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  1. its the standard script in "swinging door" under doors.
  2. Correction: (width - thickness of door / 2) / 2 I actually reduced the width of the door....
  3. This cofiguration did it for me: door is 4.0 width and 0.5 thick. Offset is (4.0 - 0.5 - 0.5 / 2) / 2 (width - thickness of side wall - thickness of door / 2) / 2
  4. It depends on the light intensity, had to make one wall 1.25 to keep the light out.... I think thats a serious bug to be fixed
  5. Checked it, have the same problem.... Edit: It's not about the ambient light its about creating a box and light leaks through the corners... thats pretty ugly :/
  6. Cool The vegetation question has been answered in Steam forum:
  7. Where is it? Edit: When it will be there?
  8. Actually you can create a basic game without programming so you have quick results but if you want sth. better you'll have to learn LUA (or C++)
  9. No, it won't be a minimal plugin system to test or use for 3.1 or no, it won't be too much work?
  10. I'm not sure what YouGroove meant but if the possibility of calling dll functions is there, it seems fine to me Would be nice if there would be a tutorial how to call these some day For now normal commands on the engine would be fine as long as we could modify height maps livetime, like map generators or special brushes. Thank you very much
  11. Cool You, Sir, are an awesome person
  12. Will we have plugin-support for the editor so we could create special brushes and / or terrain-generators?
  13. Glad to hear SteamOS and controller support is coming Will build my "SteamBox" some time
  14. Mycekralid

    A Red Letter Day

    Glad to hear SteamOS is coming
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