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  1. ok dunno if this is right place but seems i am locked out of the other topics. but anyhows i know i seen somewhere a application that converts image files into the format that 3DWS uses, but now i can't seem to find it, can anyone tell me where that is??
  2. well i guess my definition of automatic uv mapping differs. for example when i created a object in the torque constructor and exported it for torque, the object came up in the torque game engine already textured. when i use the hammer editor for mapping for left4dead2, the objects created in the editor imports into the engine with textures already assigned. and way back when i made maps for soldier of fortune using the gtk radiant software, it also automatically uv mapped the objects. and i am not trying to compare apples to oranges here, but that to me is automatic uv mapping. and it doesn't matter if the 3dws came out long before the le engine did, it states in plain text on the 3dws page- automatic uv mapping. now when i open up the gmf file in the model viewer it shows the textures in the directory, but the object has no textures on it in preview. so i would say something is wrong here.
  3. i tried the import into constructor from 3dws, it don't work too well, it comes up with missing pieces. i copied the lua script from the locker prop and pasted it into my test wall's folder changed name on script and now i have properties for the test wall. however there is still no textures on it, and under the mat tab. the drop down menu only accepts .mat files. i guess i am kind of confused here, when it states on the 3dws page how it does automatic uv mapping of objects, and then i am told i need to create a material file to assign the textures to a object. how is that automatic uv mapping. and just how is that going to work, if the object i build in 3dws has more then one texture applied to it?
  4. ok so after scouring the internet trying to figure out how to use the map2dif.exe for the torque game engine, i came up with is drap the map file onto the map2dif.exe and it creates the dif file. problem is that when i import the dif file into torque it comes up as a white object, has shape of the object created in the studio, but i can not edit or add any textures to it. so i figured this was due to torque fading out dif support in their engine. so i downloaded the evaluation version of the leadwerks engine. i then saved the wall i created for the test object in 3d world studio to the proper format for the leadwerks engine, i them placed the folder i placed both wall and texture into the folder for props i beleive it was in the leadwerks engine, opened the engine, located the test object in the library, and added it to the scene. and i get same thing as i did with the torque game engine, i get a object that is all white, no texture, i double click on it to bring up properties, and it has no properties as in the properties window is blank. it is much like a ghost object it is there, but has no properties. i can not place any textures on it, and i can not edit it in any way that i can see. i am running on windows 7 ultimate 64 bits, have a gtx 560 nvidia graphics card. 4 gbs of ram. i do not know if this is related to my operating system, or is it a bug, or is it i am doing it wrong. so if anyone has any suggestions i would like to hear them.
  5. James Blade


    becarefull what you wish for.......
  6. lol @ pix, the sad thing is all those guys look like they in their 60's if not 70's and i am doing that in my 40's.
  7. well i don't know enough about programing to make any calls on how torque is coded. i do know i have seen many places it stated that unless you are a seasoned programers, you are not gonna really get anywhere with the engine. and that i do believe is true. i do know that someone just bought out the torque game engine and they are restructering the engine, supposalbly to make it more user friendly, but i feel by taking away tools such as dif support is not going to make their engine any easier to use. i have been and always will be a firm believer that it is not so much what a program/software can do, it more of what can you do with the program/software. point and case would be like comparing the 3D world studio with a program like blender. ok sure blender can do so much more then 3D world studio. i believe there is no arguement there. however right now i am just starting to learn blender, so i really can't do much with it atm. however 3D world studio is easy enough that a person can dive right in and start creating things with it. i started building things with the evalution version of it without reading a single line of instructions. and i am sure many others have done the same thing. so in that sense i can do more with 3D world studio then i can do with blender. so for me, 3D world studio does more then blender for my needs at this time. so a game engine can have all the bells and whistles to make it as state of the art as it can be, but if people can not figure out how to use the thing. all those bells and whistles don't really mean much. right now i am trying to concentrate on mapping and modeling, my aim is to progress deeper into other areas as i go. i feel the more i can do, the more i will want to do. i want to start off with something i do know a little about which is mapping. as i work with mapping i am learning blender, my aim with blender is to learn atleast one new thing each weekend with it. then i will start working with gui, i feel this would be a good way to get my feet wet with scripting. and then i will go from there. the LE game engine does look like a pretty decent engine, i really don't know enough about it to make any real calls on it. but from what i seen in the forums most people are very happy with it. which is a really good sign. what i am looking for is something that supports multiplayer without me having to set up a bunch of coding. something that will give me a good starting point. so i can start mapping in it asap, without having to deal with a bunch of scripting and programing just to get a charactor in there i can walk around with. something that has good amount of tutorials and is well documented, so not only will it tell me what the feature does, but how to use the feature. and ofcourse it has to be capadable with the 3D world studio exports. and yes i am sure alot of you will say well LE is the thing for you...hehehe. and you never know i may end up going with the LE engine. the fact i see the admin on the forums here, is just another thing that encourages me to go with the LE engine. but i must take things one step at a time.
