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  1. Here is my List - 1. Performance Optimizations 2. An API for Plugins (tools like Houdini engine, Substances, and user created plugins etc. need to be supported) 3. Networking Support 4. 2D Support for Leadwerks 5. A Visual GUI Tool 6. Android/iOS Support for LeadWerks
  2. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTc0MjA Aparently the next generation of OpenGL is going to be announced next month and It is going to be low level like mantle and DX12. What are your thoughts and wishes for the next gen of OpenGL?
  3. Here is the Repo for Raknet - https://github.com/OculusVR/RakNet
  4. @YouGroove I keep waking up each day thinking about leadwerks and the 3.1 update. It has me that pumped. In all honesty a first person open world survival / Hack and Slash mix similar to . I would want more color in the art style as well as more 3D objects. I would like to have the world generated similar to how dwarf corp does their world gen or better yet like this and have creatures spawn in different biomes (Undead in Crypts / Tombs, Dwarfs in cave like cities, etc.) @Rick - That would be cool especially for a multiplayer space combat game.
  5. First off Sorry for the bump. Just needed to ask a question. Question - Is there a non Commercial license of leadwerks available? I know that there is a demo on the front page. If anyone can give me any info on this it would be appreciated
  6. That is true. However I really do not want any hard world limits. I have worked with engines with world limits in the past. Really did not like it. I am really looking forward to 3.1 of Leadwerks. Welcome
  7. Alright I messaged Josh on the Chat system here on the site. Here are the answers to my questions - 1. Leadwerks 3.0 is limited to a world size of 1024x1024x1024. However after 3.1 it will be adjustable only limited by floating point precision. 2. Leadwerks 3 is multi-threaded.
  8. Hey all! This is (Possibly?) the last set of questions before I purchase Leadwerks in October. 1. Does Leadwerks 3 have any hard or soft limits on world size? Can these be removed if they exist? 2. Is Leadwerks Multi-threaded? The reason I am asking this is I want to procedurally generate my game world at run time.
  9. Hey GameCreator - Thanks for that! Glad to hear that the upgrade will be cheap!
  10. Hey Shadmar - Thank you for that! Glad to hear that Leadwerks will support SteamOS Soon
  11. Hey everyone! Thank you for the replies. I still have a few questions - 1. Will there be a price increase with LeadWerks 3.1? 2. When Will Leadwerks Support SteamOS?
  12. Hey all! I am gearing up to purchase leadwerks engine 3 for my birthday. I have a few questions about leadwerks and the community here. 1. From what I understand in the past Leadwerks has had a mix of paid and free updates. Is this going to continue? 2. I am not a programmer however I am an 3D Artist. Are there Programmers here willing to deal with my concepts? Just as long as I am willing to produce art for the project. 4. Will the Ubuntu Linux exporter be included in the 200.00 purchase for leadwerks as an free upgrade? 5. I have come from a relatively negative community
  13. Hey everyone! I am a leadwerks for Linux backer. I am currently at the 100.00 Pledge level. I would like to ask some questions about LeadWerks 3. 1. Is there networking support (Server Client? Peer to Peer?) for Lead Werks 3? if not is this in the works? 2. I am fairly new to programming and I am learning programming with LUA. However, I need to know if I will be able to create custom variables that affect game play or will I need to do that with C++? 3. Would I be able to swap out the linux version of leadwerks for a windows version? I am currently on a strict time scale and c
  14. Thank you for the information! I guess I will start saving up my cash for the pending launch
  15. Hey Josh, When does LeadWerks 3 Come out to the General Public? I am just curious as if I need to save money It would be appreciated and When can I get access to the Eval Kit? Keep in mind that I have not Ordered LE2. I know that I should have but I did not. Oh almost forgot will there be a non commercial version of Leadwerks 3? If so let me know! I want to be first in line to pick that up.
  16. I will not be able to make that sadly - I am getting the money for LeadWerks 3 in a few days. I would really like to purchase this as soon as possible... What is the LeadWerks black box? hardware? If anything I would just like to get my hands on the EVAL kit to see if I can make something with it. I am very tired of unity3d and the elitist attitudes on their boards.
  17. Thanks, that explains allot! When will the full engine be available for the general public to purchase then?
  18. Hey all! I cannot see the LeadWerks Engine 3 in the Store. I am not sure if this is a technical issue on my end. I have cleared my cache, etc. I still cannot see it :/
  19. I think that this is a great Idea as well! I have backed this project on kick starter. Cannot wait to get my ouya!
  20. I am very excited as well! Cannot wait to get my hands on one!
  21. Hey, Benton - What I meant was that I need to get the money together for the LE2 License. I do Plan on purchasing it (LE2). No Doubt about it!
  22. Ok, I am terribly sorry for all these questions - Will my projects that I am using with the Current Available Version of LeadWerks be compatible with the New engine? I have the evaluation kit and I am using that for the moment until I can get a Full License.
  23. Hey, Josh Just a few more Questions - Where do I order? and will there be an upgrade fee? I plan on ordering within the month just need to schedule it into my budget. EDIT: Oh and Is the LeadWerks License Per Seat?
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