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  1. asm.js is only 2x slower than C, so today it's as fast as NaCL was 18 months ago & it has DOM access, back compat. and no proprietary APIs. A game engine writen in c++ using emscripten running in a js vm would == a totally hackable engine. javascript is running at the same speeds as .net/java. i havn't wrapped my head around this yet but it is exciting. i wonder how long it will be before we see this architecture in the wild.

    1. Marcus


      I love javascript. I prefer C/C++ style programming. Lua is a great little language, but burns my eyes when I look at the syntax.

    2. ChrisMAN


      It burnt my eyes for a whlie too. After 5000 loc I think I am over it now. There is always http://moonscript.org/

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