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  1. wow i want to have a go at that can not wait to see it all done and working nice one
  2. am told you can, what the problem you having as am sure josh would like to know
  3. josh said not templates need to be done for a lot of pages from new forum update so hope it done sooner then later
  4. been done a few time but the problem is bandwidth and not everyone got the bandwidth that this type of service need.
  5. great to hear so newton is the problem again wish there a way to use different physic engine if you want but as long it fix i be happy thanks
  6. have just tested on my setup and 4.6 properties on win10 64bit is fine so even it the memory size may be cause problems for you Yue i not sure win7 would be the problem but if i get time i test
  7. arr or then first get a 550 or 600w true psu you lucky the psu does not blow if you pull more then what it can do
  8. 550 power supply should be fine sometime motherboard pci-e on some motherboard have bug and need new bios to make graphic card to work the graphic card can work with out the pci-e power supply they need the power when you start doing game that push the graphic card i know that some board can support both the onboard and external graphic. or go in the bios and diable the internal graphic Select the option in Advanced BIOS Features -> Chipset Feature -> On-Chip VGA. if on reboot it does not work you can reset the bios. check the manual for the board
  9. may be a setting in the bios. as i dont know msi bios sorry . i worked for foxconn in the past so know there bios a lot more there was a option to look for external card. you may want to check msi site for graphic card support to see if they tested and passed or not
  10. this is your board spec https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/880GME43/Specification you have 1 x ide port 5 x sata port so you good later to add more disk cpu spec was good but very old now days so look very slow to what out there now but it a good platform for you and as i said get you game going and sell you be happy the board use a good chipset the build in graphic are long in the tooth but this type of board i still use for my media center machine that i've had for 10 years so like i said good platform
  11. the price of ssd are going down all the time what you want is a 250gb ssd for the os and a 1tb harddisk for data this way you get a fast boot up and main data(bigfile) are not on the boot disk anyway hope you you start to sell you game make a little money to buy new hardware
  12. the answer to you question is yes there ide to sata adapter they cheap but from the look of that board you have ide connector there but it be worth you getting a new sata harddisk or an ssd when you can
  13. looking good and well done
  14. if memory stick are different not match pair you get problem and yes some memory test software do not work and other are better memtest86+ is a good one to try the other problem is now day the memory controller is in the cpu and if the paste on the cpu is old you get temp problems even if the cpu say temp ok a spot on the chip is not . so worth taking off the heatsink and clean up thge old paste and add new paste this help a lot. old psu can cause problems as they stop giving a nice clean power line to the motherboard and clean all the dust out as well the biggest killer of computer lol
  15. always check you hardware first blue screen normal from hardware 90% of the time do a memory test first harddisk then cpu.
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