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  1. Hello, I have a problem using Blitzmax and Leadwerks with the build-mode "Threaded Build". Because the Blitzmax compiler can't compile in this mode if i'm importing leadwerks.engine. I tried to using threads in c# and it works fine with leadwerks, it seems like its an blitzmax issue. Is that an knowing issue which can't be solved or is there a possibility to solve this problem?
  2. Well i think my PC is good enough for it... look at my signature!
  3. Hey, whats the best program, to create big maps for LE? The Sandbox Editor isn't compatibel with big maps.... If i put all around on the map roads, and try to rebuild them, the Editor says "Not enough memory" I cant work with this... Can someone offer me an better Editor?
  4. Im talking about this: This grey wall. Sorry for my damn bad english
  5. I know this, but what is with the view distance of the terrain?
  6. Sorry, if you dont understand me. I mean the view distance in the editor is very low... I can't see far. I hope someone can help me.. I cant work with this settings. If you have an 8k x 8k big map, and you can't see the whole map, this is terrible...
  7. Hello, how can i see more in the Editor? I have a gray wall, and the max create dist. is about 1k.... Someone can help me please?
  8. Hello, i have a question. I have a animated DirectX Mesh, and i want to know, if its possible to export this file to gmf with all animations. Or how i need to do this? Thank you
  9. Very nice, i love it. You think about it, to share it with us?
  10. @Josh: I know it, but i always used all Layers... And i want to have more Layers to make my Island looking much better. 1. The first is the base, this is a sand texture, 2. then i have one with grass, 3. one with brown ground texture 4. and one for the hills, 5. and the last texture is concrete for the city. So, but i want to add more texture layers, to make it looking much better. Please is there any possibility to add more layers? I worked for 3 weeks on my Island and now to make a new one? Please dont let me do this.... I need to start to programm the game..
  11. So, its not possible to have more texture layers, right?
  12. The Rigs of Rods Engine looks very fine. Is it hard to import it to Leadwerks?
  13. Hey, i want to ask you, if this is possible with Leadwerks at the moment? The Car destruction looks so genius, i love it. Or will this be possible with LE3?
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