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  1. Most of their models are "royalty free" and can be used for commercial purposes...Some of them will say "editorial purposes", these will mostly contain a logo from another company...for example a cell phone with a Nokia name or emblem...This makes them unusable in a game, without permission from Nokia....There is no problem to use the "royalty free" in Leadwerks because it changes the format to Leadwerks .mdl...In some game engines it leaves it in .fbx, .3ds...ect....These cannot be available for the end user to open the model... This is just my understanding of how it works...Some of it i
  2. The starting point is deciding what you want to accomplish....Lets just say that you want to create a cube on the screen that spins around...All you need is a cube and a script attached to it that makes it spin around...Searching the forums here at Leadwerks will probably give you an example of this code...The API Reference at top of the page has many examples....If the code that you write doesn't work, post it here on the forums and someone will help you with what you are doing wrong.... Programming is just problem solving...Sometimes it takes me weeks to solve one problem, and sometimes
  3. Welcome to game development seifeldin.....It is a constant learning and relearning process...If you stick with it and apply effort to learn, there is nothing that you can't accomplish...
  4. Well, it doesn't look like I am going to make the July 19 deadline...I ran into so many problems with vegetation, water, terrain and keeping FPS up, that I only have a walk through demo...I wanted to do the Tropical Island with skeletons and swords....Vegetation seems to be the main problem with the FPS drop...Lots of hours at work has also cut way back on development time...Maybe I can get it finished for the Winter Games Tournament...haha...
  5. Mine looks patchy too...I increased the texture scale, but can't seem to get it to look like it did before update...Mine is about the same as xtom's...I think Josh needs to look into this...
  6. I just switched drivers to 15.7 from beta 15.6 and have no problems with models rendering...
  7. You can change material from solid to light in material editor, until we have decent shader...I have been looking for a glow shader too, so if you find anything please let me know...
  8. It seems to me that phones went through this same process...kept getting smaller and smaller...now 10 times larger...
  9. This worked for the fog but makes my plants flicker when I move camera...
  10. I am having the same problem...fog even messes up particle effects...
  11. Just go into your library on steam...right click on leadwerks game engine and ...click delete local content...hope this helps...
  12. If you are using a navmesh you can use GoToPoint... http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/api-reference/_/entity/entitygotopoint-r700
  13. I believe the op is just wanting some hot keys to do basic actions in the editor...Like rotate scale and move...I think it would be nice...of course blender has so many of these hot keys that nobody can remember them all...
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