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  1. Black Friday to Cyber Monday! Get 55% discount on all models. Only 20 vouchers till monday: http://3d-game-models.com

  2. Ah I know. But it is so much work to place every one alone. From time to time I have customers buying 15 or even 20 individual models at once. Or even one. In a perfect world I should upload ever single model too. Due time reasons I do the regular discounts. At a point it is hard to run a shop just as a side-project. But yes, you are right of course. EDIT: I think after this pack or maybe the next I will concentrate on uploading the smaller models too again like I did with previous packs. It is not just my shop. I also sell on Turbosquid, CG-Trader and two others...
  3. Yes the less is more was also in my mind. Even after some days I don't have new ideas. The problem with LoD is the setup. Cryengine needs them in one file with a hierarchy in 3dsmax. Leadwerks needs them in one file but specially named. Some engines even compute them from the main model now and don't need special LoD. Really tricky and not possible to cater it to all needs. Even for a small price. The current release of my ead Trees have LoD in an extra file so people can choose what to do. 3-4 Lod is overkill. I now need as long to make screenshots, movie product upload as I need to produce the assets. Really annoying and repetatie work. The loyality program is really usefull. It is a bit difficult to set up in my shop but possible. And I sell as cheap as possible. People who see the difference in quality see the worth and benefit compared to other vendors who deliver tons of mediocre assets.
  4. Hard to tell. Dpends on plattform you want it to display on. Is it a "hero" object or just a ambient prop? Character is displayed as a crowd or single close-ups? The more optimized the better. Use normal and displacemnt maps (if supported).
  5. Need some spooky trees? "DeadTrees" model pack arrives at Halloween. http://youtu.be/7D354Wyc1-c

  6. At the moment I'm working on to establish a process which helps people ordering assets on my shop with an easy configurator. You configure your game-tree just like a DELL computer. I'm pushing this idea around since March now and this is the first step to include it into my shop. There is a whole business behind it in the next step. It is still growing here in my head with ideas. But for now I need some input from devs (like you here) which are daily users to give me feedback. I know most of you are also buying assets on the internet. I finished the raw construction and you could order already (please dont do at the moment): http://shop.pure3d.de/150-custom-tree-model.html Beside the common upload image/docs and note box for informations, people can choose what kind of vegetation asset they like, if they need LoD meshes, textures or even a high-res version with more variations in textures like decals or vertex-painting. I think about adding an option to add more trees. Like not only two trees per order (which is the default but not yet written there) but making a pack of 5 models of the ordered specimen or even 10. There will be some screenshots of course later and polished texts. I want the process simple but maybe you guys have additional ideas or "what if..." cases i don't see here.
  7. Hu finally a new collection released. Go away lazyness!

    1. paramecij


      I'd say it was about time. If the laziness is gone remains to be seen - depending how quickly you release the next pack :P

    2. Michael Betke

      Michael Betke

      I have ideas but could be more CG models for a while. At moment fighting with a oak-shaped french pine tree I need to do for someone. Hard to do the needles on an alphamap.

    3. Flexman


      Some LODs for the larger ones would have been better for even lazier folks :) but at least it's possible to create those from the FBX model. They do look nice.

  8. I could have posted a screenshot but I dont want to de-rail your thread with shots to my products. Plus it was not just a link but also mostly explaining why I think single rocks are better than cliffs. This link is really tiny compared to my text aboove it. You can be lucky this is not Linkedin. If you offer your service or even show a project there, dozents of over-seas guys pop-up and post their own services and stuff below it. You just have to take it easy.
  9. Acutally I just want to point out an alternative way of enhancing your terrains cliffworks and not ending into a dead end maybe if you see the repetition of the single-model cliff tech first time. I don't see those models here as a competition because he offers most of them for free. Telling me basically to **** of just for giving a hint on another alternative (technically and visually) is not nice. I always try to help people improving their skills where I can and don't care if I earn 20$ more or less with just placing a link to my shop....I'm not that desperated short of money. To get back on topic: Here you see the disadvantage of the method: Right hand near the stairs the models dosnt offer enough resolution to have a sharp appearance. Smaller chunks would do better here plus some pebbles on the stairs as details. The distance rocks look good because they are far away, texture resolution better and it is a not so wide cliff.
  10. @gamecreator You can give my RocksHD model pack a try. You ca nbuilt beautiful cliff formations with it. Using tileablerock formations like your Turbosquid links are pretty inefficient if you need more flexibility. If you do a cliff with your heightmap (which looks boring of course) but put large single models along this cliff (they can intersect with the terrain of course) with additional trees and vegetation you will get the most natural looking cliff possible. Most AAA games use it this way. Here is the link: http://shop.pure3d.de/109-rockshd.html I also has a mobile version of those rocks with lower polies.
  11. Hmm not very convinced about it but for 20 bucks a good catch. Doesn't Blender have a good parametric tree plugin?
  12. I hope it will look really crisp plus have tesselation/displacement.
  13. I havbe just a prize field to enter. Be aware that you need to put in in like this: "XX.XX" and not "XX,XX". If you use a comma your model will be for free. I got trapped because in Germany we use commas as a seperation mostly.
  14. Interesting. I would have ideas for games and a strong artistic background to do most assets but no idea how to code special effects for projects or even game-code. I guess I need a "make cool game" button, like coders need "make good art button".
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