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  1. Those are just some predefined collision types. According to the docs (http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/entity/entitysetcollisiontype-r35) you can choose any value between 0 and 99. LEt me remid you that i don't own the engine and just took a quick look at the documentation, so no guarantee ^^
  2. DaDonik

    Math : AABB

    Axis aligned means they won't rotate, which makes things faster to calculate. Normally they are aligned wo the world axis, but who knows what Josh implemented.
  3. Of course it will be as good as that one! The fact that newton runs on the CPU and the demo you show runs on the GPU doesn't affect speed at all! Get a brain...or stop trolling... @ Shadmar Can't try that demo, as i don't have LE3 installed, sorry.
  4. So you now even market LE3 through my Steam profile....O.o I just saw i have and advertisment on my wall....

  5. Looks like some ppl here on the forum are confusing BSP with CSG ^^

    1. MikeClarke


      I tend to do that since a compiled map generated a bsp, yet in past use people tend to use csg subtract as csg. Since the engines i've used didn't have that feature we would distinguish map files as bsp or csg (ie CoD map = bsp, or HL2 as CSG) came in handy when working on multiple mod projects cross game :P

    2. AggrorJorn


      They are often used interchangeably, but technically their not the same thing.

  6. At least you now accept that you have serious problems
  7. I have a hard time figuring out why you posted that. Apart from posting way to much, you should also get some english lessons. Sometimes it's really hard for me to understand what you try to say. I'm sorry if you are dyslexic, but if thats the case you should simply not post that much...
  8. Damage control in action ^^

  9. It's a no for LE2 and LE3 doesn't even have dynamic shadows atm.
  10. Here some facts (real facts, not Lumojaa style ): http://www.nvidia.com/object/tegra-4-processor.html http://www.nvidia.com/object/tegra-3-processor.html
  11. Be patient guys, the more questions you ask, the longer it will take Josh to release LE3
  12. I like 3D Coat, but i can't say that it is slow. Dunno about ZBrush, but with CUDA enabled, my PC can handle 127 million polygons relatively well. Not that that much polygons are neccessary, but it can do it!
  13. The easiest way is to have two TPivot's that you use to get the desired rotation. Position one pivot right where your model is and the other at the place you want to look at. Let the first pivot point at the second one and then get the rotation from your first pivot. Now use that rotation in CalcBodyOmega and you are done.
  14. All of these full screen post effects are working on a per pixel basis, which is why the number of pixels is the most important performance factor. In the case of DOF it is always working on all pixels, so it doesn't really matter what near and far distance you set. It might be that the per pixel calculation gets more or less complicated when you change near and far distance, but that would be not a huge factor.
  15. Thats indeed good news. Now we just need a LE3 beta to play around with and get used to how things are done.
  16. Error handling in the LE2 Editor is not really existing. I would highly suggest not to use LUA with LE2 if you are new to programming. Even though i'm quite proficient in C++, i still have problems using LUA scripting. A simple typo will cause that "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION", while any C++ compiler will complain about it. Normally after the main loop a program closes. At that point the engine is already unloaded. So why are you calling ShowMouse()? =)
  17. You have to live without Framework, because Frameworks intention is to keep exactly these things away from unexperienced users.
  18. The solution is pretty simple, but not obvious if your are not used to C++. You just can't compare a char* and a string. if(GetEntityKey(entity1,"name")=="test_box") Where GetEntityKey(...) is returning a char*. One way to do it would be to convert the char* to a string and then compare the two strings: std::string strEntityName = GetEntityKey(entity1,"name"); if (strEntityName =="test_box") { ..... } if the compiler complains about the std::string, just include the string header: #include <string>
  19. EntityDistance() works on the origin of the entity, so that wouldn't be accurate with such a huge plane. Since the world is just a huge box, all you need is to check if one of the coordinates is near the size of the world in that direction. You could also make a physics box and scale it so it is more or less a plane. Then use the collision callback to free any entity that collides with it. Do that for all 6 sides and you have it. Oh and make sure the physics boxes are inside the world, otherwise it won't work.
  20. Thats not quite true, the callbacks can also be static class member functions.
  21. The character contoller code was available at some point. Sadly i can't find a link to it anymore. Maybe someone else can help out...
  22. Just a small tip: Instead of multiple calls to KeyDown(KEY_A) you could save the result in a variable and use that. bool bKeyDownA = KeyDown(KEY_A); .... if (bKeyDownA) { .... } That saves some time, because it only has to Call KeyDown(KEY_A) once. Not that it gives you much performance, but things like that add up easily, as your program evolves. Oh and there is no judgement involved, just a simple tip
  23. You can do it that way: if (KeyDown(KEY_W)) { sequence = 2; } else if (KeyDown(KEY_A)) { sequence = 2; } else if (KeyDown(KEY_S)) { sequence = 2; } else if (KeyDown(KEY_D)) { sequence = 2; } else { sequence = 1; } Or even that way (if W, A, S, D all should do the same) if ((KeyDown(KEY_W) || KeyDown(KEY_A) || KeyDown(KEY_S) || KeyDown(KEY_D)) { Sequence = 2; } else { Sequence = 1; }
  24. It's up to you to combine LE2 and RakNet in a way that suits your needs. Both of them are accessible from C++. I don't mean to be rude, but not knowing that doesn't put you in a place where you are able to make a MMORPG.
  25. I feared only LUA will have such "project managment" support. Nice to have that in C++, too! I actually aggree with metatron (doesn't happen too often ). It would make it somewhat easier for us C++ people to share libraries between projects.
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