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  1. Thanks for reply.
  2. I apologise if I have missed this but is it intended to add c++ definitions and examples to the new api?
  3. Can you use getdistance instead of a raycast?
  4. I have large pools in my game. I suppose you could just make them smaller, like puddles in terrain editor.
  5. If you google this question you will find examples in c and c++. I just did so. Good hunting.
  6. Sounds like your graphics are not up to speed. I had to upgrade in orfder to run le 4.3 some time ago.
  7. Don't really understand the question. Isn't a polymesh intended for enterable buildings.
  8. I think you change character angle in properties of character ( in editor under physics) EDIT: You can do it in code too.
  9. Thanks for replies.
  10. Hi When I close down the editor I get a dialogue that asks if I want to save a screenshot.Not sure how I got this but its a real nuisance having to click on delete all the time.Anyone know how I can get rid of it?
  11. Found a backup which recues the situation. Looks like its not too difficult to corrupt the editor. All I did was load up my project and then click on "new" to take a look at someone elses map problem( on the forum)
  12. After looking at another project in the editor I reloaded my main project only to find that the terrain base texture and all my models are gone. In the assets column my models are there but under "scene" they are gone. Any ideas?
  13. try rotating the directional light.
  14. Creating mountain barriers around the edges of a map is one way of stopping characters from falling off edge. I prefer water around edges so my terrain is a large island.'In real life if you w alk out into the sea far enough you may be in trouble. In my game you fall off edge of map if you venture too far out to sea. I am happy with that and anyway a ring of mountains looks unreal.
  15. Very impressive. You can tell that terrain is not based on uk terrain. Looks very Australian.