leadwerks?

    1. Canardian


      Yes, but only small ones.

    2. Davaris


      I'll be able to get an RPG engine working fairly quickly, when someone finishes a path finder for LWs.


      Come on guys! :)

    3. JMichael


      Combat Helo is the one to watch for. It's looking very good.

  9. I every time i click "home" I subconsciously think it will take me to the portal....

  10. How do you plan your project?

    1. DaDonik
    2. Flexman


      State goal. List minimal features to achieve goal, talk to others and LISTEN, revise list. Identify milestones and dependancies. Stick to features, don't get distracted and don't be tempted to add more stuff (unless it's free and easy). Discipline...and coffee.

    3. Canardian


      Stresstest individual components, and then just assemble them into a game.

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  11. Is there any limit to the number of lines/ints/variables you can write to a single packet?
  12. BLaBZ


    Great! and is the netwerk mod platform dependent? Or could I create a linux host?
  13. what inspires you to program?

    1. AggrorJorn


      to create new and controversial worlds that humans can not cope with because of their immense fantasy.

    2. Sooshi


      to make a virtual tea party

    3. Rick


      To see my thoughts come to life!

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  14. LoL would you say any language satisfies you? aside from english?
  15. BLaBZ


    Still a bit new to the LE so just asking some questions, is it possible to use BMax's drawing commands? and use Blend Modes such as ALPHABLEND?!
  16. Probably a stupid question, I'm a bit of a newb(post 3 hurray!) How well does the leadwerks networking module work? Would you say well enough for an rts with hundreds of units(and no client side predicting) thx
  17. Any such thing? Is it even possible?!
  18. always playing with new toys, never getting anything done ^.^

    1. Roland


      Welcome to the club :)

    2. Alessandro


      Eheh, the story of my life... ;-)

  19. I've been writing my game with Max and miniB3d, was wondering how difficult it would be to switch engines? I've noticed there are similarities in the functions, has anyone tried this?
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