  8. ok so this may be blastphomey, but can anyone direct me on how to export from 3D world studio to the torque game engine? i export to half life/torque, and all i get is a map file which torque does not want to accept. for torque takes the dif format. which it states the world studio will export with one click, so i am guessing there is something i need to have checked that i don't have checked. i have searched around and can not find anything to really help me, outside of the torque community is stating that dif support in the engine will be phased out for collada support, which i personally think is a bad move on their part, they just taking away tools for creators to use with their engine. i personally am probubly not going to stick with the torque game engine, i feel it is much too dificult for a newbie like me to get started. but it would be a good place for me to play around in making maps and such and learning modeling for game design. my plan is to use the 3D world editor for the larger builds and ruff drafts of maps, then use like blender for the smaller detailed parts of the maps, such as chairs, tables, flower pots, fences, and so forth. as i get more advanced i will be on the search for a better suited engine to learn the coding stuff with. but one step at a time.
  9. ahh come on ya don't like my profile pic. i did that one night while board at work. even gives me the creeps at times, but that what i like about it.
  10. i was hesitant to post on the forums about this for i didn't want to be seen as a problem but didn't really know what else to do. but the admin solved the problem which was really my bad for making a typo on the e-mail addy on my account, it was all fixed and i got my activation code. thank you very much....
  11. oh getting a little upset here, i purchased the 3D world editor friday morning, and here it is tuesday afternoon, and i still have not received the activation code. it stated i would receive it within 1 business day, it now has been nearly three. i have sent a e-mail, to inquire why i have not received the activation code, and have got no reply. so either my e-mail isn't getting through or i am beiing ingored, i perfer to think that my e-mail isn't getting through. so i am hoping i can get a answer on why i haven't received my activation code by posting in here, or better yet, how about giving me what i paid for.....
  12. well purchased 3d world studio, now waiting for them to get around to sending me my activation code, funny how they didn't wait to take my money, but make on wait to get product. anyhows, the modeler i am going to be using is blender, does anyone know how to get a mesh model out of blender and into 3D world studio?
  13. thank you, that is what i needed to know, right now i am trying to concentrate on the art side of game design. me and programing don't get along too well.
  14. hello all, i am wondering if someone who owns 3d world editor can answer a question for me. i have been playing around with the 3d world editor's trial version of it, and so far am liking it. my main interest in game design is more into the art side of things. my idea or plans right now is to use 3d world editor for the larger layout and structures of a map, such as walls and floors and such, then use blender to create more finer detailed meshes to add into the scenes. however the trial has no export, so i can not see how it exports created objects for the use inside game engines. so i am wondering, does 3D world editor export the textures used on the objects in the scene when exporting the scene? so for like example if i was to build a house, which would have many different textures, when i got to export that house into it's own folder, would 3d world studion also make copies of used textures and export them as well into the folder i am exporting the house into?
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