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  1. carlb

    Shoot Simulator

    well done ,looking good and i hope you was not to scare on that day lol
  2. on windows i use Microsoft VS,.for Linux and Solaris i use gcc. and for my hardware firmware its atmel studios so a right mix right now lol
  3. dont think you going get help Kamemuppy as it only
  4. this is a old post and the script may need a big update to work with latest version of LW
  5. am sure some people would love to get your stuff and they looking good as well
  6. carlb

    Trials and Tribulations

    am sure you will sorted it out
  7. carlb

    Asset Workflow Test

    that looks good and well done am sure you sort the deceleration
  8. carlb

    Racing game

    as it default was 3840x2160 over two screen the cam was int he ground and pointing up one i went in to option and change to 1 screen max size it worked fine for me as then i could see the cars and the instruction on the screen which was not seen in the full two screen
  9. carlb

    Asset Workflow Test

    wow looks great and so smooth and love the shadow keep it up and hope you do a great game i would love to play it lol
  10. carlb

    Racing game

    in my case it was the screen res that caused problem
  11. carlb

    Racing game

    windows 10 64 bit you see my spec in the footer
  12. carlb

    Racing game

    yes it crashes for me as well all i did was move for a second was pressing w and s key to move and wow first game i've seen open both of my screen as one screen well done lol
  13. carlb

    Asset Workflow Test

    looking good and well done i love the look and style
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