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  1. Thanks for the support everyone and thanks Josh for sending the keys.
  2. Hi guys, my PC broke and I got a new one. On my old PC was my keys, and my mail deletes old emails for some random reason. Is there any way to get it back? It was for both Leadwerks and 3D World Studio Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi it's almost been 24 hours, and I am still waiting for my key for Leadwerks and 3d World Studio. My email is a special email which goes under my website, but I'm not sure what happens if the system "thinks" it is spam mail. Does it send the key to the paypal purchase adress? Or the adress you put in as contact info? And is this process manually? Regards, Nic of STL Interactive
  4. Waiting for Leadwerks Key, then time to make games!

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    2. DigitalHax


      lol. You make a warm introduction

    3. Niclauke


      Thanks all of you! ;)

    4. Benton


      welcome lol

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