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  1. I am a somewhat shaky c++ coder but that looks simple enough even to me.
  2. Thanks for suggestions. I am trying makehuman and will vheck out the others.
  3. Seems to be working now. Thanks for reply.
  4. I will try that. I only have mousewheel control at the moment.
  5. Reinstalling made no difference. Anyone else had this problem???
  6. I just ran the editor and find I have no movement. Pressing "w" or "s" does nothing. Is there a way out of this problem?
  7. After creating a blank project I remove all the files in the Source folder and replace them with files from pre updated project. This works but I lose any lua connection and the menu.
  8. I am discovering the limitations of a third person adventure game when you are using purchased models with not a wide enough variety of animations.I have no experience in animations. Is there any free anim software out there that's easy to use??
  9. Are you referring to the latest blank template in the project manager? I tried that but could not figure where to put my own code. My c++ experience is limited.
  10. Can you show us the script or more info?
  11. For me the great thing about Le4 is the clean, consistent and easy to remember Api functionality. Other engines are more complex in that redard.
  12. Crouch works fine in my c++ project. The project pre-dates le 4.4 but I have updated it with no problems.
  13. Josh has said that le 4 will still be available to buy.I hope this comes true. le 2 was not much protected when le 3 came out. I still have a copy but cannot find the api examples. Not tooo worried about le 2 though as I love le 4. Will I buy le 5? Hurry up Josh I am 93 years old now.
  14. You can learn lua in a few sessions. Took me months to learn c++ and I am still not advanced at it. Also you get more help on the forum with lua.
  15. You could get a sound editing app like Audacity (free) and make a faster version of your sound.