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  1. carlb

    PBR Lighting in Vulkan

    looking good you doing well now
  2. c# is comming to trubo later c++ is supported and lua right now and c# wapper for leadwerk people are doing but seem to get drop when a new version of leadwerk come out but anyway josh has said turbo will have lua c++ and c#
  3. it is a shame he took them down as they did help a lot it be nice if he come back and update them to the latest version of leadwerk as josh is now keep version 4 updated for a while and turbo is a long way away
  4. you find debug mode can slow down a lot of thing i would not worry about it just make it run as fast as you can on your machine, then you know if it run fast for you on other people machine it be faster
  5. carlb

    Asset Workflow Test

    looking good and using the zone just seem right for the char lol well done
  6. carlb

    Voxel Code

    be a while before cards are cheap to run that at the speed you need at the moment you talking of over 1 thousand pound for the rtx cards when they down to 300 pounds then it ready for games to have this feature but again this is nvidia only not AMD or intel.
  7. nice one well done
  8. carlb

    Voxel Code

    was looking interesting this, be careful of ray tracing as it take a lot gpu power and even thought the new top end card are starting to support think it be another few gen before it main stream
  9. carlb

    Leadwerks and C#

    looks interesting i will have a play later as am learning c# at the moment so this be fun to try
  10. looking good your site yes so many free site are not so good it why i have may own web server and can host my stuff and other people stuff
  11. well you do put a link to your site so yes it could be somneone from this site if you dont want that then remove your link
  12. works for me josh good luck on that. plus looking good and well done
  13. carlb

    Resizable Vulkan Window

    lol well done
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