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  1. I have no problems paying some money for yearly upgrades. Not 99$, but 199$ for yearly upgrades which bring a resonable amount of new features are 100% justifiable and will keep leadwerks a live.
  2. mockingbird

    GDC Prepping

    I'll be happy to take a look at your Lecture! Looking forward to it.
  3. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    I've got an email with the Keys! Tanks I'm happy again.
  4. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    I have upgraded my LW2 license to LW3 (including iOS) and was hoping to get a new key because i can't find my LW2 one after re-installing windows. Is there a way for you guys to re-send my key through email?
  5. Josh, source engine bakes directional lightmaps which stores light direction into a RGB channel, this is useful to fake dynamic lighting on static meshes (as CSG brushes) and even compute lighting dynamic on moving entities veary cheaply as the light direction is already computed. The only downside is that light sources must remain static (never moves). Directional lightmaps doesn't need to be as big as lightmaps. You can have as many detailed lightmaps in a big scene and few or even only one directional lightmap per level. And i agree with the Source approach, if you can mimic the source engine, you will have a very good renderer that runs everywhere. A defferred renderer won't run on current mobile devices it is too bandwith hungry. Maybe in a two years when the iPad4 will be the lowest thing you can get on a tablet then maybe you'll have good chances to write a defferred rendering for it. Otherwise, stick with the Source way. Even in a forward renderer you can compute multiple lights in the same pass and you automatically switch their positions in the shader (for each dynamic object affected by lights). For example you let the user chose how many dynamic lights should any entity be affect by (to a maximum of 4) and switch lights position in the object shader. If i remember well, source engine does exactly this with dynamic entities. Unless you really want to see tons of lights moving in a game (hich is really rare), i don't see any urgent need for a defferred renderer.
  6. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    Yeah, It's empty (I've just re-installed windows). Can't find my key in my backup disk.
  7. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    We should have all our keys information in the "Client Area" section.
  8. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    I can't find my old LW2 key, can you guys re-send my key to my email? Tanks,
  9. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    Oh god... I was waiting for a new key! Yeah i got mine from LW2 lol. Tanks Josh!
  10. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    Yesterday I've upgraded my LW2 license to LW3+LW3iOS but still waiting for my serials.
  11. mockingbird

    Open to the Public

    I've today upgraded my LW2 license to LW3 and LW3iOS (300$ total) which is a bargain and you'll see how quickly it pay off to offer agressive low prices. We've spend 7500$ in Unity4 licenses and will soon become obsolete when v5 arrives next year. That's painful. We will possibly stick all the way with LW if version 3.2 comes before our current project is done and forget about Unity for a while. Unity start to become really expensive. Plus the fact that i can finaly code nativelly in C++, more reasons to stick with LW3! Yeah, definatelly we need a how to videos/tutorials in the comming weeks. PS: Waiting for my invoice to be completed.
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