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  1. cassius


    Running games in game launcher presents a problem when they end. Three options appear on the screen which you can click on. The problem is there is no mouse pointer visible so its difficult to close the game. Good coding should provide more than one way of ending a game, such as a key press. Or is it just my machine that has a problem?
  2. cassius

    problem with spotlight

    The lights work fine in my other project, so maybe its beacause the room is too small. I will try placing a box in the room and then place the light in the box position.. Sometimes its difficult to judge if a light is actually In the room. Thanks for reply.
  3. cassius

    problem with spotlight

    I have placed a spotlight in a small room and moved it around and up and down but can.t get it to show any light. Should I change the range or angle or what? Anyone help?
  4. cassius

    Good genre to start with?

    All the advice given above is true but to go further you will have to learn SOME programming.
  5. cassius

    Buying leadwerks

    I have had leadwerks for some years. I did not know of an enterprise edition. I have pro edition which can use lua script or c++ or a mixture of the two. The standard version uses only lua script. The current stable version is 4.5 but beta versions are available on steam.
  6. cassius

    new material editor

    boundingboxsofware have a new free app for editing/creating materials. only Got it five minutes ago but it looks good. Its called materialize..
  7. cassius

    How did you get into game dev?

    you are right. I forgot about poke.
  8. cassius

    How did you get into game dev?

    The Commodore 64 had a built in BASIC language which had no graphics commands, not even 2d. You had to use assembly language to get graphics. I never figured that out but took to using c language. This pc had no curly brackets keys but substitutes were found..I moved on to an Atari st which was good for its time.
  9. cassius

    Why Isn't Leadwerks More Popular?

    What happened to yue? Did he go off to Mars?
  10. cassius

    Issue importing FBX

    Don't worry I am 94 and still keep going
  11. cassius

    Issue importing FBX

    Have you got the visual c++ redistributables?
  12. cassius

    Issue importing FBX

    Have you got the visual c++ redistributables?
  13. cassius

    Issue importing FBX

    This is a strange one. There are different versions of fbx but the models you mention should convert. For what its worth , there is a mdl format available for blender. Not sure where.
  14. cassius

    How did you get into game dev?

    I learned BASIC language first then moved on to Pascal and then onto the c language. Started using blitz 3d and then on to leadwerks .1.0.
  15. cassius

    How did you get into game dev?

    I too started by learning basic language and then moved on to c after studieinng a book called @The c programming language. I made text only adventure games with a program called @ The Quill."