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  1. sorry someone else have to help you i don't have it on any of my linux machine only on windows
  2. that font path is nothing to do with steam that ubuntu changed path with different os version as you wanting this path /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family/Ubuntu-L.ttf but you found in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu/Ubuntu-L.ttf so do the following cd /usr/shar/fonts/truetype/ ln -s ./ubuntu ./ubuntu-font-family then you have how the missing ubuntu-font-family and it point to ubuntu directory were the files are hope that helps you
  3. well path been different not going to help. not sure were in the linux leadwerks you change setting but i would make the directory and move the file or do symbolic link to the directory that should fix it
  4. carlb

    Network Test

    yue think you talking about the phyic and stuff you had problem if you update to 4.6 beta you get the latest fix from josh that does josh this is looking good
  5. carlb

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    i would say what make and model of monitor you have, as your screen shots dont say much about it, but 1024x768 native seem very low spec when you monitor is 1080p spec and that not 4k
  6. carlb

    Some bugs

    i remember josh say new feature for 4.6 is out so i went to beta to get but never show 4.6 this is when josh said it still show 4.5 but if you have the feature you have 4.6 plus never seen it say 4.6 but josh can answer that. but i think 4.6 still has a lot of stuff to fix and feature missing
  7. carlb

    Some bugs

    4.6 beta will still say 4.5 if you got steam set to beta you have 4.6
  8. carlb

    Sound Sources performance heavy?

    i think you still need to make a example and code for josh to check and remember openal was not for xfi to start with and most sound chip support. the big problem with openal it not been update for a long time and it been forked http://openal-soft.org/ as no one is keep the main code uptodate this the the reason for the fork
  9. carlb

    Full screen no working 4.6 :(

    have test on my multscreen setup and your test program works on my machine mine are two 1080p screen and only one is primary which is were the program open on
  10. Josh will want a model to help him fix the problem
  11. think you have to say more on how it broken as the latest had a lot of fixes so show josh how it broken and give him a sample of the model with the problem to get it fixed
  12. carlb

    Vehicle moving problem (LE 4.5)

    there a linux teamviewer am sure there was a liunx logmein but that was a while back there other remote access program around on Linux that just as good
  13. carlb

    Vehicle moving problem (LE 4.5)

    josh you you should have open a port on your firewall to point to port 22 of the Linux box then you could ssh in this is how my box are setup, but dont use default 22 on the firewall use a different port
  14. carlb

    Realistic Penumbras

    that looking real good nice one
  15. carlb

    Fully Functioning Stats & Skills Screen

    that look so nice and well done on the coding marathon, i know sometime you think why am doing this but with result like that it worth it well done