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  1. Just bought a mechanical keyboard... Best $110 that I have ever spent.

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    2. DigitalHax


      http://images.pcworld.com/images/article/2011/10/blue-5227432.gif - this is an animation of an example of a switch type.
    3. SlipperyBrick


      It may be me being very very stupid, but ... Isn't that the way that keyboards work nowdays?

    4. DigitalHax


      Only certain (more expensive keyboards) are mechanical. Most keyboards function through the key pressing on a membrane dome which flexes and retracts.

  2. Rest in peace Oculus, we will miss you.

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    2. gamecreator


      Doesn't it depend on the consequences? If Josh didn't have to charge anyone anything any more for updates (or even make Leadwerks free), he could hire a team to speed up production and really finish Leadwerks by the end of the year... to me that would be awesome. Of course I doubt Microsoft would get involved in any way with Linux but if it was another company...?

    3. MilitaryG


      You doubt?


      OFC it depends on consequences but thing is some of us know some companies too well that we can say beforehand what consequences will happen.


      Well actually Microsoft is always trying to make things difficult for Linux community in anyway possible.


      You can really see here Linux community pissing against the wind.

      it's 1 BIG strong hurricane.

      The only advantage we do have is numbers.


      Like I said many times I still have 300€ -...

    4. JMichael


      All the things Oculus is talking about now...virtual malls, virtual theaters. It was all tried with regular 3D graphics. Non-gamers do not care about that stuff.

  3. You were not kidding... I feel sorry for your internet providers.
  4. What on earth is with all of the completely random posts in french about horoscopes in the off topic section?

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    2. DigitalHax


      Judging by how close together in time they were posted and the account similarity, it may have been a spam bot-net for website links.

    3. JMichael


      And now outlook.com is forever banned.

    4. Zellpop


      Good I didn't register with my outlook account then :)

  5. Congrats to Josh and other devs for finally releasing LE on steam! Pity the discussions have so many people creating false information attempting to discredit the engine though...

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    2. tjheldna


      Yes Congrats Josh nice work. Damn.. I re-written this so many times as I don't want to start any kind flame war here! Have decided to leave it out. Unity really has some sort of hold over people. Reminds me of when Torque was big, like a horse with there blinkers on.


      If people still cant decide I'll leave them with this... it's MUCH easier to sneak passed $100 than $1500 passed your wife, yeah just try to tell her its for shadows I dare ya =).

    3. tjheldna


      I agree with you Rick. I believe this is the kind of business where you need to be open minded about what's new and experiment with what's out there.

    4. Admin


      Except for a couple of obvious astroturfers, I think it's been pretty tame. A little debate is to be expected since it's a new approach for many people.

  6. LOVE THIS GAME! Am actually really good at it.
  7. DigitalHax


    It's unreal tournament 2004 by the looks of it. Fantastic game.
  8. IndieDB does all it's sales through the Desura Platform. Have a look there.
  9. Maybe these will show up a bit better -
  10. LE2: Thinking about an inventory for my game. Is there a way I could run it strictly through lua somehow?

    1. DigitalHax


      My main game is in CPP

  11. You would really need to see it for yourself to see the whole theme, but I am having some problems finding a good middle ground between spookiness from the blackness, and visibility.
  12. I'm working on creating some cinematic scenery in LE2 - And another one.
  13. Would be good to see a leadwerks IRC discussion forum.

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    2. beo6


      i don´t know what a IRC (Internet Relay Chat) has to do with a forum? I think more of a live-chat.

    3. Rick


      My assumption is that's what he meant. If LE could have some official IRC or I guess the community could create one too.

    4. shadmar
  14. Sick of my laptop's connection problems. 100 megabit internet and yet my laptop can barely connect for ten minutes.

    1. Road Kill Kenny
    2. DigitalHax


      Well yes, but the thing is every other device in the house can connect easily, yet not my laptop.

    3. Jason W

      Jason W

      Sounds like a driver issue with your laptop wifi module. What laptop make and model?


  15. Well i suppose this would be similar to the "what are you working on?" thread. I am currently working on an skeleton game base using the LE2 engine to eventually build a game upon. This involves a gameplay manager, sound manager, and so on.
  16. Hey all, I have recently been working with some project things, and I was looking at making projects run independent of the LE install directory, and I experienced a strange visual glitch. When running a simple terrain world I get this sort of over bumpmapping in my grass texture, but not when running the world in the editor. And something which I suspect is to do with this is in the console window, "Warning: Uniform 'screenlightposn' does not exist in shader." Any suggestions on what the problem might be here?
  17. Gameplay mechanics in leadwerks is an interesting topic. And due to the fact that leadwerks provides a quite bare bones start, gameplay is only as good as you make it. What I mean is that you can reach out as advanced as you can imagine, from the simple fact that there is no default system, thus no restrictions as how you eventually make the gameplay work.
  18. How can you get physics to work in leadwerks with custom models? Anything I export does not work with physics, only with collisions...

    1. Flexman


      I would suggest making a simple version of the mesh (basic volumes), export as an OBJ and convert to a convex hull using obj2phy (or phygen). Then you need to create a LUA script to give it some mass.


      If it is right, you are winner. If not you have to go over it all again. It's a complete arse if you have to do it dozens of times.


      Which you probably will do as your model evolves, or you need to adjust the collision mesh.

    2. DigitalHax


      Works like a charm! Thanks guys!

  19. Not to sure about this, but I felt like I had to say that that water effect looks stunning! I mean we all saw the process of shadmar's ocean shader creation, and we all know how well that turned out! I have high hopes for this!
  20. Thanks Roland! I am just experimenting with photoshop features at the moment, and I am sure I would do a lot better if I were to put more time into them!
  21. Today I found out that leadwerks can not handle 21800 X 12600 images. And apparently neither can my laptop.

    1. YouGroove


      why so big ? use tiling texture instead.

    2. YouGroove


      why so big ? use tiling texture instead.

    3. DigitalHax


      Na it's an earth texture map :D

  22. Is this convincing enough? Edit: haha I was writing braid instead of limbo always get those 2 confused
  23. I had another go at some artwork, this time directly attempting a limbo style art piece. Let me know what you think.
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