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  1. I, for one, HATE the idea that mobile has died. I see my current .app user base being 90+% mobile.... Sad bunny here
  2. Like Frenchgui I can only really code late at night. Also if it is a possibly life threatening program, it is all flowcharted first. Robin
  3. If I had never shown my customers ambient occlusion they would be none-the-wiser. As they have all seen it and agree that it makes a huge difference to the believabilty of a scene I am for this. Robin P.S. God Rays pretty please
  4. shadmar the shader God +++++1
  5. We now (in theory) have back the amazing renderer that my customers like. When do we get that on Mobile Robin
  6. So what do I need to buy now? All my potential customers use mobile devices. 3.0 allowed me to target them. So much enthusiasm from them. Now what? It wont even work on my desktop............
  7. As a non-Steam user, what are we waiting for? Robin
  8. Well I am amazed. Steam installed. I guess Windows 7 was a good upgrade after all It NEVER worked on XP.... 3.1 upgrade just purchased Robin
  9. I have no interest in creating or downloading a game at the moment. The .app I am creating is almost all Lua, so it would be nice to get that version. I'll try to install Steam again this afternoon but this will be about the 10th time I've tried. Robin
  10. Any idea if the Steam version will be available from Leadwerks as I have never managed to get Steam to work... Robin
  11. Any reason a demo based on DA could not be uploaded? Robin
  12. I'll have a look again tonight, but I'm sure one of the fps demos I've downloaded recently feels and looks so much like it's Leadwerks 3. Robin
  13. A headless LE would be awesome Plus how hard would it be to render at very high resolutions? Everything I do relies on shaders. How can I use this tech. for really large renders? By large I mean 1600 dpi over 2.5 meters and it does NOT have to be real time, just the same code. Robin
  14. ESP


    How hard would it be to add to 3.1? Robin
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