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  1. I want to emulate a dimensional rift - and perhaps a chromatic aboration (sp) effect would do it - some way of glitching the entire screen. How could I accomplish this in Leadwerks 4.x? Mike
  2. If this will be available in Lua then I will buy right away - Lua I can program I will also purchase LE5 Pro when available. I am heavily leaning towards VR and specifically Oculus Quest game design - which can play games on STEAM using either the cable or Virtual Desktop - which works great for me. Mike
  3. So UAK is c++ only. Any chance of a Delphi/Pascal port? Mike
  4. I am using Leadwerks 4.x pro and would like to pre-purchase Leadwerks 5 pro and the new Ultra App Kit. Where can I buy them. I’ve looked for links to buy and have not found any. ’Thanks. ‘Mike
  5. I love Leadwerk’s terrain tools, but I would very much like to make my terrain more realistic without importing a height map. Is there a way to paint weathering effects such as fluvial or other striations that happen over time? Rough terrain is more realistic than nice smooth terrain. How can I roughen it up a bit? Other terrain editing apps use stamps to allow for various terrain effects. Does Leadwerks have stamps (essentially black and white picture files that allow you to ‘stamp’ the terrain like a cookie cutout)? Thanks. Mike
  6. What software did you use to create new skyboxes? Vue? Mike
  7. This is happening to me. I am on an older MSI Dominator laptop with a Nvidia 980GTX video card. I know it used to work fine and all of a sudden I can move around with the middle mouse button and scroll in and out but rotating the view does not work and pressing the right mouse button does nothing. Reboots and new driver has not fixed the issue. Mike
  8. I will try to make it on time - will be out and about at 12pm (EST) in Florida. Mike
  9. When you bring a medkit into Leadwerks as of the new beta, they float into the air when running the game. Attaching this script makes Leadwerks crash to windows when trying to use the Medkit. Script.health = 15.0 --float "Health" Script.useOnce = true --bool "Use once" Script.ReleaseTimer=0 Script.ReleaseDelay=5000--float "Corpse Time" function Script:Start() if self.health < 0 then error("Health can't be a negative value.") end end function Script:UpdatePhysics() if self.ReleaseTimer ~= 0 and self.ReleaseTimer < Time:GetCurrent() then self.entity:Releas
  10. I tried creating a steam vent in Leadwerks using particles and it just looks too blocky or bubbly (word?). I want realistic thin whispy steam (like controlled fog) in a conical shape that seems to be seeping out from a pipe. Any advice or presets for this? If someone could just tell me what kind of particle and what settings would make this work would be a godsend! Thank you. Mike
  11. Actually, the elevator would be a level or you could use LE's excellent world builder to create a very large vertical shaft and then drop it very slowly to make it seem to go farther than it actually is. You could use animated textures to also give the illusion of travelling down. The shelter could be at the bottom. If you want rocky walls, there are cave construction kits that have this in a modular fashion. Look at www.arteria3d.com for excellent modular kits for Leadwerks. Mike
  12. Voxel terrain is a fantastic way to create caves, overhangs, cliffs and entire procedural games in some instances. Look at products like VoxelFarm, which can be implemented at an extra cost for various games engines and has a SDK. I would love to see Voxel Terrain implemented in Leadwerks.] Mike
  13. What you are asking for is called voxel terrain. Leadwerks does not have voxel terrain. You COULD create a ground plane and then programmatically perform a CSG substraction for the hole (not sure if you can perform editor function in code). But what you are really looking for is voxel terrain - which allows you to add or subtract terrain through the use of blobs - not to be confused with minecraft, which is a blocky version of voxel editing. There are engines and tools to create voxel terrain, but only an engine would allow you to terraform in realtime. For Unity: https:/
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