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  1. They are using mantle courtesy of AMD so they have a big leg up this time round. Opposed to writing it from scratch. It may be sooner than 2 years to be honest as Brad Wardel at Stardock has been tweeting about DX12 and Vulkan like no ones business and how awesome it is. EDIT: Initial specs and Implementations expected later this year
  2. They already kinda have - Nvidia has two Systems on a Chip both come in 32 bit and 64 bit variants. Tegra K1 and the tegra X1 both can run Opengl and DirectX if I recall correctly
  3. Do it then - You get to visit GDC and meet some friends you have not seen in a while.
  4. http://schedule.gdconf.com/session/glnext-the-future-of-high-performance-graphics-presented-by-valve Join us for the unveiling of Khronos' glNext initiative, the upcoming cross-platform graphics API designed for modern programming techniques and processors. glNext will be the singular choice for developers who demand peak performance in their applications. We will present a technical breakdown of the API, advanced techniques and live demos of real-world applications running on glNext drivers and hardware. Josh may be interested in this.
  5. Fair point - Currently working on something at the moment just need a programmer for the world gen stuff and tools that I have planned. Like I said before I am an Artist that has little knowledge of code. Just need some help
  6. Hey Rick - Lets just hope that Milo from the Kinect promos does not come back... https://twitter.com/PeterMolydeux/status/557984562907987968 Also agreed to early to say
  7. So people I am taking to are saying that Hololens and CastAR. Could very well be the next App store. I am curious though will leadwerks support these devices? CASTAR - LINK Microsoft Hololens - LINK I know that Cast AR plans to distribute a C++ SDK for their hardware. Not sure about hololens other than they will be showing more off at the build conference. Will leadwerks support this?
  8. Hey Josh - I would re apply and here is why - Every Xbox Retail Console is a dev kit. They have yet to activate this feature but from what I understand they will do so very soon for Indie Devs. It will be primarily be for Indie devs. EuroGamer - Every retail Xbox Console is a dev kit. They are also updating policies to be more inline with their competition (Nintendo and Sony) That said - You are probably better off contacting Nintendo or Sony to get onto their systems for the moment. Also do you intend on supporting Microsoft hololens? I know that it was announced just a fe
  9. This may be the thing that pushes me to get the standard version of Leadwerks. Just going to watch this a while longer. To see if anything come of it.
  10. Please update the IDE section of the FAQ with Visual Studio Community. It is the full version of Visual Studio and It is free. LINK
  11. Mind showing it off when you get the chance? Cloth Simulation would also be nice to have.
  12. I would have to agree - a Chat transcript or at the very least Uploading the video to YouTube would be beneficial to people not able to make the chat
  13. Sounds good and I am interested. Shoot me a PM and we can talk I am re-installing my Operating System right now as well as tools (3DS Max, Photoshop, etc.)
  14. I would be willing to make art for people. I have the spare time and can put the effort in to do so. Just need code to make the characters move around and such EDIT: Also - Just a heads up I am not the best at making characters. Just saying...
  15. Honestly - the biggest problem that I face is writing code. Since I am not a programmer and More an 3D artist
  16. Yeah, Agreed - whole heartily
  17. Just added you on Google Plus Josh. I am curious though what are these hangouts about? Anything specific?
  18. I have seen this - It has also sparked some talks in on Rust programming language Reddit. I will see if I can dig them up
  19. Hey everyone, I am planning on making a VR game with the LeadWerks 3. That said is VR Supported yet? Edit: It is not supported - YET
  20. I am noticing that the Shader editor vote is not getting much love in all three categories. The community would really benifit from that if it was implemented. Same with GUI editor. Just saying
  21. 1. Scenes: speed optimizations, vegetation painter, invisibility patch, infinite terrain, decals, LODs 2. Shaders: visual shader editor 3. Networking: built-in with automatic server/client synchronization
  22. I like this list. We need the ability to make large worlds in one shape or form. I have posted about that here. also multiplayer is another big one that I would like to see.
  23. Hey, Just a suggestion for Josh and the folks behind Leadwerks 3. Give us the ability to make large and seamless open worlds in Leadwerks. Here is what I am talking about - Basically I want to have a very large game world that is not limited by either 32 or 64 bit and does not give jitter / when we start to go out of recommended world bounds as well as no loading screens apart from the initial Loading Screen. Proposal - Reset the players origin point based on where they are in the world. How can the leadwerks team accomplish this? 1. A Master Level - A Level that travel
  24. I really want to see Android and IOS see a comeback for Leadwerks. It is really the only thing holding me back from picking up a few more copies of LE3 for a few people. Anyway - Here is why I bring that Up. 1. There is money to be made in the mobile app markets how much? 25 Billion according to this 2. Quality games on Mobile Sell allot! 3. I want to target mobile initially because almost every game on the appstore/Playstore SUCKS! They are either pay 2 win games, Ad Driven, etc. I think I can do better by treating my customers with respect and dignity.
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