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  1. Really liking Sculptris. I can finish full characters in ten minutes and then rig and texture them in another ten. Really nice program.

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    2. fumanshoo


      Errr. IT is in the Werkspace gallery. I've only uploaded one and it is the first sculpt that I've done so far. There will be more to come! I am working on Metal Gear's Raiden right now as a request from a friend.

    3. YouGroove


      yes sculptris is easy and powerfull once you learn all tricks.you character is good indeed. But it's lot more hard to make one with clothes, good proportions etc ... i and good texturing is not so easy soetimes.


    4. fumanshoo


      I don't have a problem with clothes as much as I do with asymmetric objects. For example, Raiden's headband. I can only sculpt that once I finish Raiden's head. Also, hair in general. I think Sculptris is just made to make you want to buy Zbrush.

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