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  1. Rest in peace Oculus, we will miss you.

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    2. gamecreator


      Doesn't it depend on the consequences? If Josh didn't have to charge anyone anything any more for updates (or even make Leadwerks free), he could hire a team to speed up production and really finish Leadwerks by the end of the year... to me that would be awesome. Of course I doubt Microsoft would get involved in any way with Linux but if it was another company...?

    3. MilitaryG


      You doubt?


      OFC it depends on consequences but thing is some of us know some companies too well that we can say beforehand what consequences will happen.


      Well actually Microsoft is always trying to make things difficult for Linux community in anyway possible.


      You can really see here Linux community pissing against the wind.

      it's 1 BIG strong hurricane.

      The only advantage we do have is numbers.


      Like I said many times I still have 300€ -...

    4. JMichael


      All the things Oculus is talking about now...virtual malls, virtual theaters. It was all tried with regular 3D graphics. Non-gamers do not care about that stuff.

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