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  1. cassius

    re daz studio

    Never mind , I found out elsewhere.
  2. cassius

    re daz studio

    Hi Is daz studio worth downloading? I already h ave Blender etc.
  3. you could probably use ultimate unwrap to convert to mdl.
  4. What graphics card do you have?
  5. yeah I have been here since version 1 of le. Had loads of help in that time.
  6. My new character model looks black in the editor. All the textures are not visible. This has happened before a long time ago and I cannot remember how I fixed it. Can anyone help?
  7. I loaded a new character in code but there was a runtime error. Removving the character solved the problem ( for now ) and I am just about to try again.The character is a mounted knight from arteria 3d. There was no error in my c++ code.
  8. getfileinfo failed ( 15) I get this message when I run or debug project in editor. There are no errors in visual studo. Anyone help?
  9. I juast placed a model in the editor. The gizmo was there d but not the model. I then discovered that the model was way up in the sky. How can I fix this???
  10. cassius


    I had forgotten this thread.It was about le 2. Its the follow function along with point that makes enemy follow main character.
  11. I always use polymesh option for enterable buildings. I have a huge castle model tht works fine.. interesting though, thanks.
  12. I don't understand. Why create basic shapes when there are physics options in the model editor. Or am I missing something?
  13. whichever way you do it you need to set the physics to polymesh ( in model editor and then select model and go into scene panel and make the pysics scene mode etc.
  14. cassius

    The Zone

    just create a new map in the editor.
  15. The small examples in the api seem to be all there is in c++.Version 3 of le had some examples by aggror jorn which were usefull but may need adjusting for le 4.6. if they are still around.
  16. There is a follow function in the api. Would that do it?
  17. I too use cpp and although a bit shaky in understsnding classes I managed to make a couple and all is going well .I like your post.
  18. I use visual studio 2017 because I thought it was the only option with windows le. With le 2x I used codeblocks. I hated vs at first but now its kinda grown on me.
  19. cassius


    No tutorials is ok providing the api examples are enough to get a beginner started. Gameplay coding comes easy to me, but not setting up code.
  20. aggrors source code for first person camera and also third person camera still runs ok on my machine without alteration.
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