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  1. This situation did not exist 6 months ago, I could download drivers in 20 minutes.
  2. Iwanted to download latest nvidia drivers yesterday but the download time was 2 days, s0 I tried again today and it said 8 hours download time. Anyone else having this problem in last few months?
  3. Deleting Leadwerks cfg file solved this problem.
  4. Model editor crashes when I double click on object in asset panel.Error dialog says "Assert failed". Reinstalling le made no difference.
  5. I get this message "assert failed" when I try to ivoke the model editor followed by a crash of le. Any help?
  6. yeah a blank project is the way to go with c++ try replacing the files in the source folder with some frpm api
  7. As far as I know it will not run on windows 10.
  8. cassius

    re daz studio

    Never mind , I found out elsewhere.
  9. cassius

    re daz studio

    Hi Is daz studio worth downloading? I already h ave Blender etc.
  10. you could probably use ultimate unwrap to convert to mdl.
  11. yeah I have been here since version 1 of le. Had loads of help in that time.
  12. My new character model looks black in the editor. All the textures are not visible. This has happened before a long time ago and I cannot remember how I fixed it. Can anyone help?
  13. I loaded a new character in code but there was a runtime error. Removving the character solved the problem ( for now ) and I am just about to try again.The character is a mounted knight from arteria 3d. There was no error in my c++ code.
  14. getfileinfo failed ( 15) I get this message when I run or debug project in editor. There are no errors in visual studo. Anyone help?
  15. I juast placed a model in the editor. The gizmo was there d but not the model. I then discovered that the model was way up in the sky. How can I fix this???
  16. I had forgotten this thread.It was about le 2. Its the follow function along with point that makes enemy follow main character.
  17. I always use polymesh option for enterable buildings. I have a huge castle model tht works fine.. interesting though, thanks.
  18. I don't understand. Why create basic shapes when there are physics options in the model editor. Or am I missing something?
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