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  1. Brilliant, glad to hear that. got a question. Will version 3 available for evaluation once it is available for premium members? i mean at the same time?
  2. Never mind sir, I dont want to waste space in here, by explaining something not so important. Lets forget about that.
  3. ah ok , i will explaint that better, so u see the point. In unity i am able to import 2000 models at once, no problem.You can adjust the properties of the models later on. The problem is i dont like unity . So my point is to be able to do the same here.
  4. well it shows the names in the outliner , but not in the 3d view , some of the bone names are unknown to me, and have no idea which bone belongs to where.And i am unable to select bones in the 3d view to see what is it.
  5. Hey again. i know i am pissing you off, but here is the deal. I want to get acces to bug report forum. Will explain why. that's simple, before buying something i want to see what kind of bugs should i expect , and if those bugs are tolerable. I know i will encounter some bugs on my way , but wouldn't be easier to see them all and see if i want to even continue? thanx
  6. So its you. I have donated some time ago, so i can download the source code, what you are doing here? :0) Yes i have finished the whole tutorial as well. I see , But it did not answer my question. What are the bone names. i want to see them just for reference.
  7. Hi. I have been browsing the editor and some of the included models, and i got interested in the weapon bones structure. There is more joints than i expected.In the 3d model viewer i cant see to enable bone names. Does exists any tutorial , how to name my bondes properly in my weapons? Also , I am using Messiah Studio pro 5. Anyone have experiences working with messiah and exporting to LE? Is the weapon rigid binded or soft binded as in UDK? may you give me some more info plz?
  8. wow just read the user guide , very informative. After the years of development. I guess it is also hidden for non premium users? Also is this page hidden too? http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/index.php?/page/resources/_/programming/lua/
  9. i will tell you why , once i am done with it :0) , never mind , i will do it somehow myself.
  10. thank you for making things clear. I would really apreciate only 1 single favour May i only get this 1 single file without buying the engine right now? http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/285-gmfconverter/ all i want is to try batch export, nothing else. if everythings goes fine , i am gonna give it a go and spend some money again lol.
  11. ah so you saying , i have to pay the money to get access to the forums , yes? Thank you for your answer. i will stay a bit longer to see if i can get all my stuff in without accesing This premium members only tools, so i can post my next eperience from leadwerks. i really hope it will be positive. Because leadwerks is very simplistic and nice engine.
  12. yes i made simple game (1 level) in S2 Engine , Same in UDk , unity(dont like unity really , so i stopped after few hours) , Unigine (1 level shooter), this engine has beautiful graphics , but expensive neoaxis( after hours of work i found out that my weapon has to have some diferent shader , so i tried to change it which was imposible, lol., Cryengine(has new Fbx importer, which is buggy , unusable for me, and the normal importer is limited to maya and max users(maybe some Softimage users, but u have to download crysis wars trial and use the RC from it , which i dont see very effective Cafu(haven't made anything in cafu yet Love(simple platformer) , Shiva (super simple ball game, but i have made more clicks than is healthy for my mouse. XNA tried , not for me as i am not fan of C# Vision engine (no more trying) Gamebryo 4 evaluation ( after exttacting all files, i deleted them , no thank you Torque 3d ( while trying to finish the FPS tutorial , every 15 minutes or so the stupid crazy windows poped up telling me to buy the engine and last 20 seconds, i lost my patience and unistalled that rabbish from my pc. Panda3D not tried , because of my previous programming knowledges was not good enough. C4Engine cant say anything because the demo doesnt contain the source code of the shooter ,which i wanted so much GameMaker tried , but didnt like the interface Construct simple platformer i have also tried almost all of teese engines which was a bit usable or available and in development., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engines After all , i decided that lua is nice simple language , and well Best lua game engine for me was Leadwerks. this is why i ended up here. i hope this is enough info about your question , and why i am sure what killed plenty of engines.
  13. did anyone ever complain , that this restrictions of downloading usefull tools for testing purposes will put many people off? It did right now. I want to try the engine , but you are not alowing me to do so. I can surely spend my 200 , as i did with s2 engine , and plenty of others. As i said , this is where all low budget engines fail. The restrictions , the fear of what? I am not a criminal, but i can ensure you that every engine , even the best ones are on warez site. including "yours". So i cant see any reason fo restricting users who actualy wish to buy it to try some tools. As i always say, the only people who suffer , are the ones who buy stuff legally. plz consider it , and when something changes, let me know on my skype: Cry.development I am not here to complain and start a war. Just want to know why something is how it is. Thank you happy developing.
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