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  1. Will this bug be fixed? or has anyone found a stable solution? I thought maybe it would be fixed in the next build, but im still unable to compile on OSX using AddHook with a void pointer.
  2. The update looks really great. I can't see any lightvectormap.tex though. I see normal.tex, Lightmap.tex and lightvectormap.png, but no lightvectormap.tex Edit: physics are much improved in this build!
  3. '1.dds' 5 characters only. @ Shadmar, I will take a look into the DDS spec of the file. It was created by an artist so I will have to chat with them.
  4. That too was my 1st thought, i did try with other file names but still no ball. (renamed to 1.dds)
  5. An error is displayed when trying to import any DDS texture (via the 'drag into editor' method). I've attached a DDS file to this post. Hopefully you can replicate. I'm on OSX version of leadwerks 3 Tree_bark.dds.zip
  6. Is there any fix for this? I am having the same issue but on a model. The texture is 512*512 and contains transparency, material blend mode is set to alpha and appears fine in the 'viewer' but not in the engine.
  7. Once purchased do we need to fill out a request to access the iOS / android forums? I have my upgraded key but the forum still shows as 'Protected'
  8. Offline documentation would be great for me. Sometimes I need to prototype an idea off-site (No guaranteed net connection) I've downloaded the entire website for now. But I would happily pay extra for a digital (offline) reference book or similar.
  9. Hi, im experiencing the following two (Possibly related) issues in Leadwerks 3. I have updated to the latest version through the updater tool today (9 March), but the issues still exist. I posted these together as I suspect they are both somehow Lua related. 1. When creating a new LUA project and running the project inside the editor the result is always a jumbled screen (Screen shot below) where the map should be. If i run the binary directly i can see the 'test map' just fine. C++ projects do not have this problem. 2. When right clicking an entity in the editor and selecting
  10. System::AddHook(System::LoadMapEntityHook,myfunc) sounds perfect for my use, thanks for the strait answer Josh
  11. Could anyone explain the same principle for C++? I have entity's in the editor but am not sure how to reference these same entities from the API
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