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  1. Hey, so I've been here for a little while now and I still don't know if it is "OK" to post sculpts that you make that don't really have anything to do with Leadwerks. Is it frowned upon? I am sort of trying to make a little portfolio and I've been making new characters everyday, but I don't know it's cool to post them on here...

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    2. fumanshoo
    3. ESP


      Weird. What ARE you smoking??

    4. fumanshoo


      My friends say I have a wild imagination. I think it's just the anime and my obsession with anything Japanese. I love the language and culture a little too much and I think it shows in what I produce...

  2. Really liking Sculptris. I can finish full characters in ten minutes and then rig and texture them in another ten. Really nice program.

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    2. fumanshoo


      Errr. IT is in the Werkspace gallery. I've only uploaded one and it is the first sculpt that I've done so far. There will be more to come! I am working on Metal Gear's Raiden right now as a request from a friend.

    3. YouGroove


      yes sculptris is easy and powerfull once you learn all tricks.you character is good indeed. But it's lot more hard to make one with clothes, good proportions etc ... i and good texturing is not so easy soetimes.


    4. fumanshoo


      I don't have a problem with clothes as much as I do with asymmetric objects. For example, Raiden's headband. I can only sculpt that once I finish Raiden's head. Also, hair in general. I think Sculptris is just made to make you want to buy Zbrush.

  3. I strongly recommend using the "decimate modifier" in Blender. you can literally have half as many polys and maintain topology. It is a life saver.
  4. God, I love my new job. My dreams have come true. Too bad it's unofficial.

    1. paramecij


      I'm glad you like it! wish you all the best and keep having fun doing it :)


      ..hopefully, one day I'll get to say the :)

    2. paramecij


      *say the same

  5. My Engligh teacher gave us an assignment saying that we need to write an eleven page essay about any author who had published two or more books and has a lot of history behind him/her. I chose Hitler and now I am reading Mien Kampf. I don't think my teacher likes me lol.

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    2. David Will

      David Will

      Read John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy (1797)- alot of truth in it, I should know ;)

    3. fumanshoo


      Oh god, I totally thought you were saying that The Halocaust was a conspiracy. I was gonna go ape ****, but then I read further and realized he wasn't even alive during that time.

    4. fumanshoo


      I will check it out though. Reading about the Illuminati is bound to be interesting.

  6. Yes, I tried out the beta and it ran REALLY well. Very smooth and impressive. And it seems to support animation on my laptop! I am however working on this game project with Continental Studios and my craptop can barely handle the $two million plus motion tracking software that was handed to me even though I've got 10GB of RAM on this thing. It is becoming more and more apparent that I need a hardware update, so I will first get a desktop and then I will buy your product.
  7. I've made the mistake of posting this topic... it'd be a shame if I... DELETED IT
  8. I would if I had a better machine and a larger paycheck. I need to finish building my desktop ( CPU, RAM and a hard drive ) and then I will buy it. By then, I should be earning a pretty steady pay and I will give in to the awesomeness of LE3
  9. Wow, that looks much more simple. I will wait to buy LE 3.1 and then buy because that just seems so simple. I like how simple things seem to have gotten in the Editor. I like it a lot.
  10. YOU CAN?! How?! This is not part of the frameworks, is it... god I need to research my stuff more often before I post stuff like this...
  11. It's 3 AM and I am making a Spanish captain. Totally worth the time I put into it because this captain is BAD ***!

  12. lol now I'm not sure if god rays actually exist... anyways, I like the texture mapping... makes things much easier with tillable... tileable*
  13. Programming, game art, ios, android and suggestion box all say "protected forum"! I don't like being left out! :(

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    2. BES


      lol ..well I cant get LE3 atm ..even if the price has been reduced ..


      If Josh doesn't retain that $199 price tag for a while ill just have to just miss out completely or just wait until he finally adds terrain and a good renderer and buy it when it costs an arm and a leg..

    3. Josh


      Sorry for the scare!

    4. fumanshoo


      It's ok, my jimmies are back to normal! I'll be saving up for LE3 as fast as my brittle wallet can handle. In the meantime, I need to work on some mocap :D so much fun haha

  14. I really like this. It will take me a little while to save up, but I will definitely get it eventually. Runs really nice on my craptop and the only thing I want to know is how to get god rays... I liked LE2's god rays
  15. I'm scared.

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    2. Flexman


      How about a cheese roll? I'll buy.

    3. fumanshoo


      Cheese rolls are expensive these days! How about I give you my t-shirt. I'll trade it for a cheeseburger.

    4. fumanshoo


      ^ Family Guy joke right there.

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