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  1. it's good news. is your mean this template is in engine when start it? if I buy it can you help me to make FPS game?
  2. I want Make a 3rd Person Game like Resident Evil 3 and Fighting game (Already I made a 2d Fighting game with AGK 2 and want make 3d game. ) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.behdadgames.battle_of_shadows I don't like Unity and want make a game with other game engines like Leadwerks but tutorial for it is very poor also in youtube.
  3. Thanks your tutorials are relate to engine and I can't see any other tutorial for make a game. is there any tutorial for it?
  4. Thanks for Offer. Before Buying I have a question: what is difference between Leadwerks Professional and Demo(without Can Export game). do it have a 3rd person controller? or any samples? Thanks
  5. I downloaded it but when try to right it, it give me this error. Your trial period is expired. Please purchase this program to continue.
  6. Thanks for reply. mean next week you update download link?
  7. Hi, I want use Leadwerks game engine but before buy it I want work with it but i can't find download link. Note: for winter Leadwerks have any offer? Thanks.
  8. mean leadwerks removed export project for ios and android ?? why? because at latest my visit leadwerks website, I seen feature for export game for ios and android.
  9. Thanks. @gamecreator my mean is for Android and ios.
  10. Hi. I want begin make a racing game for mobile but i can't find any example for do it. anyone know how can find racing example for leadwerks game engine? Thanks
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