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  1. I don't know, it's you the admin lol, I cannot edit my Rank in Edit Profile 😅
  2. Once you know what entity is the hand bone, I would use SetParent to make the weapon as child (and set offset local position) to set its position only once instead of repositioning it in each UpdateWorld call. If you're using LUA then I would suggest to have a public string property to store the name of the hand bone (you could even think to store names as hierarchy tree, for example "Spine/Chest/Right Arm/Hand" and then splitting by "/" to get it if your model has two entities "Hand" instead of "Hand R/Hand L") and one vector3 property to store the offset local position for the weapon (since
  3. Heya guys (whoever knows me from very long time ago, and whoever as well), I just re-downloaded LE for the sake of curiosity and to brush up my C++ :)

  4. ZioRed

    Shifting focus

    Yeah I remember those complaints as well, never really interested in those since I was hobbyist at that time and my goal was just to approach to gamedev and C++ (I remember how happy I was when I finished my very first prototype "Archery" for a community contest) Oh well, I totally missed it, the "The Engine" list is something interesting (above all the first line) and for sure I'll look forward to the new versions as they come.
  5. ZioRed

    Shifting focus

    "I'll wait eventually for 3.2 roadmap and features list in order to return back to LE" does not mean "forever", it means exactly what it's written: "will wait for 3.2" to see what will happen there. I'm only skipping 3.1 because I don't need the current features (and I'm not interested neither in Linux at all nor in Steam). And uninstalled LE 3.0 because it hasn't all the features I need to accomplish my jobs for clients (I'm not hobbyist, I'm a freelancer so I need a full set of stuff to speed up both prototyping and production to be able to do more jobs in lesser time), besides the bugs not
  6. ZioRed

    Shifting focus

    Honestly I agree with Rastar and I think the exact opposite to what Josh says about "Linux didn't detract time to PC/Mac", the only reason I upgraded my license to 3.0 was really because it supported OSX (my system from about 3 years now) besides Windows and when KS started (7 months after 3.0 release) I just had 0 or 1-2 updates (every day for months I clicked "Update" on LeadwersUpdater but the response is ever "0 files to update"). I felt like having received very few updates on 3.0 (updates=bug fixing, besides the terrain that is still missing important features like vegetation so it's mos
  7. Sony's headset is the perfect example for why I said "sell at 1000$ and fail", Sony is even worst it costs 1300£ (2500$, 1600€). It's nowhere near to how much a "normal" home user would buy (or me as father would buy for my sons). These prices are just good for niche groups,. A good affordable price for home/family users would have been the 3-4-500$ that I expected (and paid) for Oculus.
  8. Great, another product going to fail (or to be sold at 1000$ and so fail). I wish so much to see the very end of Facebook, Zuckerberg and all his billions. Above all I would like all those big names (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google) to stay out of everyone else's business, God damn these billionaires.
  9. I use specific websites for this kind of searches (mostly IGN, PCGamer and a couple of others and magazines from my country), not the search engines because everyone who makes a game claims that it's "the best". Oh by the way, I first try to find something on Steam
  10. @Einlander: if it's the Steam system that prevents it then I agree (though you cannot compare a game DLC with an asset for engine, because their use is completely different), but the following sentence doesn't seem to be the case: Anyway it's not an issue for me, I just won't use it and I can still live (anyway I can still use LE with models bought elsewhere, so no problem at all). I only wanted to be sure how it would work before discover myself wasting money, I don't want to take control of how LE (and tools) works at all.
  11. Thanks for clarifying it, I see that I unluckily understood well, so I can only be glad to stay out of Steam and Workshop. Honestly I think you're considering piracy something that really isn't when you're in a team, you're just protecting authors at the expense of customers (there are lawyers and lawsuits for something like that). I will likely purchase nothing from Workshop with such restrictions. PS: the asset's price is completely countless, even if it's at 10$ I should pay it 100$ if my team has 10 members... would you really pay 100$ for a crate? I doubt. And things go even worst whe
  12. I don't fully understand the point, does it mean that if my level designer subscribe (that is purchase, when it'll be possible to sell and not only share for free) an item from Workshop and use it in our scene then every team member must purchase it? I hope to have misunderstood on this, cause it would mean the cost of each asset is multiplied by team members count (that is just unfeasible and also illogic in my opinion).
  13. I'm not a Lua developer (I use C++ only, in LE) but I see you have the property "script" for each entity and in GoblinAI I see that self.target is assigned from the target entity.script, so I think you should be able to access the player health in your GoblinAI using self.target.health @MilitaryG: I see you used/use also the "unnameable", so if you like component system and are using C++ then I could have something that you may find interesting, that is my craft-made complete component system built with the "unnameable" usage pattern (including AddComponent<>, GetComponent<>, G
  14. What has this to do with LOS? LOS means "is there anything between me and my target" (to check for example if there's a wall between us), while yours is to check if it's in front of me that is completely different question. Agree, I think this should be the way to go, though I'm not sure it will skip also its children (in which case you'd need to call it on every child that you know having a collider). Do you know if it skips children too?
  15. lol I think Sony will most likely fail (in terms of sold units), as they already did with their current head-mounted display: http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/head-mounted-display/t/head-mounted-display At least unless they completely change their point of view on the price, cause I doubt there's really a consumer user (but also an indie/hobby developer) who is willing to pay 1000£ or more for something like this, when Oculus costs less than half of it and is more supported by indie community. By the way, I WANT the Oculus DK2, will see if I can get it in the next few months, I have a
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