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  1. thanks! hopefully there is soon more infor regarding the final price. I think I'm waiting until then before I purchase.
  2. Hi, I have some questions regarding LE5: - Will LE 5 be only available as a subscription product? What will be the final price? - Will LE5 be bound to steam like the current version (standard and pro) - Is LE5 being whipped with full sourcecode? - How will the licensing for LE5 look like? Are there royalties? - Is there documentation available already? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I started playing around with the engine. In the C++ tutorials, it says there should be an exampel actor class in the source folder of my project. However I only have main, and app? Are the tutorials outdated or am I doing something wrong? Could anyone please guide me trough setting up a C++ project? Also, is it possible to compile for X64?
  4. That's interesting! How far is this off....it's seems to be exactly what I need.
  5. Hi, I am trying to build a flight simulator. Therefore I need a game map that is around 300km by 300km. Did anybody manage to create such a big terrain yet? I guess I have to somehow shift the terrain and all objects back to world origin because of floating point imprecision. Has anbody managed to do this in LE? Any hints? Any input is greatly appreciated! I know there was a helicopter sim using this engine in development, but it seems it's dead now. Or did they change the engine? Thanks Andi
  6. Hi, I bought LE years ago, at the time when C++ was more "advertised". Then I left and now I decided to have a look again. So I have a few questions: - When will VS2015 be supported? - Are you planning to do more C++ tutorials?
  7. thanks guys for the answer. At least so far the community seems to be active ande constructive ;-)! I have just tested shortly LE using the project wizard. I created a console vs2008 app, then loaded it in vs2010 and ran it. All worked fine, but why is there no intellisense available (in vs2010)? Am I doing something wrong here?
  8. Thanks a lot for the answers. I have downloaded the eval now and will play around with it a bit. There are some more questions however: - What kind of shaders are included? - As the next version will include the features of 3d world studio, will it be cheaper to upgrade if one already bought 3d world studio and LE 2? - When will Vs2010 be supported? - Is there an auto-Lod system in place? - is there some sort of occlusion culling? - Is there a place where I can read about LE 3 features? - the LE commkunity: is it big and active? Hopefully not too big as with unity, where the forum
  9. Hello, I am considering to buy LE engine. But there are a few questions I need to have sorted out. 1.) Is there more documentation available to Licence owners than what is available on the website? 2.) What kind of user created resources are there? Is there a lot of useful content in the forums only accessible to registered users? 3.) In the past, I read that the engine often had problems with ATI display drivers. Is this solved now for good? 4.) ON www.gameproducer.net, there is a nice review of LE. However, it turned out that newer engine versions often broke functionality. Is thi
  10. Hi was reading the forum and found a thread where I saw that scaling is not supported in LE. Has this been resolved? As I want to create a flightsim, but the terrain does not easily allow 500km x 500km, and because there would be floating error issues with such big distances, I was thinking to just scale everything down maybe by a factor of 10. Would this work out? Also wanted to know: Is there an official roadmap for LE somewhere? or at least is it known what kind of features are planned for LE? How is the upfrade policies?
  11. Josh, thanks for jumping in. I don't quite understand....so if one pixel of 4096 x 4096 heightmap equals to 10m, I only get around 40km, correct? What do you mean by using 10m instead of 2m per tile?
  12. Hi, I am still evaluating engines for my flightsim project. Leadwerks looks very good, but there is the problem that the terrain simply is too small. 4096 x 4096 only gives roughly 40km x 40km if 1 pixel = 10m. But I need something like 500km x 500km. Now my question is if there are plans to include the possibility to create such huge terrains? I sw there is a helo sim in development running on leadwerks and it looks very nice so far. But my project is with jet aircraft, so I need a bigger terrain. I fear that such a thing is not really a priority for leadwerks, as it is not really useabl
  13. thanks josh for the info, great to get answers directly from the developer.
  14. Thanks guys for the answers. I read the thread in the old forum and it seems promising. Still wondering about the C# and terrain questiosn tough.
  15. Hi, I am looking for an engine to create a flightsim. Just reading trough LE features list, it seems that the terrain system is capable of rendering a big enough landscape. I still have a few questions tough: - Are there any volumetric clouds (like FSX, or Xplane, or the Strike Fighters Series) implemented? - What is the max terrain (in square kilometres) size with decent resolution that the terrain engine supports? - is it possible to create terrain out of DEMs? Or does it only work trough heightmaps? - Can LE be programmed in C# in an object oriented manner? All the example code a
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