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  1. I think I'm running the beta branch. Just a moment and I will check (away from my development machine). UPDATE - Confirms that Leadwerk is installed as Beta and had the same problem that was resolved with downgrading the VC runtime. BR Eirik
  2. Checked the versions involved and noticed that I have installed 14.0.24215 while the link gives me 14.0.24212. Removed the once I had installed (both 32 and 64 bit) and installed the ones from the link (14.0.24212) both 32 and 64 bit. Restarted and still it will install the VC but now i keeps the 14.0.2412 editions and debug works! Not sure where the 24215 have been updated from but will keep an eye on the version if this occurs again. BR Eirik PS - from the log I can see that it was in the step before initlizing lua it stopped : Executing "C:\Users\eirik\Documents\Leadwerks\P
  3. Hi This is all that is in the Output tab on the script editor : Executing "C:\Users\eirik\Documents\Leadwerks\Projects\rock\rock.debug.exe"... And yes I have Visual Studio Professional 2015 installed on the same computer. Something else that I have noticed is that every time I start the leadwerks editor, it installs the VC redist on the PC. Regards Eirik
  4. Switched of the firewall but still the same problem. What should i be looking for (tested first with allowing all TCP and UDP and then switched of the firewall entirely with the same result) ? If there is a specific port that is use I could verify that one. BR Eirik
  5. One more thing I noticed. If i go to the folder and execute the <projectname>.debug.exe it starts without any problems. Any tips for getting more information from the start of the program in debug mode from Leadwerks editor ? Currently it just hangs right after the initiation and no more logging is done after telling that is is starting the project. BR Eirik
  6. Hi After upgrading to 4.3 I have problems with starting the project in debug mode. Release mode works fine. This occurs on the Windows edition and it is the step in the startup that should display this warning about beeing in debug mode (same project using linux works in both debuig and release mode). No message is displayed and the project is hung until the stop button is pressed. I'm using windows 10 with Nvidia (drivers updated today). Leadwerks have been removed and setup from scratch to check this to (project is a new one). BR Eirik
  7. Had same issues here with the Sci-Fi texture packs. Works perfectly now. Thanks !
  8. Hi I have earlier had problems with download and tested now with the beta (updated today). Still have issues with some items : Downloading Workshop item "674104688". Error: Item state says it's not downloaded. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Downloading Workshop item "674105752". Error: Item state says it's not downloaded. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Error: Failed to download Workshop item. Downloading Workshop item "639909514". Error: Item state says it's not downloaded. Error: Failed to download Workshop item.
  9. Hi tjheldna How are You doing with this package ? Saw on the forum at Noitom that there where some issues with the build quality (mostly complaining about the wiring). Have You any impression of this ? I'm currently using Ipisoft which I find ok but limited in some actions (like fighting using high kicks etc. I'm 45 and not too flexible and still I outperforms the limitations of the software....). Looking into The Captury too but I got some feedback about that they are going to change their price model and licensing in may. Captury are quite expensive since it is a subscription softwar
  10. Looks like a nice package ! Have been watching this company since I came across the kickstart information. Have looked into this package compared to the IPI Soft package (which I have a basic license for + 4 PS eye's and 2 kinnect sensors) and The Captury's package. For my next investment I think I will go for a package like this. My impression is that it requires less calibration and have fewer (second to none) problems with occlusion (some drifting but that is in long sequences and I'm just looking for short captures). Hoping You can share some experiences with this package. //Ei
  11. Hi I would go for a complete removal of the lua interpreter if You are not going to use it. BR Eirik
  12. Hi Tested this some more and create a test project whith some mixed actions. 1 cube created and controlled in cpp 1 cube created and controlled in the App.lua script 1 cube created designtime and controlled from attached lua script Uploaded the project here http://nesje.priv.no/TestCppLua.zip Hope this can help (I got some ideas testing this myself ) Regards Eirik
  13. Hi I have not tried to mix CPP and LUA that much but I think the problem is that you start the main.lua script and initiate a window with no camera since it is not defined in the map. The one you creates is added before the main.lua script have initated the world etc (I could not get this working unless I moved the create camera to after the execution of the main.lua script. The problem with calling the main.lua is that it enters a loop waiting for closing the window or esc is pressed. I you still want this lua connection I had better results adding a app.lua script with a start and lo
  14. OK, could not go to sleep without testing this ..... Works perfect !! Had to search a bit for the optionspanel but once I found it and added the suggested settings, all problems with the formatting gone. Thanks a lot ! //Eirik
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