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  1. A repl would be a really nice touch for the script editor

  2. ok. debug off. vsync off. i ran around in the main room for like 5 minutes and started with 100fps and ended with 60fps smells like a leak.
  3. There is something kind of off where it is feeling artificially choppy. I am running off of a nvidia 670 ftw and am getting 40-50 fps. Something is definitely wrong unless this is supposed to supersede The Witcher 2.
  4. standarized ini format created by owner of github. expect a c implimentation before long. https://github.com/mojombo/toml

    1. Rick


      This is already done it's called xml :)

  5. ruby 2.0 is released! yay!

  6. Preorder Watch Dogs on ps4 for 100 clams. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BI83EVU/ -- ouch

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    2. YouGroove


      Impossible, or they will loose lot of market specially with agressive game prices of Ouya and SteamBox, Nvidia shield. Strange ? And the game is just Assasin Creed modernised with environment interactions, nothing totally new.

    3. paramecij


      the price is just a safe bet or a place holder.. see at the bottom :)

    4. knocks


      Australian prices.

  7. If they offer a digital back catalog for games like Grandia, Lunar, and the other JRPGs I am sold.
  8. This is the best concise article i have read on gcc, its tools, and make. http://www3.ntu.edu.sg/home/ehchua/programming/cpp/gcc_make.html

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    2. Pixel Perfect
    3. ChrisMAN


      pixel - team build is worthless and only works well with ms products. their new workflow system is total rubish. team build adds about 20 different arbitrary build steps during a ms build task it is quite hilarious.

    4. ChrisMAN


      if you had to do it you would start with team build you would start here. https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Team+Foundation+Server+Plugin

  9. Josh will you expose LuaJITs ffi package to LE3? It should just work out of the box but le does something funny i don't understand. I consider ffi to be superior workflow to creating bindings in many cases.
  10. When the JIT can figure it out lua is very fast. I know for a fact that i have gotten burned by simple things like exiting a function early. Microbenchmarks put it at 70-80% native C. I would be curious to see what the lua profiler says. https://gist.github.com/perky/2838755
  11. I have been horsing around with sdl and the likes trying to figure out how this stuff works. Here is to hoping for abandonment.
  12. blender 2.66 is out, much improvement to sculpting

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    2. fumanshoo


      I really like the dynamic topology!

    3. ChrisMAN


      yup its not too bad. this in combination of the 2.65 poly reduction modifier not modifying uvs should be a good combo

    4. fumanshoo


      Yeah. I started playing with the snake hook sculpt tool and the collapse short edge. It came out really well. I think you are talking about the "decimate modifier". Probably my favorite tool because I hate spending an hour retopologizing things. I really wish I could compare the sculpting to Zbrush, but I haven't had the chance to use Zbrush yet...

  13. i dont get how you were able to blend 2 materials. can you reiterate how you did that? very cool stuff.
  14. asm.js is only 2x slower than C, so today it's as fast as NaCL was 18 months ago & it has DOM access, back compat. and no proprietary APIs. A game engine writen in c++ using emscripten running in a js vm would == a totally hackable engine. javascript is running at the same speeds as .net/java. i havn't wrapped my head around this yet but it is exciting. i wonder how long it will be before we see this architecture in the wild.

    1. Marcus


      I love javascript. I prefer C/C++ style programming. Lua is a great little language, but burns my eyes when I look at the syntax.

    2. ChrisMAN


      It burnt my eyes for a whlie too. After 5000 loc I think I am over it now. There is always http://moonscript.org/

  15. If what i remember hearing is correct you can attach post processing directly to the camera.
  16. is anyone using sublime text for c++ projects?

    1. Roland


      Whats 'sublime' text ?

    2. ChrisMAN


      its a text editor http://www.sublimetext.com/. i have been trying to get used to codeblocks but the lack of modal editing is killing my productivity.

  17. one of an near infinate number of reasons why javascript is the future for game scripting languages. http://asmjs.org/spec/latest/ seriously in a few years lua will be no where near the best choice.

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    2. ChrisMAN


      I still dont think js is the best choice at this very moment. I am watching carefully. Follow the mozilla research team and the authors of languages that compile to javascript. There is something to this stuff.

    3. Rastar


      MS isn't trashing .NET in general, just where you have to get close to the hardware (OS, mobile). And Javascript is available in all layers by now - databases talk it (like MongoDB), servers talk it (node.js) and of course the client (browser). Maybe Lua has an important place in game engine, but outside that you can hardly get around Javascript.

    4. ChrisMAN


      @Thomas i am far from a javascript fanboy. I do feel that everyone in tech has a responsibility to weigh their options and make the best bet on what tech to invest your time into. If you have more insight in to what the future holds I would gladly hear it.


      I got burned recently by some on unoptimized scripting code this last week and much to my surprise there is a lint for js that solves it. I think that is pretty neat. I havn't found much in the way of lua documenting how...

  18. I would be very interested in hearing if any one has gotten free type integrated with leadwerks 2.5.
  19. I don't know much about opengl but once i started thinking of buffers as an array of memory addresses on the video card things started to make more sense. When you copy from the buffer you are still just copying memory addresses so if you modify the buffer after a copy, the copy is affected as well. Here is the trick to get the transparent buffer: SetBlend(1) SetColor(Vec4(0,0,0,0)) ClearBuffer() in summary set the color before clearing the buffer. the buffer's background will inherit the current color.
  20. yes that is what i was doing. my gui framework i wrote handled it so i don't have a nice clean snippet of how to do it. create a full sized buffer copy the color buffer use DrawImage to draw just copied texture to the backbuffer *protip be mindful of your color during this whole thing. it is much like setworld. if you don't manage it... it will manage you!!! as far as positioning goes i positioned everything using left, right, top, bottom. right and bottom subtracted the width of the element to that it could cleanly snap to the side/bottom of an element. again the gui tool i wrote handle this for me. i also used a combination of horizontal/vertical centering for things that would go in the middle of the screen. i find using these relative coordinates solves the majority of ui issues. if you can't get that to work i can cook something up.
  21. I had been using leadwerks buffers to downsample eveything. I havn't tested the extremes though :| I could see it falling apart after 30%
  22. there is a pattern from functional programming called partial application which is kind of interesting for message handlers
  23. I have considered a no internets rule until i finish a song. Not keeping up with music has been one of my biggest regrets. You don't wan t to go longer than 3 years. It is been 5 for me and it kills.
  24. if open_source.repo_url != 'github' || 'bitbucket' then !!FAIL();

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    2. Rick


      failing is FAIL :)

    3. ChrisMAN


      i tried downloading the source for openal today and the creative labs repo has been down for a long time. if you maintain an open source library you need to host it on a distributed version control system on a reliable server. its free so what is the point?

    4. ChrisMAN


      google code is ok too

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