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  1. cassius

    The Zone

    just create a new map in the editor.
  2. The small examples in the api seem to be all there is in c++.Version 3 of le had some examples by aggror jorn which were usefull but may need adjusting for le 4.6. if they are still around.
  3. There is a follow function in the api. Would that do it?
  4. I too use cpp and although a bit shaky in understsnding classes I managed to make a couple and all is going well .I like your post.
  5. I use visual studio 2017 because I thought it was the only option with windows le. With le 2x I used codeblocks. I hated vs at first but now its kinda grown on me.
  6. cassius


    No tutorials is ok providing the api examples are enough to get a beginner started. Gameplay coding comes easy to me, but not setting up code.
  7. aggrors source code for first person camera and also third person camera still runs ok on my machine without alteration.
  8. cassius

    thread titles

    I recently tried to post a thread on a blender forum but at first it would not accept my post because the title was not specific enough. I was not too pleased at this but it later occurred to me that its good for the search engine if the yitle of your post describes the problem rather than just putting "I need help"
  9. I too have been mystified by this blank project problem. I replace all the default source files and substitute my own files but if I use the default files instead where do I start to enter my own code?
  10. I left school aged 14 and got a job in a butchers shop , but it hasn't stopped me from writing games in both c++ and lua.Not commercialy but just a hobby.
  11. Aggror wrote a series of c++ tutorials for le 3.1. One of them still works fine on my pc. Not sure where to find them though.
  12. I tried to use the camera create example in the api using c++ but I get errors.visual studio does not like the word Leadwerks it seems.I know the example has no real errors so where am I going wrong? My project is new and up to date. Leadwerks::Window* window = Leadwerks::Window::Create();
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