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  1. Summer Events

    man the gorillza ar EPICE
  2. wil the gallery come back on top?

    1. Josh


      The most recent three images are going to be placed in the side oanel

    2. Josh



  3. The last road

    hahah thx man
  4. The last road

    if you like this atmosphere just wait till our real horror game (project) is finnished
  5. The last road

    ow thx guys for al the very nice comments
  6. The last road

    thx man glad you like it.
  7. Kabul Street

    if dint't know better i would think is this a cod2 map.nice work ,i really hope to reach your lvl one day mate
  8. what do you want see in leadwerks 3.0

    500 a 600 euro
  9. what do you want see in leadwerks 3.0

    and maybe that speedtree can be plugin for leadwerks?for a good price of course
  10. this what indie gaming is all about,great interview josh
  11. LOL Week

    lols cat
  12. what do you want see in leadwerks 3.0

    no it really matters how many viewport you have ,it can make or break your lvl depending on your viewports,you can ask every artist the will tell you the same thing
  13. what do you want see in leadwerks 3.0

    WAT!!?? no 4 viewports?ar you kinding me josh ,every artist needs to have a good view of what he is making and certainly at rather complex scene. it is like if you took ruler from a architect he then can never make a good blueprint. so please josh reconsider this, it wil have great a inpact for al 3d artists that use your engine