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    Very cool demo Daimour and Aily, runs pretty smoothly too. Couldn't resist pressing the self destruct button in the end ... great fun
  2. Very impressive Franck, and the addition of (you know who ) to your team should make a big impact too! Looking forward to seeing where your combined talents take you.
  3. CPD: Help is now at hand Evidence has been steadily rising regarding this internet phenomenon but until recently it was not regarded as a genuine condition. However, a huge study recently carried out by the Society (of) Professional American Medics concluded that CPD or Compulsive Posting Disorder is indeed a real condition with one in a hundred internet users exhibiting symptoms of one degree or another. Although their initial findings are advisory only, if you recognise these symptoms in yourself then you are now advised put your keyboard beyond use and to seek medical help at the e
  4. Best of luck Chris, sounds like a great opportunity.
  5. Good luck with the rest of your course and your graduation traineeship, seems like only yesterday that you started!
  6. Very cool AI Evayr, looking forward to seeing more of this.
  7. I love the X series. The feeling of immersion you get playing their games is immense! This simply looks bigger and better
  8. Great video Franck, very atmospheric. I love the ground mist!
  9. Sounds great Franck. Great to see you still working on this and making good progress, screen shots look really good!
  10. Some things in life never change ... there are those who do and those who don't ... and the irony is that it's inevitably those who don't who criticise the most. Anyone who entered the competition and managed to complete a mini game in just one week deserves respect. The fact that they have highlighted possible issues with the game engine too is an added bonus. Kudos to you Aggror ... innovative entry (the winning one in my estimation) and interesting blog.
  11. @ Rick I liked the basic idea and the level design, way too much specular though imo. Nice touch with the fire and the spell casting but really too little to give a real sense of playing a game although plenty of evidence of obvious underlying game mechanics. I had real problems with collision too, easily fell through the level in many places so not sure what was going on there. None of the crashes others have reported though. Great foundation for a simple RPG type game. @ Aggror This has all the feel of a real game, simple but nicely implemented. Impressive.
  12. Some nice content for sure ... thanks for the link YouGrove
  13. The whole question of EKI One is somewhat academic now as Artificial Technology no longer exist having been bought out by the Masa Group and their team dismantled. They retained some of the key developers and company founders to integrate aspects of it's technology into the Masa product range. Although the product is still for sale, EKI One is no longer being developed or supported and hasn't been for some time. This I believe shows a complete lack of understanding of what the EKI One product is capable of and the exceptionally good tool sets it contains. I'm sorry to say that you
  14. Absolutely, for the current user base of LE3 surely this is where the focus needs to be.
  15. Well I do, and I agree with Dan. This is just you exercising content control over your editor whilst criticizing Sony for exercising content control over their console!
  16. How true this is, however, I wouldn't let it concern you as this realisation, combined with determination to put in the hours required to wear this hat effectively, is really what becoming a successful Indie developer is all about. Too many people these days want everything done for them and totally misunderstand the scope of Indie game design; which is great because it means those prepared to remain open minded and open to hard work and knowledge/technique acquisition eventually rise out of the masses and go on to do great things. An interesting read Mike, I wish you well on your jo
  17. Cassius is right. You appear to want Josh to write the games for you so all you have to do is modify them. As people have pointed out including Josh, why would he want to do this when countless people would want different templates .. it's a no win situation! He's written an engine so people can design games themselves, not have him write them for them. If you really want to write original games then learn the skills or team up with those that have them. There really is no other way! Otherwise, if all you want to do is mod games then find an existing modifiable game and add your loo
  18. There is an alternative ... put the money upfront and go to the Jobs Board and advertise for someone with the capability to make the game for you!
  19. Can always rely on you to come up with the goods Aggror, simple but polished ... nice start to a mini game! My only suggestion at the moment is to add a frame around the hit strength progress bar, maybe graduated, to give some idea of what strength is being selected.
  20. Leadwerks and Masa Life get included in the 5 tools from GDC 2013 which will have a Big Impact on Game Dev this year: Article
  21. I think disillusioned is the better word, but hey, that's all past history now. I've moved on and couldn't be more happy with my new situation But to get back on topic ... YouGroove ... you do talk way too much, often deviating so far from your original point that your audience has lost the will to live by the time they have read it. The general consensus is right imo ... expend your energy on making games instead. It's a win win situation for you and everybody else.
  22. Sorry to have to correct you Cassius but I only joined their forum on March 1st and licensed it a few days later, maybe their use of American date format misled you.
  23. What's excellent about it ... I think Josh is playing the old gypsy cup trick here with all the price changes and no one can see the wood for the trees. For an existing LE2 user no price reduction on upgrading to just the Windows version! So that's a big thank you to all your previous LE2 windows only developers. But wait, it gets better. What about those who bought LE2 on the basis that Josh promised it would be cheaper to do that and upgrade than buy just LE3 new. Well they really got hit because it just cost them $200 more to get LE3 base than a new user. You can do the rest of
  24. Can recommend that too having used it before!
  25. Just a suggestion but if it's so easy why don't you do the tutorial/video? Would be good practice in LE3 for you.
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